Thursday, October 13, 2005

Planning to Spew Hate, Wait for Commercial Break

Anti-gay bigot Bill Donohue of the Catholic League might as well be taking his talking points from the Westboro Baptist Church. Or the Vatican for that matter. During an appearance on the Today Show this morning, Donohue discussed child molestation charges against priests in the Catholic Church. Just as Katie Couric was about to head to a commercial break, Donohue interrupted her and began to spew anti-gay rhetoric. Perhaps he knew this was his chance to get his bigotry in before anyone could challenge it. In a last ditch effort to defend molesters in the Church, who it appears Donohue sympathizes with, he blamed the entire molestation scandal on homosexuals. According to Donohue's logic, if you get rid of the homosexuals in the Church you get rid of the molestation. Unfortunately, it is that type of logic that allows pediophiles to fester in the Church, something that Donohue does not seem to mind.

Rather than challenge Donohue right before the break, Katie spent about thirty seconds giggling with her guest. Way to ask the tough questions Katie!

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