Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PoliBois NYC Adventure!

The PoliBois arrived at Laguardia in the early evening last Friday, ready to take on NYC!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a limo that took us to the DNC's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council's gala at the American Airline's Theatre on Broadway. Unfortunately, we did not see Harry Connick Jr. or other cast members from the Pajama Game. Though, we did make about two famous-for-DC sightings.

Our first sighting was DNC Chair Howard Dean. After we got our nametags at the front table, we stood in line to have our picture taken with Santa HoDe. Next we were greeted during a brief welcoming reception by hot waiters and some much needed wine (that everyone needs after a photo with Howard). Two glasses of wine later, and we struck up a conversation with Paul Smith, the lawyer who made gay sodomy legal throughout the land. He was a nice guy, and didn't even seem to mind when we introduced him as the guy who made taking it up the ass legal! (And sad to say, after a few glasses of wine that is exactly how I introduced him to our friends.)

Post-reception, we made our way a few floors up to the main event and our dining table. The first thing we noticed was that our table was Cumming all over.

Like a drag queen on crack, our table included glittery stars, a Cyndi Lauper CD, a centerpiece consisting of high heel shoes and the entire Cumming product line. It was by far one of the gayest tables we had ever seen. We don't even think Rick Santorum could imagine the gay hell we had encountered.

Aside from the ultra-gay accessories, we also noticed something very curious on our table. The menu for the night was placed in a flip-flop.

Like a feminist trying to reclaim the word bitch, someone thought it was a good fundraising pitch to remind everyone of how successful we were in 2004.

Once we got over the whole table thing, the speeches began. Dean gave a standard stump. Nothing too interesting. He described his misstatement about gay marriage on the 700 Club. The gays applauded him being an absolute screw-up as a leader and moved on. When he was done speaking, the gays then peppered him with questions about the DNC's commitment to gay Ameri...Oh, I kid. There was one question about gays and religion and the rest were about gays trying to look like they have many important things on their minds aside from their basic civil rights.

Then there were more speeches, cosmos, wine and dinner... Oh, and more hot waiters!

One of the last speeches came from Barney Frank.

Whether or not you believe everything you hear about Barney (and we have heard many things-"He's an asshole"..."Saw him in the shower at Results Gym and his little guy is really..." errrr...), the man gave a really good speech. He even assured us that, unlike HoDe in his speech, it would be inappropriate for him to tell us that he's got our back. Phew!

The speeches concluded and we all kept drinking. We were told to stick around for a special meet-and-greet with Cyndi and Alan. About 2 hours later they managed to arrive (after the piano and everyone else left). We met-and-greeted, got an autograph and into a bit of a spat with Alan's entourage of one. He was a bitch.

Finally it was time for our big limo ride back to DC. We got home at 5 AM and slept a good long time...

The End.

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