Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Silent Edith

Note: Apparently we were wrong about predicting Janice Rogers Brown as Bush's Supreme Court nominee.

As it turns out, tonight Bush will pick Edith Brown Clement (5th Circuit Court of Appeals, Bush appointed) as his Supreme Court nominee. At least, that is what everyone else is saying.

I've been checking google and yahoo! like mad, but could not find any information about Clement's views on gay rights. I even checked out the 5th Circuit's website. Here's what one article said:
Several women under consideration have a so-called "Souter problem," because so little is known about their views or judicial philosophy that conservatives fear they would, in short, become another Souter. That includes Judges Edith Brown Clement of the New Orleans-based federal appeals court and Judge Deanell Reece Tacha of the Denver-based federal appeals court. Outside groups have raised red flags about both women.

This could be good news and bad news, depending on what history will end up telling us. Clement made it through the Senate pretty quickly the first time around.

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