Friday, July 21, 2006

Gay Community Response: I Never Met These Two, I Don't Know Who They Are...

It is time to start disowning some of our own.

News broke today that Julie and Hillary Goodridge have split up. Oh, maybe you have heard of them, my gay comrades. That is right, they are the lesbians whose names were on the landmark Massachusetts case that brought us same-sex marriage in that state. Well, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us Julie and Hillary!

Listen, if you are going to put your name on a landmark civil rights case you better stick to the decision. You have an obligation to your community to keep up the good PR, even if you are absolutely miserable doing it. You cannot fight for landmark marriage laws and then use them just to get a divorce. It is just not polite to your minority community! I'm sorry, I don't remember Rosa Parks painting herself white after Jim Crow was killed by the Supreme Court. Maybe you weren't informed, but Julie and Hillary, you had better get your act together and stay in your unhappy marriage. Don't you realize gay marriages are held to a higher standard than breeder marriages!

Word to the gays reading this: We never met Julie and Hillary. We have NO idea who they are.

"Julie and Hillary? Who? What? Where? Gay marriage in Massachusetts? That's silly."

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