Thursday, June 22, 2006

...And We're Back!

Oh my! Has it really been a month since we posted. We are such bad bloggers. I was only reminded that this blog exists because people kept sending messages to me on Friendster about it. And since I am a F*ster addict, I am completely loyal to the demands of my fans when they are sent to me via the ultimate online anti-social friend network. Yeah, that's right, Facebook blows. I've also watched Dateline enough to know to stay away from Myspace. Though, that Chris Hansen is dreamy with his sultry voice...

If you want someone to blame for the brief and unexpected departure, look no further than Mary Cheney. After I posted about her with a few expletives the other PoliBoi and I got into a heated argument about foul language on the blog. Well, look who fucking won! (Just kidding. Ignore the "fuck", please. Or else he will beat me.)

Anyway, the PoliBois are back online again. Work is starting to slow down a bit, so that means we can post a lot more. Funny how that equation works, huh? Listen, if you want us to do this full time email us and tell us how you are going to send some cash our way. We would need about $80K for us both to work on this just to cover living expenses and health care. Add on another 10-20K for upgrades to the site, if you so desire.

In any case, tomorrow night we fly up to NYC in style to attend the DNC's gay gala (and I have no idea if that is what they actually call it). We are the guests of a politician and we'll be treated like the queens we are. Be sure to check out our posts after the weekend to find out how things went and who we saw and went to bed with.

That is all for now. Carry on...

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