Thursday, April 27, 2006

Oppressed Youth Bigots Everywhere: Unite!

I remember I always felt bad when I saw the popular jock in high school being harassed for his anti-gay views. Every time he called me a 'faggot' in passing, people would always shout him down. They'd even beat him up if he pushed me into a nearby locker. He could not help his bigoted ways.

Well, now I am happy to know that there is finally a day for him. Indeed, the Day of Truth is a new day being celebrated in schools across our country to counter the Day of Silence.

While the Day of Silence is a tool of the intolerant and oppressive homosexuals to promote their malicious agenda of stopping anti-gay bullying in our schools, the Day of Truth does just the opposite. The Day of Truth provides a one day opportunity for oppressed Christian students everywhere to profess their oft-censored hatred of gay students.

Oh, and if you believe this bit of bullshit I also have a great piece of swampland to sell you.

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