Thursday, July 13, 2006

Big Business Loves Cropp, and She Loves Them

Fuzzy math? No. Fuzzy politics? Yes.

Running with the press suppression story, WaPo local columnist Marc Fisher explores the real political strategy of Linda Cropp. Turns out she is not as nice or open as she chooses to be during endorsement hearings and citizen meet and greets during election years:
...Cropp has consistently demonstrated her preference for secrecy. This goes all the way back to when she ran the D.C. school board in the 1980s, when she routinely tossed reporters out of ostensibly public meetings, declaring that the board had to go into secret session to discuss "private matters." Those sometimes included personnel decisions, but, according to several board members at the time, Cropp also used those secret sessions to plan out the public discourse on other controversial topics, such as school closings.

Because there is nothing like backroom dealings and scripted public debates to get the juices of democracy flowing in the District of Columbia.

And as Fisher also points out:
It's no wonder Cropp is picking up the endorsements of big business groups in town. When those guys do business with the city, they like their dealings to remain as fuzzy as possible to the public. Linda Cropp is there to help.

On Monday, the DC Board of Trade's PAC endorsed Cropp:
DC PAC members cited Ms. CroppĂ‚’s effective career in public service, her approach to the issues of education, affordable housing and economic development, and her track record of being open and collaborative with members of the business, civic and nonprofit communities.

Well, I do not know what city they live in, but I certainly have not experienced affordable housing or even an adequate public education system in DC. I can barely afford rent in DC! But at least we know she is "open and collaborative" with the business community.

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