Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Crime Wave is Another Reason to Vote Another Way

Is Mayor Anthony Williams back in the District of Columbia after his travels around the globe? Gee, I hope so! Since DC is again basically under attack by low-life thugs.

We're facing a 'Crime Emergency'.

Sad that it took someone getting their throat slit in the pristine snow-white utopia of Georgetown before the police took notice. I do not live in the best part of Ward 6, but I hope if one of my neighbors were killed it would elicit the same response from the police that a fellow Georgetowner did. Or even a Foggy Bottom, Cleveland Park, or Dupont Circle murder for that matter. Looks like the 'chocolate city' is still a racist one. Chocolate is the popular flavor, but vanilla still rules. Since the majority of District residents live in "up and coming" neighborhoods, news of a crime wave should be alarming to most of us.

I am pretty fearful for my own welfare at this point, but I also am determined not to let hoodlums control my life. I have a wonderful date planned for this evening, and I plan to go on it even if I will be coming home to my neighborhood at the witching hour.

Crime in the District continues to be out-of-control, and it is yet another reminder why we need to vote out the establishment this election cycle. Haven't we had enough of this gang, including establishment-endorsed mayoral candidate Linda Cropp. Innovative thinking and effective community policing is the only way we are going to get out of this mess of death and theft.

Here is a quote from DC resident Jim Chambers, who attended the vigil of popular shop owner and recent murder victim Maurice "Moe" Darnaby, that really sums up a lot of the problem with DC's policing strategy:
"I would say the Metropolitan Police Department is always one step behind what needs to be done...It's a reactive police department, not a proactive one."

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