Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cropp Meet Putin, Putin Meet Cropp

It appears that Supreme Chairman Cropp has a problem with the free press.

During a recent DC Council breakfast meeting, Cropp insisted that a reporter from the Washington Times stop recording the meeting. The exchange went like this:
When the reporter cited the council's rules allowing the breakfast to be public record, Mrs. Cropp said, "OK, meeting over."

I guess the Wizard was afraid of being revealed behind the curtain. Protecting the old Washington establishment way of doing things is certainly nothing new to Cropp, though.

What is Cropp so afraid of being revealed during the breakfast meetings? Instead of a being Putin-esque (as a friend and Fenty supporter described her actions) in suppressing the press, Cropp should have used the opportunity to address the concerns of citizens as DCist suggests:
Perhaps the Council Chairman could have taken the opportunity to reassure Washingtonians that the safety and well-being of District communities was a real and present concern for her and her fellow legislators.

It is all about protecting the rights of the establishment before protecting the lives of the people though, isn't it?

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