Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, Was He a Gurl?

GLAAD is mad. Mad that American Idol's hosts Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell gave some "nasty" (SHOCK!) advice and said some "nasty" (DOUBLE SHOCK!) comments to contestant vying for a spot on the show.

In one instance, Simon suggested that a male contestant could actually make a lot of money by becoming a drag queen. I actually believe that was pretty sound advice. And since Simon is gay himself, I hold the source in high regard.

is he a girl?In the other instance, Randy asked a "male" contestant(pictured on right) if he was a girl. Now, to be fair, the contestant did bring up the subject by telling the judges that he is often confused for a girl (unless they edited the actual sequence of the conversation in a manipulative way). Well, I know everyone in my living room watching the show had the same question as Randy when the contestant came on screen: "Are you a girl?!"

While GLAAD has concerns, was the question Randy asked really that out of line? Rather than sitting there and remaining ignorant, he was right to ask a burning question that we all had. Sure, labels are bad horrible things. Unfortunately, the rest of us live in reality (not the GLAAD utopia) where it is important to know whether someone is a girl or a guy. I can only wonder what we would be talking about if the guy Randy questioned actually said: "Yes, I am a girl!" The headline would most certainly be: "GLAAD Lauds American Idol for Shining the Spotlight on Transgender People."

UPDATE: you have no idea what it took to get that picture... is it really necessary for the American Idol staff to post 731 pictures from one city?!--Rusty

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