Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The AIDS Stigma?

A report today in the Washington Post pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may require governments that receive HIV/AIDS funding to begin collecting data on new HIV infections using a name-based system. While some governments already do this, some (including the District of Columbia) use coded systems to protect the identities of HIV/AIDS infected individuals.

Those in favor of the name-based system believe that it will allow health officials to better track the disease and provide information about new medications to those living with HIV/AIDS. Others fear that if the names are not handled properly, confidentiality could be breached.

Which begs the question: Is there still an HIV/AIDS stigma? Should the idea of a name-based system really be alarming, or are relics of the fight against HIV/AIDS not up with the times?

I believe the stigma is still alive and well.

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Melissa said...

Worse than the stigma of HIV/AIDS (which is still mos def alive and well) is the disturbing silence on anything that doesn't relate to "OMG GAY PEOPLE!!! They have AIDS!!!!"

Like, hmm... perhaps a cure? Prevention programs? 'Cause, for real, all I ever see ads for is Viagra and Cialis. I'm super-glad that the old white men out there can have four hour erections, but there are more important things to be spending money on.

Anywho, really great blog- my fellow blogger, Kristen, had mentioned ya'll a while back but couldn't remember the exact name of the blog, so we couldn't link to you earlier, but we'll be doing so now. :)