Friday, February 24, 2006

What an Annoying Show

So, apparently some syndicated morning show called The Daily Buzz discussed our blog yesterday. Neither of the PoliBois have ever seen the show, and we also do not know anyone else who has. It appears to be a news show for the ADD generation. Basically it is broadcast from some guy's basement and includes three frat buddies and the girl they all screw. (Sadly enough, the girl makes even Katie Couric seem smart.) Our show was mentioned by the gay co-host, Clayton. We've never seen the segment we were mentioned in and we really do not care to either.

Well, thanks for the exposure Clayton! Hopefully we did not just alienate all three viewers of your show that you sent our way. As a courtesy we posted a link to your show's website on our blog, so hopefully you can get them all back safe and sound.

1 comment:

Ryan Adams said...

Oh, come now, you know you love it! We all love the spotlight.