Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No Sympathy for Mary

Someone at the Washington Blade thinks that we should have sympathy for poor Mary Cheney. I'm sorry, but writing a book that describes why you made the bad choices you did does not let you escape the fact that you made bad choices. And Mary Cheney has certainly made horrible choices. She may like to get it on with women, but she is no member of the gay and lesbian community. She is a homosexual at best. Perhaps in it for the base pleasures and nothing more. My initial thoughts to the Blade blog post that defends her:
Now that Mary Cheney has gone to great lengths to tell us how pro-gay she really tries to be, are we suddently supposed to feel sympathy for her? Her family would not have abandoned her if she left the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. However, by working for Bush/Cheney in both campaigns she certainly abandoned her so-called principles and the LGBT community. Mary is an intelligent person and she knows the consequences of her decisions. I certainly fault her for actively campaigning against the rights of LGBT people. Maybe choosing to work for her father's campaign in 2004 was a tough choice, but she ultimately made the wrong decision. Sorry, a cheap book won't get sympathy from this mary, Mary.

Being a gay and lesbian is about more than hooking up with girls and boys, Mary. Or having a steady relationship. It is about being committed to principles and demanding through words and ACTION that the LGBT community receives equal rights under the law that all heterosexual breeders enjoy!

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