Friday, July 14, 2006

To World Pride or Not to World Pride?

According to numerous news sources, including
Hundreds of leaflets distributed to homes in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox area and other parts of the city overnight offer 20,000 Israeli new shekels or about $4,500 US to anyone who kills gays marching in next month's World Pride in Jerusalem.

Well, if that's not a welcome, I do not know what is. Actually, as a tourist I always like to know what value I hold in a country before I travel there. I'm not sure $4,500 is that substantial.

Well, with a war going on and so much hatred being expressed towards us should we be celebrating World Pride?

Fuck yeah! Of course we should.

At $4,500 a pop, we may even boost the local economy far more than expected.

Seriously though, why would we ever let bigotry stop us from celebrating and demanding the basic human rights LGBT people deserve?

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