Sunday, November 06, 2005

Coburn Promotes Hitler-esque Scapegoating

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, today made comments on Meet the Press that implied gay Americans are responsible for all of the problems in the United States. Coburn explained his view that gay Americans are undermining the family and forcing the US Congress to spend a good amount of the national treasure on fixing the problems with "the family" that gay Americans are causing. In the past, Coburn has made comments that gay Americans are the greatest threat "to our freedom."

Tom Coburn also went on to state that he cannot wait until his blue-eyed blonde hair "family oriented" society is finally realized. Well maybe not, but he certainly was not far from making comments like that.

Rather than focus on true issues or the real threats that are facing Americans, Coburn toed the Conservative line and practiced the politics of distraction and division. Even with evidence of mounting ethics violations committed by Republicans and a failed war conducted by Republicans, Coburn is more concerned with throwing dirt in the eyes of Americans with anti-gay rhetoric rather than dealing with the failures of the Conservative agenda.

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