Monday, October 31, 2005

Little Scalia's Boys Will be Boys Attitude is Sick

Judge Alito should not be confirmed to SCOTUS. There, I am coming out on this issue. We've barely begun to learn about his record, but this was enough for me:

In 2001, Judge Alito authored a decision in Saxe v. State that declared unconstitutional a public school district policy that prohibited harassment against students because of their sexual orientation or other characteristics.

The policy focused on harassment that had the purpose or effect of interfering with a student's educational performance or creating and intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Alito reasoned that the policy was unconstitutional because it could cover what he called "simple acts of teasing and name-calling."

According to that bizarre reasoning, I guess that we should not outlaw many things. Murder laws, for instance, could be used to cover simple acts of stabbing someone...

Please tell me Alito, just what are "simple acts of teasing and name-calling." Is name-calling truly ever appropriate and is it ever not a form of harassment? I feel like this ruling comes from a bully. Alito the bully.

That is the impression I am getting so far from Alito. He is a big bully. He is not one that will practice judicial restraint. He will stomp out our rights if they conflict with his own macho bigoted attitudes and opinions. I fear for the advice that he gives to his own children. Poor Phillip and Laura.

Do yourself a favor and "JUST SAY NO TO ALITO!"

We do not need another bully on the court.

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