Thursday, July 14, 2005

MoveOn Rally Against Gay Karl

Went to the MoveOn protest to get Karl Rove (closet queen) fired from the White House for being a traitor--YES TRAITOR!!!--to America.

Anyway, the protest had more people than I thought there would be. As in, more than me and the Darfur hunger strike guy. Who knew liberals could organize? We (bunch of white middle-class peeps *Note: MoveOn listserv not very diverse) basically walked around in a circle in front of the White House, yelled things like "traitor", "you're fired," etc. Got some good press. After about a half-hour, some MoveOn guy (the one who spams you every day) gave a speech that he should have spent some time practicing. After that, the passion was gone and everyone walked home. (Way to kill the mood MoveOn guy!)

One sad note: Didn't see Gannon in his trench coat. I at least wanted a flash Jeff!

UPDATE: Picture from protest now available.

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