Monday, July 18, 2005

More "Duh" News

People this is big news: Gay people like Desperate Housewives! Now, please, please, try to calm yourself and sit down.

For some reason, multiple stories are coming out now about gay men and their love of the ladies on DH. In other news, they also like Designing Women, Sex and the City, Golden Girls... Wow, maybe the ex-gay movement is on to something here.

But fear not white-picket-fence viewers. Bree sets the record straight:
"Obviously, [gayness] crept into Bree's life," she said of the first-season twist when her son, Andrew, was caught making out with the new gardener. "There will probably be more to come on that score," Cross added. "But, as of yet, no, it's not like the West Village."

Thank God! Wait, aren't you a lesbian Marcia?

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