Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Funny Black People and Middle-Upper Class White Teens Integrate

That's right, WB and UPN television networks are merging. It's a joint venture between CBS owned Viacom and Time Warner. The new network name: CW. Does this mean that the pristine white neighborhoods depicted in the the WB shows will now have servants and cleaning people? Or will those whine-prone teens and semi-adults actually have to deal with real issues?

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Anonymous said...

What does a show about white people having "servants and cleaning people" have to do with "funny black people"?

I'm assuming you're referring to the fact that UPN shows have a disproportionate amount of black characters on their shows. To my knowledge, none of the black characters on UPN are servants or cleaning people. In fact black people are depicted as being quite successful for a change.

Come on Graham it's 2006!! Whether you know it or not, there are black people staying next door to you in that deluxe apartment in the sky on the east-side of town aka Mount-Pleasant. ;-)