Wednesday, September 14, 2005

HRC Never Breaks Expectations

HRC, our beloved national civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the few rights we have, has launched a new campaign. HRC's Talk About It campaign is focused on "speaking to people about their lives and GLBT issues." The campaign is multi-media and uses downloadable MP3's. Essentially, it is a low-grade podcast. Never wanting to break expectations though, HRC has chosen to forego using political and civil rights leaders to "talk about it". Rather, they have chosen to enlighten us with the voice of Geo Herrara. Who is Geo? Why, he is the guy who was voted off of the first episode of MTV's The 70's House. Oh, and he is gay. Enlighten us Geo, enlighten us! I have not listened, but I am sure he has much more to say than those boring gay people who have actually done something to make a difference. Though, this is the same HRC that has enough influence to get Kimberly Locke (former American Idol Recording Artist) to perform at its national dinner. Expectations, expectations...

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