Friday, July 15, 2005

DC Mayor Running Away

District of Columbia Mayor Anthony Williams is not going to be in office forever. In fact, he may be out by 2007. So, why is he all of a sudden against legislation that would make the Mayor's Office of LGBT Affairs permanent in the District? Is this a control issue or is something else at play? According to a Blade article, the Mayor's spokesman made the following comment at a recent Council hearing:
In light of this action, the executive believes that the legislation before you today is not necessary.

Many were shocked to hear this. While Williams did create the office through an Executive Order, he previously stated he wanted legislation on the issue. His comments earlier this year in Metro Weekly:
MW: The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance has opposed making the office statutory, and the office in general, saying that it attempts to make activism into a tool of the administration.

WILLIAMS: I think that's a ridiculous point of view and I strongly disagree with it. For example, the environment. In every administration you would want an office of environment. You would want a level of attention to the environment. You would want a level of access by people who are active in the environment to the administration. You would want an environmental agenda at a high level within the administration. At the same time, that would not preclude activism outside of the administration, oversight of the administration, agitation [on environmental issues] and everything else.
The same thing would go for the lesbian and gay community.... Just because I have a high level office doesn't mean that I'm trying to co-op the GLAA. As a matter of fact, I respect people who oppose me, I respect people who boo me. I sometimes think they ought to let me speak before they boo but that's part of American democracy. But chill out a little bit. I'm not trying to co-op active dissent and opposition. I'm trying to respect the community.

So what changed your mind Mr. Mayor? You're not actually falling to the pressure of Bob Summersgill and the paranoid and outdated GLAA, are you?

We deserve some answers!

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Anonymous said...

Same-Sex Adoptions & Marriage
Jonathan R. Rees

Going back to the July 14, 2006, edition of [The Mail] and to a comment posted by Paul Dionne about “Sam Sex Adoption”, Paul asks: “Why are people in same-sex relationships any different and singled out?”

The answer is simple Paul. Because God says that homosexuality is wrong and those who live that life-style are wrong!

If you are a real Christian, Jew or Muslim, and you believe in GOD and GOD’s law handed down, and brought to people via Moses, Jesus or Mohammed, then you cannot condone homosexuality, the homosexual life-style and defy GOD’s intentions that marriage, child rearing and the like was to be between one man and one woman, and anything less is spitting in the face of GOD!

The LGBT community can rationalize its right to be treated equal to heterosexuals, and using a comparison of the fight for civil rights by African Americans is sick, because African Americans did not chose to be born as they are, but homosexuality has yet to be proven by all medical studies to be a borne life-style.

Councilman Jim Graham is a prefect argument that homosexuality is learned, a choice, and he admits it, as he has never hidden the fact that as he grew up he yearned for the affections of a woman, married a woman, attempted to procreate but later on in his marriage, he started experimenting in homosexual behavior, was converted, divorced his wife, and I know hundreds of men who have that same story to tell.

Just recently, this lesbian couple got into a legal custody fight between Virginia and Vermont over a child they had when one of the partners realized that her lesbianism was forced on her at an early age by an older lesbian who brained washed her and made her believe that all men were evil. She woke up and now lives again a heterosexual life-style back in Virginia. This was in yesterday’s online version of the Washington Post.

Also, this week, I appeared before many members of the United States Senate to ask them to look harder at efforts in DC to legitimize same sex adoptions and marriages. See intro letter to Congress >

I used Bob Summersgill the former President of the Gay & Lesbian Activist Alliance as a good argument why same sex adoption should not be allowed in DC. My weapon was the fact that the internet was riddled with nude photographs of Bob Summersgill that he placed there while President of GLAA where children could see them. Many members said that they were aware of what Summersgill has done, and as soon as Bob Summersgill realized that I was using his immoral behavior as a rallying call on Capitol Hill against same sex adoption and marriage, he moved swiftly to take down his pictures from those online profiles. If Bob Summersgill is representative of gays who want to adopt our children, let’s pray for those children. (This is not a personal attack on Mr. Summersgill but a fact that is already public record before the US Senate, US House of Representative, Mayor Williams and City Council)

Paul, we can argue these issues until we are blue in the face but I doubt we will ever see eye to eye.

When our country started, our leaders were designed to represent and vote the will of the majority of their constituents, but with the passage of time, bribes, parties and intimidation, many special interest groups knowing what they wanted would never be acceptable to 70% to 80% of the voters started the process of stealing the dignity of the indivual voter’s vote and will, and they have perverted our democratic process, and this is why voter turn-out is so low as voters feel their vote does not count because organizations like the GLAA will circumvent the democratic process and bribe, intimidate and more our leaders into enacting legislation that is offensive to the majority.

The bottom line is Paul, I am not preaching hate just a demand for some respect for the laws of GOD!