Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gay and More on Janice

Her's is the face we may be looking at at 9 PM tonight.

Janice Rogers Brown on Gay Parenting:
Justice Janice Rogers Brown, President Bush's controversial nominee for a federal circuit court in Washington D.C., expressed concern that giving lesbians parental rights to their partners' birth children might have unforeseen and undesirable consequences for heterosexual couples.

Could the cases "open up a lot of possibilities for intrusion on parental roles" by people who are practically strangers? she asked.

And on minority rights:
Justice Brown of the California Supreme Court was opposed for her stark opinion upholding the state's referendum against affirmative action and her vivid speeches criticizing the growth of government.

Some of her colleagues wrote that she had gone too far and used needlessly scathing language to extend the anti-affirmative action proposition's reach.

PFAW also has a lot to say about our lucky lady.

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