Thursday, July 14, 2005


Enough with those annoying high-pitched ring tones. Now you can get authentic assfucking noises broadcasted from your phone everytime mom calls! Give her that special ring.

Falcon Studios, gay porn giant, is hooking up with a mobile phone company to provide exclusive content for your cell:
Original wallpapers, videos, and attention-grabbing voice ringtones will be created featuring some of Falcon's exclusive models, including Matthew Rush, Josh Weston, Erik Rhodes, and Roman Heart. In addition, Falcon will create custom video clips from their vast catalog of adult films.

Finally, you'll have something important to do while walking around town, sitting in your office, or riding public transportation.

It should come with a warning though: Loss of service may cause blue balls.

That would suck.

New Verizon Commercial: "Can you fuck me now? Good!"

Now if only we could get those Cingular triplets to make some cell films.

More things you don't need...

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