Friday, July 07, 2006

Cropp's New Homeless Plan

According to numerous news reports, DC Mayoral Candidate Linda Cropp paid people per signature to circulate her nominating petition. According to the reports:
Marshall Brown, a paid political consultant to the Cropp Campaign and father of D.C. Council member Kwame Brown, says he paid homeless people $1 for every signature they gathered.

Well it is good to see that after three decades of public service, Cropp may finally have an effective plan that deals with the District's homeless population. I guess I no longer need to drop a $1 into the Starbucks cups that are shaken for money by the homeless I come across throughout DC.

In trying to deflect criticism for paying for signatures, Cropp's campaign did what they do best and attacked other candidates:
[Marshall] Brown adds the practice is perfectly legal, and says if the Adrian Fenty and Marie Johns campaigns say they don't do it, "they are lying."

Well, interesting of you to say that Marshall, because I worked with the Johns campaign as they collected signatures and I know that no one paid even a cent for them. Surprisingly, some candidates do not need to pay for support or friends.

But again, let's focus on Cropp's exploitation jobs plan for the homeless...

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