Friday, July 30, 2004


Wow. Who knew the Ben & Jerry's guy could be so hot???!!! For years I have hoped for the opportunity to spank some Bush, and now it has finally come. I am going to be spankin' me some Bush all night long. Yeah, I am going to make that Bush nice and rosy. Oh, ya like that? Ya want some more baby? Call me Big Daddy!

It's Spankee Time Mr. President

Straight Talk?!?

Normally we polibois would not endorse anything with the word "straight" in it...but when it comes to clear unadulterated making fun of the president we can make an exception. Check out this HILARIOUS video by ACT Now - Featuring Will Ferrell!

Straight Talk from the White House West - Crawford, TX

Get the Tissues! Gay Media Witness Kerry Blast Over Gays

Wow! If the gay media is going to start gagging with excitement over this Kerry blast, I'm afraid of what other low expectations they have. Please, we've had precum after foolin' around with the Bush twins that was messier and more exciting than this "blast." Sure, it was good and all, but let's not whore ourselves for half steps.

Read About the Blast
Gay Mentioned Once Over Four Days in Primetime, And This is Progress???
At Least HRC Was There To Represent Us, Right

Don's WTF? Moment

We can totally relate to Don Mischner's "What the Fuck" moment, when 100,000 balloons refused to drop on time at the DNC convention. With the build up leading up to this drop, the only anticipated drop that made us more disappointed is when Ron Reagan, Jr. didn't say "I'm Gay" during his speech and we felt we dropped trou for nothing. And they claim this was the gayest convention ever. Then again, with the Heinz bois and Ron Jr., maybe it was.

Apparently Kerry's Convention Speech Put the Workers to Sleep
WTF? Moment--Go Balloons, Go!
If this was the winner...I'd hate to see the loser

YUMMY! I Want All 57 Varieties

The balloons may not have dropped, but my pants certainly did when Andre Heinz took the DNC convention floor. He is by far hotter than his brother. Apparently the girl in the back cannot get enough either. Look at her taking a picture of his ass! Yum. Send it to me when you get them developed, hun.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hell No Cho!

Unity 04 was an event planned between HRC and nearly a dozen other groups, which drew roughly 500 GLBT DNCers last night. -HRC Media Relation

YEAH Right! The way we hear it from people in the room, HRC was lucky if it even had 100 people in the room after it so rudely 'uninvited' Cho.

'Cho No You Didn't

Whoa Retro!

After watching the convention speeches last night, PoliBois came away with just one thought: Just what was Cate Edwards wearing???!!!  In introducing her mother to introduce her father, Cate modeled the latest in futuristic potato sack HAUTE COUTURE.