Monday, February 13, 2006

Conservatives Eat Their Own. We Love the Nature Channel.

It seems conservatives are beginning to make the same mistake that Democrats continue to make: They are eating their own.

This past weekend conservatives met for an annual conference in Washington, DC and freaked out at former Rep. Bob Barr for actually questioning the legality of Bush's domestic wiretapping program and for standing up for the true principles of the conservative movement. It appears that the love conservatives have for Bush supersedes their love for morals and principles. They just cannot seem to get enough Bush. I mean, they were just eating it up at this convention. They could not believe any good conservative would question the great Bush!

Perhaps Barr cannot appreciate good Bush (rhetoric) when he sees it, but you gotta hand it to the guy for abandoning Bush for good conservative principles. And this is the guy that licks whipped cream off tits at charity events and obsessed over Clinton's sex life. Way to go Barr!

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