Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Message Control

I've been stuck at my desk all day like a little worker monkey, so I am not really sure how successful this so-called 'Day Without Immigrants' has been. I personally think it's not a very bright idea, this whole protest and all. I mean, aren't we supposed to want the illegal aliens to stay because they are such hard workers? This is largely going to piss off the Chiptole and Baja Fresh consumer who cannot get lunch today, more than it is going to improve the plight of the aliens.

General thought aliens want consumers to have today: "Where are Maria and Lupe? Why aren't they at the Chiptole? Oh, I bet if they had full legal rights as an American citizen they would be working on my burrito as we speak. I'm calling my congressman to ask that Maria and Lupe get the rights they deserve."

Actual example of a consumer's thought today: "What the fuck is going on? Why can't I get my burrito? Damn it! I gotta go back to work hungry now..."

Oh. And if you are fighting to become an American, you probably want to ask your friends and neighbors to leave signs that say you're prouder to be Mexican than American at home:

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