Thursday, November 03, 2005

Apprentice Interview: Are You a Homosexual?

Lacking any sense of gaydar, Trump was shocked to learn that the queen he was talking to in his board room is a practicing homosexual. A shocked Trump asked perspective Apprentice candidate Clay, "Are you a homosexual?"

Oh, but it did not stop there! Trump then went on to ask another candidate if he had ever had sex. There Trump was not so shocked by the answer. You can always smell a virgin.

What's going on here Trump? After years in business, do you really think that these questions are appropriate? Let's hope that ignorant managers do not acquire their interview questions from watching the Apprentice. Scary thought, but probably closer to reality than we would like to admit.

Nonetheless, after a weird analogy about why menu options are important to gay and straight people...oh, who knows! Trump then resorted to being sympathetic to the gay coming out process and the discrimination our people face. You've redeemed yourself Trumpy!

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