Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Virginia Sucks! even more.

Virginia lawmakers just set the State on a path towards banning gay marriage in their constitution:
Virginia lawmakers gave final legislative approval Wednesday to a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, despite warnings the measure is so broadly worded it could have dire unintended consequences for all unmarried couples.

The state of affairs for gays in Virginia just keeps getting worse. The other PoliBoi and I were actually considering living there this go around as we search for a new apartment. I'd rather take my skinny gay white ass to Anacostia at this point. At least there I have the chance of getting ass-raped before getting murdered with a bullet. Sounds a lot better than the fence I'd probably get tied to and beaten on in VA.

If gays that live in Virginia do not leave in one year from today, they are either stupid or hate themselves a whole lot.

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