Friday, November 11, 2005

Put a Muzzle on Her

Would someone please shut Judith Miller up? Could any other person be more transparent and fake? After the lengths that she went to just to make a name for herself, probably not.

After doing the White House's dirty work in pushing the country to war through false and poorly researched articles on "intelligence" justifications for the Iraq war, can anyone still find this woman credible? Sure, she went to jail, but that hardly makes her a martyr. In fact, right now she appears to be more of an opportunist. Going to jail was the best opportunity she had to make a name for herself.

Even after making a fool of herself though, Judith will not shut up. She now has a blog dedicated to defending her actions. Rather than shutting up, she is trying to hang on to some integrity. However, she again is ignoring the facts. She has already lost any shred of credibility she may have had. There is nothing to hold onto.

So Judith, please do us all a favor and shut up. You have nothing more to say.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Desperate Republicans on Hill Plan to Use Gay Marriage

Gay Americans will once again be a target of Republican Senators as that political party worries about their future. On Wednesday a Senate subcommittee will vote to move forward on a full Senate vote to add an amendment to ban same-sex marriage to the Constitution. Senator Arlen Specter expects a full Senate vote on an anti-gay amendment prior to the 2006 midterm elections.

Odd that tactics like this are still being practiced in the Senate, especially when it becomes clear that Americans are beginning to reject this base form of politics.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Way to Go VA!

Kaine beats Kilgore for Governor!

Someone Get a Plug

Somebody call maintenance, there is another leak!

Earlier tonight Republicans called for an investigation into who leaked information to the Washington Post over an article dealing with Secret Prisons. Many Republicans are convinced it was CIA agents who leaked classified information. Sen. Lott is convinced it may be a Republican Senator who leaked information after a confidential meeting between Republican Senators and the Vice President.

So let me get this right, when it is potentially the CIA who leaked classified information the Republicans are right on the issue? But when it is the White House that leaks classified information (i.e. Scooter and Rove) Republicans in Congress do nothing? What makes Scooter and Rove above the law?

Absolutely amazing...

Let's All Weep for PFOX

This is a long post, but I think it is important to share with you an email I received from the hate group "Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays". The name of the group belongs in quotes, becase its entire existence is a mockery.

I encourage all of you to read this, especially to get a sense of the type of people we are dealing with and the type of people that are hurting our youth. I will post a substantial response to this in a separate post later tonight or tomorrow:
An Insider’s Perspective from Two 2005 National Conventions:
PTA (Columbus, Ohio) & NEA (Los Angeles, California)
By Sissy Jochmann
Member of the NEA Ex-Gay Educators Caucus at

After attending a workshop at the recent PTA convention in Columbus, Ohio, and the NEA convention in Los Angeles, California, it became very clear both organizations, that are suppose to have our public school children’s best interests in mind, are purposefully withholding information from our children regarding sexual orientation.

At the National PTA meeting, PFOX representatives and Dr. Warren Throckmorton, a clinical psychologist from Grove City College, planned on renting exhibit booth space to distribute educational publications promoting inclusive and safe school environments for all children, gay and ex-gay students, and educators. They had planned to deliver, into the hands of the delegates, information that presented a balanced approach to understanding sexual orientation and safe schools. Their
well-intentioned efforts were halted when PTA rejected PFOX’s application but accepted the application of PFLAG, Parents and Friends of Lesbian’s and Gays, a gay advocacy group.

As a silent protest, PFOX rented a room to hold a “Teach In” workshop describing and distributing the materials that they would have made available to the delegates if permitted. When I personally spoke with a PTA representative and asked why they rejected PFOX’s application, the spokesperson replied, “Their material did not meet the criteria for distribution at the exhibit”. When I asked what PTA found so objectionable about PFOX’s materials, he stated that he did not want to get into a long debate but would file my complaint with the Executive Director, Warlene Gray. End of discussion.

The NEA convention was three days after my PTA experience. One of the most controversial New Business Items presented on the floor of the Representative Assembly dealt with these so called “extremists groups”.

New Business Item 82 was presented by the Chair of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus. He asked that the “NEA would develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the new and more sophisticated attacks on curricula, policies, and practices that support GLBT students, families, and staff members in public schools.” He went on to say, “Extremist groups are using increasingly sophisticated and aggressive tactics to attack school districts with affirming GLBT policies, curriculum, and practices. These tactics include litigation, so called “Days of Truth” and attacks on the rights of gay students to form clubs. These groups are making schools less safe and are infringing on our members’ academic freedom” He included Focus on the Family as being one of these “extreme groups.”

I was able to speak in opposition to this NBI but was once again booed when ex-gay was mentioned. The following are my comments:“We wouldn’t have “sophisticated and aggressive attack” from these “extremist groups” if you would simply admit that some people who have same-sex attractions have chosen not to adopt a gay identity and instead have successfully actualized their heterosexual potential and are now
ex-gay. (B00s here) As long as there are people who leave homosexuality and no longer experience same-sex attraction, you will have opposition. Youth with unwanted same sex attraction have a right to hear the stories of former homosexuals and be exposed to the research that validates them in order to help them make an informed and personal decision. So may I call a truce on this most controversial issue and let’s allow everyone the right to choose their own path in pursuit of happiness. In order for our kids to be presented with ALL the information regarding GLBT issues,
please vote NO to NBI. “

Attempting to ignore the facts and research that shows homosexuality is a changeable trait was ever so apparent at both conventions. We have quite a battle in front of us. We’re losing kids everyday to this type of ideology. Homosexual advocacy groups are actively trying to recruit our kids and have them adopt a gay identity as young as 9 years old.

As I was returning home from LA, I sat next to a young adolescent boy named Alex. He was very nervous flying because this was the first time he had flown without his mother. I talked him through the take-off and comforted him until he felt more relaxed. As we became acquainted I learned he was abandoned as a baby in Peru and later adopted by an American couple, who no longer are living together. I asked him to where he was traveling and he excitedly said he was going to an all expense paid training workshop in Atlanta, Georgia. Of course, I asked him, “What kind of training?”

He stated that he was the leader of the Gay Straight Alliance in his high school and GLSEN, Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, was sponsoring this event. I proceeded to ask him about the age range that GLSEN was targeting for this training. He informed me that the ages ranged from 13 – 19. Alex was 15 years old. At that point I became a little agitated and expressed my opposition to GLSEN recruiting our kids and encouraging then to adopt a gay identity so young. He said he was really bisexual. I “gently” responded, “Honey, you’re confused! You are going through a very confusing time in your life where so many changes are going on, physiologically, physically and psychologically.” We spent the next hour talking about the different perspectives on homosexuality.

I was able to supply him with booklets and information that GLSEN calls hate speech. I told him GLSEN will refer to people like me as “Religious Right Fundamentalist who are dangerous and intolerant and should be silenced. We ended this part of a two hour conversation when I told him he is now one of the very few gay identified people who have all the facts about sexual orientation in his possession. I urged him not to let GLSEN indoctrinated him but to read all the literature I gave him to make an informed decision.

We ended our flight having another passenger take a picture of the two of us. He promised to send me a copy. After we exchanged kind words and a hug, I waved good bye as he headed out to a five day indoctrinating workshop. My heart was sick as he left but knowing God had that meeting planned from the beginning gave me comfort. I had an opportunity to share my testimony and the gospel with Alex. He listened intently. I hope everyone puts Alex on their prayer list. He’s on mine!

Make Sure Anti-Gay VA Does Not Get More Anti-Gayer-er-er

Dear Virginia people,

I still do not know why you live in Virginia, but I will put that aside for now. Since you are there right now, I hope that you can please do us all a favor and not vote for Kilgore for Governor today. I am not going to tell you who to vote for, I just want to make sure that you do not vote for him.

There are a lot of cheap apartments in Virginia that I would really like to live in, but cannot simply because they are in Virginia. If you vote for Kilgore, I may even have to stop going to your malls. And even though Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is kind of gross, it is still convenient.

So please do me a favor today. Please do not vote for Kilgore and ensure that VA is just anti-gay and not anti-gayer.

Graham N. Murphy
Loyal Customer

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Coburn Promotes Hitler-esque Scapegoating

Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, today made comments on Meet the Press that implied gay Americans are responsible for all of the problems in the United States. Coburn explained his view that gay Americans are undermining the family and forcing the US Congress to spend a good amount of the national treasure on fixing the problems with "the family" that gay Americans are causing. In the past, Coburn has made comments that gay Americans are the greatest threat "to our freedom."

Tom Coburn also went on to state that he cannot wait until his blue-eyed blonde hair "family oriented" society is finally realized. Well maybe not, but he certainly was not far from making comments like that.

Rather than focus on true issues or the real threats that are facing Americans, Coburn toed the Conservative line and practiced the politics of distraction and division. Even with evidence of mounting ethics violations committed by Republicans and a failed war conducted by Republicans, Coburn is more concerned with throwing dirt in the eyes of Americans with anti-gay rhetoric rather than dealing with the failures of the Conservative agenda.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Apprentice Interview: Are You a Homosexual?

Lacking any sense of gaydar, Trump was shocked to learn that the queen he was talking to in his board room is a practicing homosexual. A shocked Trump asked perspective Apprentice candidate Clay, "Are you a homosexual?"

Oh, but it did not stop there! Trump then went on to ask another candidate if he had ever had sex. There Trump was not so shocked by the answer. You can always smell a virgin.

What's going on here Trump? After years in business, do you really think that these questions are appropriate? Let's hope that ignorant managers do not acquire their interview questions from watching the Apprentice. Scary thought, but probably closer to reality than we would like to admit.

Nonetheless, after a weird analogy about why menu options are important to gay and straight people...oh, who knows! Trump then resorted to being sympathetic to the gay coming out process and the discrimination our people face. You've redeemed yourself Trumpy!

Brownie Email Exposed

Makeup???!!! Brownie is one hot drag queen, I'm sure!

Check out the emails: Brownie Emails

"Heckuvah Job Brownie" is Gay Fashionista?

Recent emails released and posted on House Rep. Charlie Melancon's website, show that recently departed FEMA chief Michael Brown was more interested in getting fashion advice from his fag hags than he was in managing disaster relief. According to
Melancon said that on August 26, just days before Katrina made landfall, Brown e-mailed his press secretary, Sharon Worthy, about his attire, asking: "Tie or not for tonight? Button-down blue shirt?"

A few days later, Worthy advised Brown: "Please roll up the sleeves of your shirt, all shirts. Even the president rolled his sleeves to just below the elbow. In this [crisis] and on TV you just need to look more hard-working."

On August 29, the day of the storm, Brown exchanged e-mails about his attire with Taylor, Melancon said. She told him, "You look fabulous," and Brown replied, "I got it at Nordstroms. ... Are you proud of me?"

An hour later, Brown added: "If you'll look at my lovely FEMA attire, you'll really vomit. I am a fashion god," according to the congressman.

Wow! There is just too much there for me to take in. Rolled up sleeves give an air of hard-working? How blue collar of you Brownie. Yes, I am proud of you for going to Nordstroms. You're such a grown up. My, my, my, just look how tall you have gotten. Fashion god? Now that comment is what is going to make me vomit.

Remember Brownie: Limp wrists and sashay. Remember the model walk we practiced!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alito Supported Gay Rights in '71

Recently uncovered documents from Alito's college days reveal that he supported some rights for gay people. In a paper he wrote, Alito declared that sexual acts between consenting adults should never be illegal. Alito also stated that homosexuals should not be discriminated against in hiring.

This is all very interesting news, but this was also written in 1971. In 1971 I was not even born yet, so I know first-hand how much someone can change over that much time. For example. I now exist.

Don't you just love how documents like this suddenly become "uncovered"? With all their glee, I feel like the religious right knows more than this.

Gays Doing Right Thing in Connecticut

Few LGBT people in Connecticut are taking advantage of the new civil unions law there, and they are doing exactly the right thing. Gays in Connecticut are completely right not to take advantage of a second-class status. While civil unions are a step in the right direction for full equal rights for LGBT Americans, they do not represent complete and unqualified equality.

Just as Rosa Parks realized when she got on the bus that she was not going to be happy just to be on the bus, Connecticut gays are also realizing that they also cannot accept half measures as a substitute for full equality.

The Ugly Woman Has a Point

In a new book, Mary Mapes is firing back at CBS/Viacom news for dismissing her over Dan Rather's Bush National Guard story that aired during the 2004 Presidential election. Mapes says she was unfairly targeted by CBS/Viacom investigators who were more interested in saving their own asses and political capital in Washington. She does not believe that the investigation into the story was as independent as CBS/Viacom would lead the American public to believe.

Mapes is probably right that her firing was completely political and the result of CBS/Viacom's need to protect their political and business interests in Washington. Mapes would also make a valid argument that she was fired because she was also viewed as a threat to the White House. As the Libby indictment proves, this White House has a history of destroying threats that have a command of First Amendment rights.

Like Valerie Plame, Lynndie England and Janis Karpinski, Mapes was another distraction created by conservatives to obstruct the public's view from the true people that need to be investigated in Washington. While Mapes may have produced a story with flaws, she did not produce a war based on manipulated facts and flawed intelligence. If the media forced investigations on this issue, why are they not forcing investigations on an issue that is killing many brave Americans? Why has the media not done a better job at forcing the Administration to talk about the Plamegate investigation? Why has the media not done a better job at demanding why top brass have not been held responsible for Abu Ghraib?

Perhaps the moral of the Mapes story and all those that have come before and after it is this: If you are a woman involved in a Washington charade, watch out. The White House and their hounds (media elite) are watching.

Dems Get What They Want

Phase II of the investigation into prewar reasoning may finally begin to see some light. After Democrats closed down the Senate to demand an investigation, a bipartisan group of six senators must now report back to the Senate leadership by November 14th. Their report must include information about when Phase II will begin.

Republicans are angry that Democrats unexpectedly closed the Senate to get what they wanted, but it worked. I recently saw a clip from July 2004 in which Republicans were lying to the American public on television that Phase II was moving right along.

The gloves are off and Democrats are no longer allowing Republicans to avoid the issues with Weapons of Mass Distraction (Miers, Alito, Bird Flu).

Finally the American public may get some validation for what many already know: American went to war on manipulated and faulty intelligence.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Democrats Demand Answers, Actually Do Something

In a rare move, Democratic Senate Leader Reid called a closed session of the US Senate. Reid is upset that Republicans are not investigating wrongs committed by the White House (i.e. lying about the war in Iraq, outting a covert CIA agent).

Way to go Democrats! Does this signal that a backbone may indeed be growing in the party? Too bad it took you this long to ask for answers on Iraq. Wasn't there like a vote authorizing the war or something? And 2,000 dead soldiers later... Of course, dead Americans do not matter. The President's approval rating does.

Republicans are pissed and Frist says he cannot trust Reid again. This coming from a man that used his influence to make a quick and illegal stock sell.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Little Scalia's Boys Will be Boys Attitude is Sick

Judge Alito should not be confirmed to SCOTUS. There, I am coming out on this issue. We've barely begun to learn about his record, but this was enough for me:

In 2001, Judge Alito authored a decision in Saxe v. State that declared unconstitutional a public school district policy that prohibited harassment against students because of their sexual orientation or other characteristics.

The policy focused on harassment that had the purpose or effect of interfering with a student's educational performance or creating and intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Alito reasoned that the policy was unconstitutional because it could cover what he called "simple acts of teasing and name-calling."

According to that bizarre reasoning, I guess that we should not outlaw many things. Murder laws, for instance, could be used to cover simple acts of stabbing someone...

Please tell me Alito, just what are "simple acts of teasing and name-calling." Is name-calling truly ever appropriate and is it ever not a form of harassment? I feel like this ruling comes from a bully. Alito the bully.

That is the impression I am getting so far from Alito. He is a big bully. He is not one that will practice judicial restraint. He will stomp out our rights if they conflict with his own macho bigoted attitudes and opinions. I fear for the advice that he gives to his own children. Poor Phillip and Laura.

Do yourself a favor and "JUST SAY NO TO ALITO!"

We do not need another bully on the court.

And He's Off...

President Bush and Judge Alito just held their press conference announcing Altio's nomination to the Supreme Court. There did not appear to be any obvious gaffes and it seems to be generally a smooth beginning. Though, do not let Bush fool you. Alito is an extreme activist judge that has outrageous views on privacy. Prior to being struck down by the Supreme Court, Alito ruled that state legislatures could impose any restrictions on abortion short of outlawing it.

Oh, and Alito's son is kind of cute. Hope we get to see more of Phillip!

No One to the Right of Alito on Court

Jonathan Turley, a GWU law professor and legal expert, has said that with Alito on the Supreme Court, Scalia will have to race really hard to still be considered the most conservative bigot on the Court. I respect Turley. This is a very scary development.

Oh, and Alito does not believe the right to privacy exists in the Constitution. Welcome home big brother!

Bush to Nominate Scalia Some Right-Wing Italian White Guy

Indictment? What indictment? President Bush, in a completely non-transparent non-political move (you can laugh now), will nominate a white conservative Italian anti-everything dude to the Supreme Court today at 8 AM EST. Of course the move to nominate 3rd Circuit Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito for the U.S. Supreme Court has nothing to do with Scooter's indictment and everything to do with shoring up the conservative base for... Oh, wait! It has everything to do with the Scooter.

Earlier today Scooter was heard to have been wandering the streets asking passing tourists, "Why won't Dick ride me anymore?" Well, the administration has something new to ride baby, and his name is Sam.

Friday, October 28, 2005

No Marriages in NY

The New York Appeals Court (highest court in the State), issued a ruling that New Paltz, NY Mayor Jason West did not have the legal authority to solemnize same-sex marriages. However, the court did not invalidate the same-sex marriages that had already been solemnized.

This story really did fall through the cracks this week.

George TaGAY! The Picture is Enough

George Takei announced he is gay! Ummmm, ok. For those of you not involved in the Trekkie lifestyle, this probably does not mean much to you. I for one had no idea who he is/was. Damn, the outtings this week have been incredibly boring. With all the shit going down in Washington, maybe Condi will finally say "screw it" and out herself. Now that would be fun!

CNN Has the Big Story

Indictments? Yeah, yeah. So, what? has the real story when it comes to this whole crisis. It turns out Karl Rove is white! That's right, don't let all the bling fool you. Here's the caption they used for the photo on the right:
White Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove talks with reporters as he gets in his car Friday morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

WNBA Does Good Recruiting

Apparently Sheryl Swoopes was not born gay, or so she claims. Apparently the lesbian recruitment efforts in the WNBA are really starting to pay off! Too bad for all you gay activist groups out there who were hoping to make buck off her at your next dinner. Better luck next time! But please, just pick any other player in the WNBA. In fact, just head over to a Wizards game and ask one of the fans to help you pick one. They will probably have the best perception.

VA Candidates Resort to Gay-Baiting

When all else fails in a Virginia election, many conservatives running for office in the State point to their opponents with no children and/or no wives and say, "Look voters, a H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L." This is all an attempt to win votes, of course. Sad thing is, many of these opponents are not gay and some are conservatives themselves. Well, if these victims are conservatives it does not make me feel too bad. Why are they even still in the Republican party?

Anyway, Marc Fisher who wrote a story for the WaPo on this will be online to discuss this issue at 12 P today.

Is Miers Withdrawl Beginning of the End or Just the Beginning?

The inevitable happened today and Harriet Miers withdrew her name for O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court. One has to wonder what the future holds and if this means the Bush administration will try and redeem itself with a right-wing wacko with a clear history of anti-everything bigotry. Perhaps this was the plot all along. With Mier's incompetence, either staged or manipulated, one has to wonder if she was only the red carpet for a future conservative to walk on. Only one man knows what the future holds, and at this point that man is probably Patrick Fitzgerald.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Least Shocking Story of the Year

OMG! There is a lesbian female basketball player. Is this really news? The AP seems to thinks so:
NEW YORK (AP) -- Houston Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes is opening up about being a lesbian, telling a magazine that she's "tired of having to hide my feelings about the person I care about."

Way to go Swoopes! Now you're no longer playing in the minority.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

High Heels Race Tonight

No! I did not die. I have simply been in extensive training for the Annual 17th Street High Heels Race outside of JR's on 17th Street in Dupont Circle tonight. I expect you all to be there. The race begins at 9 P, but I STRONGLY suggest you get there by 8 P. It will be my third running of the heels, and I expect it to be just as fabulous as the last two. If you are afraid of the weather, just remember that you do not need to run in heels in the rain. So suck it up!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Anderson Proves His Love to Me Again

As if Anderson Cooper needs to be trying to get my attention. But alas, he cannot help himself. After researching my life, as I am sure he has numerous times, Anderson took time to reassure me that my habit of nail biting is perfectly natural. We were born that way--nail biters. Right, Anderson? Born that way.

Anyway, I hope you all check out Anderson's piece on nail biting. I am sure my sweetie would be appreciative of your eyes on his words. I will continue to love you Andy! Write to me again real soon...

And yes boys, no matter how gross you think it is I will continue to bite my nails. At least I know Coopey likes it.

Same-Sex Parents As Good As Breeders

CBS has its eye on gay America, and it is seeing something that we already know: Same-sex parents raise their kids just as well as breeders. Excellent news that is not really news to any gay or lesbian parent. Here is what researcher Ellen Perrin also had to say on the issue:
Some studies showed that single heterosexual parents' children have more difficulties than children who have parents of the same sex. They did better in discipline, self-esteem, and had less psychosocial difficulties at home and at school.

So, a two-parent home is perhaps good! A gay one, that is.

Planning to Spew Hate, Wait for Commercial Break

Anti-gay bigot Bill Donohue of the Catholic League might as well be taking his talking points from the Westboro Baptist Church. Or the Vatican for that matter. During an appearance on the Today Show this morning, Donohue discussed child molestation charges against priests in the Catholic Church. Just as Katie Couric was about to head to a commercial break, Donohue interrupted her and began to spew anti-gay rhetoric. Perhaps he knew this was his chance to get his bigotry in before anyone could challenge it. In a last ditch effort to defend molesters in the Church, who it appears Donohue sympathizes with, he blamed the entire molestation scandal on homosexuals. According to Donohue's logic, if you get rid of the homosexuals in the Church you get rid of the molestation. Unfortunately, it is that type of logic that allows pediophiles to fester in the Church, something that Donohue does not seem to mind.

Rather than challenge Donohue right before the break, Katie spent about thirty seconds giggling with her guest. Way to ask the tough questions Katie!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Exodus Caption

This picture comes from a photo essay in time magazine. The picture has this caption:
At the Exodus confab in North Carolina, boys pray before the football game scheduled for them. (Girls sat in a discussion circle indoors)

I can only imagine what the little queens were praying for before the big kickoff. Don't your hands touch a lot of ass during football? And don't even get me started on the discussion circle.

PoliBois Died, But Will Thrive Again

It's official. PoliBois could not maintain the blog and their relationship. So, something had to give. Luckily, the blog will stay. You may notice some changes in the coming days. We expect a new regular contributor soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is This Enough to Disqualify Her for Gays

We do not know a lot about Harriet Miers, but we do know that she probably does not believe in privacy rights and is not a strong believer in civil rights for LGBT Americans. How do we know this? When asked, Ms. Miers stated that she did not believe that gay people have a right to consensual sex. If Miers were on the SCOTUS when the Lawrence V. Texas case was heard it would have been a 5-4 Supreme Court decision (instead of 6-3) to strike Texas' sodomy laws.

Is this alone enough evidence to support the idea that Miers will tilt the balance of SCOTUS even more to the right? Maybe not. However, I simply do not want to take that chance.

This alone should be enough evidence to disqualify Miers in the eyes of gay Americans.

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: Miers Against Texas Sodomy Law Repeal

DAILY UPDATE AT PINKPROGRESS.COM (The Official Daily PoliBois News Source):
*Miers Has Strange, Mixed Record on Gay Rights*Anti-Gay Recruitment Cut Short at Stanford*Ex-Gays Fight TN in Lawsuit*Marriage Opponents Rally in NJ*Maine Pins Gay Rights Hopes on College Students*Sinead Slams Anti-Gay Priests*Vanderbilt University Seeks Gays*Protests Against Iran Treatment of Gays*

"No."- Harriet Miers response to this question on a survey: "Do you, as an individual citizen, support repeal of Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code which criminalizes the private sexual behavior of consenting adult lesbians and gay men?”

Monday, October 03, 2005

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: Pop Press Covers Gay Teens

DAILY UPDATE AT PINKPROGRESS.COM (The Official Daily PoliBois News Source):
*Mainstream Press Recognizes Plight of the New Gay Teen*Houston Gets More Gays*First Gay Civil Unions in Conn.*Catholic Push for MA Marriage Ban*Gay Catholics Angry Over Seminary Searches*Vatican to Consider Banning Gay-Friendly Pols From Sacrament*MI State Senate May Ask that Benefits Be Taken Away*Teacher Removed from Classroom, Tried to Get Sixth Graders to Admit They Are Gay*

"I love that Prada bag!"- A teen in ex-gay therapy, according to report in Time

Past News Archive

The Power of the Internet is Scary

So, this morning getting ready for work was kind of scary. Maybe I should stop watching the Today Show when they have breaking news. Katie Couric does not ease my nerves.

As you can see from previous posts and blogs all over the internet, many of us gays believed that Harriet Mier, Bush's pick for SCOTUS, was a member of Exodus International (the horrible ex-gay organization). It has been cleared up. She really works for the prison reform program Exodus Ministries, Inc. Though not sure if they have the best gay record (more on that later). However, did Bush purposely send a vague message? Doubtful, but not a surprise if yes.

Which Exodus Ministries?

President Bush today nominated Harriet Miers for Supreme Court of the United States. In his remarks Bush stated that Miers has given her time to Exodus Ministries. As a gay, I only know of one Exodus. Does Harriet believe in conversion "therapy" or is this another Exodus? I'll try researching more...

[UPDATE] She was part of the religous convict reform program...

Bush to Nominate Potential SCOTUS Justice

But who is she? More to come later...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Time Cover Story on Gay Youth

Looking for a cover story that would analyze the poor state of the Republican party after the multiple scandals that has hit it recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on and discovered a cover story about gay youth. Finally, it seems that the stories being told by gay youth are starting to make an impact on the larger culture. The Time article is good, though (despite the author's best intentions) it does tend to paint an overly rosy picture of the current state of gay youth. The article also tends to be fairly color-blind, as it neglects the issues that black gay youth face in their communities. The author tends to make a lot of comparisons between youth who attend Exodus functions and those who are recipients of Point Foundation scholarships. Here is a pretty funny excerpt and comparison from the article:
For their part, several of the young Exodus Christians seemed more stereotypically gay--"I love that Prada bag!" a 16-year-old boy at the Youth Day squealed several times--than some of the Point scholars who had been out for years.

For a mainstream article, it has enough depth to have the potential to make an impact.

Friday, September 30, 2005

San Francisco Treat

San Fran gays had a message for Arnold tonight: "We're pissed!" According to the other PoliBoi, who is stationed on location in San Francisco, about 1,000 people gathered tonight for a last-minute protest and march against Governor Schwarzenegger and his veto of our marriage rights. Apparently SF gays do not like their governor to condone and have hatred towards our families. Right on! CA gay Assemblyman Mark Leno was on hand to do some Governator bashing. Also, the SEIU was out in full force supporting the gays and urging voters to say "No" to Arnold's initiatives in the November 8th special election. Too bad the Governator won't be on the ballot for a recall vote as well.

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: Arnold Hates Gay Families


*It's Official: Arnold Denies Will of People's Reps., Vetoes Marriage Bill
*Gay Groups Upset Over Roberts Nod
*HRC: Celebrating 25 Years of Success?
*Catholic Objectors Take Trip to Rome
*Black Clergy New Target for Gay 'Outing Campaing' Activists
*Differing Gay Rights in States Sets Up Legal Battles
*Cancelled Gay Reality Show Stars Speak Out
*Cost of $3 Million, Episcopal School Makes Brokeback Required
*A Real Live Gay Person on Desperate Housewives

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blade Reads Different Dreier Sheets

The Blade Blog (how fun?!) differs on the real reason that David Dreier was not given the post of majority leader. Rather than blame his gayness, they say it is really that social conservatives were angry about stem cell research stands he has taken and such. Well, actually said so, and the Blade agrees. Of couse, social conservatives have no problem with Dreier being gay...

Talk with Chuck

Victory Fund, home to the other PoliBoi, is hosting an online chat with its President and CEO Chuck Wolfe. If you are interested, check it out here at 4 PM EST:

Barney Wants to Save Your Pussy

Barney Frank is sponsoring legislation that will address the needs of animal victims of hurricanes:
The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act, HOWE 3858, requires state and local emergency management agencies that receive federal funding to make plans for people with pets or the disabled who rely on service animals to safely evacuate along with their animals in the event of a disaster.

Way to go Barney! Now if only there was a bill to address the needs of victims of Barney...

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: No Gay House Leader

*Gay Dreier Denied House Leadership Post
*Wyoming Reg: Deny AIDS Meds
*Priest Scolded for Supportive Comments
*Gannon at Pro-War Rally
*Episcopal Church May Split
*Heterosexuality Officer at Aussie University
*Adam Ebbin home in Old Dominion
*Delta Giving for Gays May Go Down

Dreier With Much Static Cling

Poor David Dreier. First he was set to be come the first homophobic gay majority leader of the US House, and now he is simply destined to a life of playing butt boy to Schwarzenegger. I guess all that "I hate the gays" talk did not really pay off after all. Sad.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Arizona Loves Us, They Really Love Us

Did I read this correctly this morning? I posted it on Anyway, it turns out that Arizona citizens may actually like us. The majority are against a constitutional amendment in the State that would deny us marriage rights. Not that I am going to pack my bags and move somewhere that people water the desert hoping for grass to grow.

First Gay Majority Leader!

Could David Dreier (R-California) become the first gay majority leader of the US House? Chances are, yes! Denny Hastert will recommend that Dreier be promoted to this position at a meeting of Republicans as early as Wednesday night. The change comes as a result of Tom Delay's indictment by a Texas grand jury which forces him to resign from the post of House majority leader. It has long been speculated that Dreier is a size queen.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Romney, What Are You Doing Here?

One has to wonder how Mitt Romney ever became Governor of Massachusetts. He is a hateful man governing an open-minded state. However, this conflict is certainly clear and evident whenever Mitt leaves Mass. He absolutely hates the place. He constantly makes fun of his electorate everywhere he goes. And why? Why, so he can be POTUS. Just imagine his diplomacy around the world as President: "Yeah. I hate Americans too!" At least he would be in the majority then.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Christian Love Examined

A Christian school in Ontario, California has decided that children are now held accountable for the actions of their parents. Imagine all that responsibility for something you have no control over. This policy came to light after a student was expelled from the school because she had two lesbian parents. Oh my! As a condition for enrollment, the school does not allow at least one parent to engage in homosexual activity. So let me get this right, the policy is love the sinner, hate the sin? Errrr...Wait! Love the sin, hate the sinner's parents? Love the child of the sinner, hate the sinners, and blame the child for the sin? Oh, I give up. All these biblical rules are too hard to keep track of!

Blade, We Hardly Knew You

Not sure if anyone still reads the Washington Blade. With most of the news on the web, you can pretty much capture all the gay news you could want throughout the week. But if you do, you may have noticed that a low-life named Jeff Gannon is writing op-eds for them. The addition to the paper pissed off a lot of gay activists, and rightfully so. In any case, the Blade feels it needs to sweep its readers under the rug and abandon its community by defending Gannon. If you don't know much about Jeff Gannon, here's something I wrote about the man. Hey Blade, can't wait for Jim West's column! Do you think if Pat Robertson went gay you could get him?

Off to NYC for the weekend! Have fun kids...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We Won War on Terror

Yes! It's true. The War on Terror is no longer that high of a priority for the FBI or Attorney General Gonzalez. If it was, why would they be diverting agents from that war to the WAR ON PORN? Perhaps they just gave up on terror after seeing the government's ability to respond to Katrina. Or perhaps the Bush Administration is just desperate to keep their freakish base of Christian conservatives happy in an effort to counter the low approval numbers it is facing. Of course, this squad will NOT focus on kiddie porn. Instead, it will be policing the homes of private consenting adults. So beware when you click and touch your dick!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Catfight Expected in California

A bunch of queens vs. Arnold. Who do you think will win? That seems like a tough call, but I think a bunch of whinny queens can probably get the Governator to run away crying like a little girlie man. And that may be exactly what happens on Wednesday.

One Wednesday, gay activists are expected to meet with the Governator of California. The Governator says he does not want to talk about marriage. The activists of course want to talk about the upcoming veto. Lucky for the activists, recent pictures show the Governator looking a little flabby.

Ding, ding.

Spectator Speculations

The conservative American Spectator is saying that the next Supreme Court nominee could be Edith Jones or Pricilla Owen. That is really scary! Though, one wonders if Bush could really pull off this feat with tanking poll numbers and Katrina. Oh, and his agenda is dead. Munchkins everywhere celebrate.

Is That an Agenda in Your Cup?

The great gay coffee conspiracy has finally been solved. Baptist Baylor University has demanded that Starbucks stop using it's number 43 cup on its campus. The cup carries this quote from from novelist Armistead Maupin:
My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don't make that mistake yourself. Life's too damn short.

It is OK Maupin. I also fear Baylor students. Too bad they can't read about their results while drinking Starbucks!

Friday, September 16, 2005

This Post May Change the Google Ad Content

Oral sex parties. Girls getting oral sex. Boys giving oral sex to boys. No, this is not a description of West Hollywood. This is the reality for our youth, according to a recent study by The National Center for Health Statistics. And many adults are surprised! Shocked! Oh, the horror! Here are some good stats on teens 15-19 who have done it:

-More than half of all teenagers aged 15 to 19 have engaged in oral sex
-14 percent of the women aged 18 to 29 reported at least one homosexual experience, more than twice the proportion for young men (DISTURBING!)
-3 percent of men and 4 percent of women reported having a sexual experience with a member of the same sex within the past year, and over their lifetimes, 6 percent of men and 11 percent of women had such experiences (7%! One in ten...We're only 3% off!)
-6 percent of all men ages 15 to 44 reported having oral sex with another man at some time in their lives, and nearly 4 percent reported having anal sex with another man (That 6% is interesting when compared to this stat: Among men 18 to 44, 90 percent said they thought of themselves as heterosexual, 2 percent as homosexual, 2 percent as bisexual and 4 percent as "something else." It is amazing what alcohol will allow you to do, isn't it boys?)

And here are some fun quotes about the lack of a gender gap when it came to oral sex:
"One thing that surprised me is that we expected, based on anecdotal evidence, that girls might be more likely to give oral sex and boys more likely to receive it, but we didn't find that at all," said Dr. Jennifer Manlove, of Child Trends, which, like Ms. Brown's group, released an analysis of the data, "There's more gender equality than we expected."

See how the feminists are destroying society!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Arnie Wants Meeting With Girlie Men

The Governator is demanding a meeting with gay activists in California who are pissed over his recent decision to veto the same-sex marriage bill that recently passed California's Legislature. Though, it is not clear if Governator is actually going to be there himself. Why not go Arnie? Sounds like it could be a fruitful meeting...har, har, har.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Marriage Lives to See Another Day

If only Massachusetts could eat the rest of the country! In Boston today, a joint meeting of the legislature voted 157-39 against an amendment to the State Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage. Poor Romney must be pissing himself. (Kiss 2008 goodbye dear!) Good job Mass gays!

Shaq Is My Hero

Shaq. Mr. O'Neal. Whatever you want to call him, the man is a gay hero! In fact, I am sure some organization out there is ready with an award for him. A policeman in training in Miami (no joke), Shaq helped apprehend gay haters after one of them threw a bottle at a gay couple. Thanks for keeping the streets of Miami safe for the gays Shaq. You can be my bodyguard anytime.

HRC Never Breaks Expectations

HRC, our beloved national civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the few rights we have, has launched a new campaign. HRC's Talk About It campaign is focused on "speaking to people about their lives and GLBT issues." The campaign is multi-media and uses downloadable MP3's. Essentially, it is a low-grade podcast. Never wanting to break expectations though, HRC has chosen to forego using political and civil rights leaders to "talk about it". Rather, they have chosen to enlighten us with the voice of Geo Herrara. Who is Geo? Why, he is the guy who was voted off of the first episode of MTV's The 70's House. Oh, and he is gay. Enlighten us Geo, enlighten us! I have not listened, but I am sure he has much more to say than those boring gay people who have actually done something to make a difference. Though, this is the same HRC that has enough influence to get Kimberly Locke (former American Idol Recording Artist) to perform at its national dinner. Expectations, expectations...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cooper Blooper

He squirms a lot. He cries a lot. He's got a lot of baggage. Sounds like your average gay man. Well, that is until you find out who it is: Anderson Cooper. A recent article in NY Magazine covers Cooper's life, his obsession with Katrina, and his gay tendencies. Here's an excerpt of the story about our favorite Vanderbilt:
When I bring up the sexuality issue with Cooper, he says, “You know, I understand why people might be interested. But I just don’t talk about my personal life. It’s a decision I made a long time ago, before I ever even knew anyone would be interested in my personal life. The whole thing about being a reporter is that you’re supposed to be an observer and to be able to adapt with any group you’re in, and I don’t want to do anything that threatens that.”

Elijah (give me) Wood

We are just all about the entertainment news today, aren't we? But when it comes to Elijah Wood, the cute little Hobbit that he is, how can you resist not commenting on a story that deals with his total gayness. Apparently, Elijah is very amused by all the websites that link him to his gayness. Since he is not a homophobe (take note: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson), this leads us to believe that he is not gay. In fact, he is so masculine he too can fantasize about being gay! You go Elijah! Though, he would make a nice addition to my pocket gay collection.

BareBrokeback Mountain

I laughed. I cried. I cried. And cried and cried and cried. Well, it was emotional at the very least. If you have not gotten the chance yet, you need to check out the trailer for the new gay cowboy movie that is breaking all the stereotypes. Though, with the gay rodeo just in DC, I don't know how a movie about gay cowboys can really begin to break stereotypes. In any case, you gotta check out the exclusive trailer for Brokeback Mountain at Yahoo!.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm Sorry, Your Blood Tested Positive for Gay

It was absurd after 9/11. It is absurd after Katrina. The fact that our government will not allow sexually active gay men to donate blood for victims that badly need it, represents a homophobic ideology that continues to grip this nation. I mean, you would expect these types of arcane regulations to come from governments that remove Arab translators from their military because they are gay while they are fighting a war with Arab terroists. This is not what you expect from the United States Government-- Oh! Wait. Nevermind. It all makes sense now.

Gay Kat Quotes

LGBT folks are doing their best to help out the people displaced by Katrina. In fact, one of the best quotes of this whole episode came from an LGBT Houstonian helping out with survivors camped out in the Astrodome. Here is what she had to say about her interaction with some of the transgender females she has encountered:
I don’t care if they’ve got breasts from here to Albuquerque , they have to use the men’s restroom. I just told them, ‘Girls, that’s just how it’s organized, but it won’t always be that way.

Oh, we just love that big Texas hospitality.

The Real CA Story

Schwarzenegger does not hate gay people. He does not even care whether the majority of Californians voted for Proposition 22. No, the Governator loves the gays. The problem is, he loves his special election even more.

Some politicians believe that the real reason Governator has said he will veto the new gay marriage bill in California is for the simple reason of political expediency. He is afraid to lose his special election set for later this year, and signing the marriage bill would most certainly guarantee the loss of his right-wing base. So, it really comes down to politics over morality. Which, is only slightly better than homophobia. Right?

What I'm Up To

Because keeping up with PoliBois is not enough work, I started a whole new project! Check it out:

Welcome to Pink Progress.

Pink Progress represents a new adventure. It is a fresh voice. It is the future of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement for equal rights. Pink is young, hip and fun. Progress is never reliving history, but understanding it for the purpose of moving forward.

For more than a year, I have made it a point to meet with many young LGBT people who are part of my generation. I have also spent a great deal of time searching for, reading and analyzing articles written about us and by us. I was stunned to hear and read so many similar stories from such a diverse group of young people all across the country.

When I searched for a common thread that ties all of us young LGBT people together, I realized that most of us share a desire to live in a country where we are free to live as we are. Some of us, like students I read about in Boston, are taking direct action in their communities to eliminate discrimination against gay people. Others are quietly telling their stories to friends and family and are succeeding in eliminating the barriers that keep us from living as we truly are by confronting discrimination with a personal story. Still other young LGBT people are confronting discrimination by simply living their lives as they truly are.

I am proud of my generation and the stories I have heard and read about young LGBT people. I soon realized though, not everyone knows the stories that illustrate what my generation stands for. If I had to search for our stories, I know that we need to do a better job at making our voices louder. When I speak to older LGBT people about my generation, many do not understand it or cannot describe it. I realized that my generation needs a place to be loud, a place to share our voices and a place to tell the world our hopes, dreams, ideas and desires. Our stories are just too good and need to be told. Our stories are powerful and need to play a role in shaping the LGBT community and movement.

I am offering Pink Progress as the place where my generation will share our stories. It will be a place where we will share our thoughts. It will also be a place where we will continue to persist and insist that our community make progress towards understanding us and incorporating us in the greater movement for LGBT equal rights.

I invite you to join me in supporting and developing Pink Progress. I also invite anyone in my generation with a story to tell to share it with me and the rest of the world. It is time that the rest of the world gets the opportunity to be as proud of my generation as I am.

Graham N. Murphy,

Writers: If you are interested in contributing to Pink Progress and have story to tell, please fill-out this online form.

Pink Progress is currently seeking one-time and regular contributors.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Schwarzenegger Veto: PoliBois Debate

Word on the street is the Governator may veto the gay marriage bill in California. This led to intense instant message debate between the PoliBois:

Rusty: if he vetos it, he is done for
Graham: i don't think so
Rusty: i do
Graham: his approval will go do down
Graham: if he signs it
Rusty: his approval is already really low
Graham: most CA are not for it
Rusty: it is evenly split
Graham: yeah, and gays are not really his base
Rusty: 46-46
Graham: so, he would be making his base angry
Rusty: but he needs to reach out beyond his base
Rusty: because right now..everyone hates him
Graham: where is the benefit to him signing it
Graham: he will alienate his core supporters
Rusty: where is the benefit to him vetoing it?
Rusty: at least he would have a legacy
Graham: for political purposes he will veto it
Rusty: a positive legacy
Graham: positive to whom?
Rusty: his political career is already over
Rusty: this is just the first of many which we will see over the next 20 years
Rusty: if he was smart
Rusty: he would sign it
Graham: i think he is more worried about another term than a legacy
Rusty: then that is his mistake

Will To Marry Grace

Remember the show Will and Grace? We have a fuzzy memory of it too. Apparently it is still on the air though, and they plan to finally stop resuscitating it after this upcoming television season. It really has been like the Terri Schiavo of television series. In any case, once it is over Eric McCormack (the guy who plays Will) plans to play it straight. Which will probably be easier for him than the next Nathan Lane, Sean Hayes.

Apparently Eric is sick of playing gay and does not want to be typecast. Any plans to marry Grace?

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: CA becomes even gayer!

Just a few hours ago, the California State Assembly passed a bill which would legalize gay marriage across the state. This comes just a week after the same bill passed the CA State Senate. The bill will now go to Gov. Schwarzenegger for him to either sign into law or veto.

This is a HUGE moment in the fight for gay marriage, as this is the first time legislation has made it onto any governor's desk. This moment will truly define the political career of the governor. If he signs it, he will be seen as a hero to many in the gay community, and if he vetos it, his political career will be over (in my opinion).

Now...we wait.

Three Types of Gays

Forget femme, queen, butch, daddy, etc. When it comes to gays and lesbians, there are only three kinds. And according to researcher Wayne Brekhus it all comes down to their living habits. Take note of the three types of gays so you are prepared next time you go gay-watching at the local cruising point or park:
Those that live, work and socialize in almost exclusively gay circles; those that live and work in conventional suburban settings but travel to urban centers for gay relationships; and integrators, which live and work in the suburbs and have low-key gay social and sexual activities.

Which just goes to prove the point, when you live among heteros you grow increasingly boring. This is probably why we lose so many lesbians to the dark side (suburbs) never to be seen again.

In any case, realtors in Wisconsin have discovered gay people live in houses!

Gay Marriage Bad, Domestic Violence Good

Well, just look at yourself Ohio. You have certainly made a mess! There's always next legislative session, huh?

It turns out that when Ohio passed an amendment to their constitution banning same-sex marriage they also put in a loophole that gave unmarried couples (yes, even the breeders) exemption from laws that protect people from domestic violence. Judging by the type of people who passed the amendment, one has to wonder if this loophole was really an oversight. Doesn't wife beater and anti-gay really just go hand-in-hand?

Priorities Straight

Wow. Hurricane Katrina wiped out an entire American city and more. Thousands are dead as a result. Yet, that will not stop the gay press from focusing on the true tragedy in all of this: Our community has had to suffer the loss of one of our gay soirees. Yes, Southern Decadence in New Orleans was cancelled. It was supposed to take place Labor Day weekend. I am so happy in all of this tragedy one of the major national gay news organizations never lost perspective and ran this all important Katrina related above the fold headline: Katrina casualties include gay Southern Decadence.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Rehnquist Dies...

What is a PoliBoi doing awake (and not drunk) at this hour? While i was trying to watch an awful re-run of MAD-TV, i was rudely interrupted to the breaking news that Chief Justice Rehnquist had died.

Any hope i may have had in the future of this country is now gone. First we see how the government can't respond to a national crisis, and now this administration is going to have a legacy longer than we could have imagined.

Who's up for moving to Canada?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Thoughts

So, it has been about a week since either PoliBoi has updated the blog. With that record one would think that we are also in charge of Mayor Anthony William's blog. We have some compassion for the Mayor, though. Updating a blog takes time and consideration. We generally have neither, but try our best. Our excuse is that we took a brief unexpected vacation. And I was working full-time on getting a new job, which I did!

Now I am going to spend some blog space providing my thoughts on Hurricane Katrina:

I have been absolutely stunned by the scenes in New Orleans and the other areas struck by Katrina. I am more shocked by this tragedy than I was by September 11th and the recent Tsunami in Asia. Recovery and rebuilding efforts during those two tragedies seemed to happen a lot quicker.

Most of the people affected by Katrina are poor and black. They had little before the storm and now they have absolutely nothing. Living in poverty before Katrina, these people already had a sense of what it is like to be abandoned by government and society. Sadly, now they also know that they can expect the same abandonment when they face ultimate tragedy.

Supplies have been slow getting to these people. Five days after the storm, many still have not received clean fresh water or food. People are dying in the streets from preventable causes like dehydration. These people, expecting basic needs from their government after a storm, have a right to be frustrated and we should expect them to be at their wits end. It seems appropriate that lawlessness would reign in New Orleans during this time. These people are truly fighting for basic survival.

Looking at the pictures of New Orleans, I feel like I am looking at pictures out of a developing country. The scenes I am seeing coming from home I would expect to see coming from those regions of the world. I just saw America citizens picking through trash to survive. Perhaps I am wrong to assume that the lone superpower in the world would have the capability to save its own people five days after a major disaster. Actually, I expected everyone to be saved after one day.

This situation was not unpredicted either. For years, a major hurricane hitting New Orleans was considered one of the greatest threats facing America. For years, the Army Corps of engineers have requested money from the federal government to improve the levees and drainage system in New Orleans. For years, the calls to prepare New Orleans for a disaster like Katrina have gone unheeded. Now the levees are breaking and New Orleans is New Atlantis. Sodom and Gomorrah. Pompeii. And this is happening in America.

If you are looking to blame someone for the scope of this disaster, you can certainly focus your sights on the federal government. Their response to this disaster now and when it was just a potential one is disturbing to consider. Even when the storm was imminent, it is clear steps were not taken to deal with the aftermath. And we have known for years what the aftermath would look like.

Right now, politicians who deserve the blame are running away from it. In this tragedy, leadership has been scarce. Reporters that question politicians deserving of blame get the same response. These politicians do not want to play politics in a time of tragedy. What these politicians need to realize though, is that they already have played politics and now they must pay the price.

Regardless of who is to blame, I can only hope that things will get better for those who have been hurt by Katrina. I think our society is finally waking up to the reality of America, which may be the silver lining in all of this. Now more must be done to wake up our government and ensure that people get the help they need now. We do not have time to wait for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does Pat Speak English

Ok! So, maybe international politics is not really my thing. But when homophobe Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson makes an ass of himself, I am going to notice.

Pat suggested on his program the "700 Club" the other day that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be assassinated by American special forces and that he poses a great threat to America. Now Pat says that his comments were misinterpreted by the AP:
I didn't say 'assassination.' I said our special forces should 'take him out.' And 'take him out' can be a number of things, including kidnapping; there are a number of ways to take out a dictator from power besides killing him. I was misinterpreted by the AP [Associated Press], but that happens all the time.

And the quote from Pat's television show that the AP so outrageously misrepresented:
If [Chavez] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it.

It's all there on tape Pat. I'll let it speak for itself.

Million More March (Minus 10%)

Black gay leaders have given up hope that their issues will be included in this fall's Million More March, the tenth anniversary celebration of the Million Man March. Instead, the gay leaders are planning an alternative rally in Washington, DC at the same time as the Million event. Million More March organizers should not be surprised. Though they offered empty promises of inclusion to the LGBT community, leaders of the Million More March have recently been making derogatory and homophobic remarks.

One has to wonder if the LGBT community simply misunderstood the invitation from Million More March organizers. Maybe the Million More organizers actually invited the gays to be marched on. See, then it would all make sense.

Monday, August 22, 2005

What About the Children Mr. Weld

William F. Weld, former Massachusetts Governor and current candidate for New York State Governor, decided not to walk next door to his neighbors for a fundraiser he promised to be at over a year ago. Many believe that Weld did not make the trek because the fundraiser was held in support of gay and lesbian youth living on Long Island. Weld was considered an advocate for gays and lesbians.

Need it be mentioned that Weld is a Republican, or is that just a given?

Batman and Robin Are No Burt and Ernie

Regardless of the fact that he started sewing nipples onto his costume, DC Comics wants the world to know that Batman is not gay. Oh, and Robin is not his gay lover. Batman just likes the company of boys and the wine he serves Robin is "Jesus Juice." Fair enough, right?

Well, not for artist Mark Chamberlain. He is convinced that Batman and Robin are engaged in inter-species mating. That is why DC Comics is suing online and physical galleries displaying his collection of erotic Batman art. DC Comics has also asked Batman to consider Batgirl as a full-time sidekick.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kanye West Supports Hip-Hopposite Community

Kanye West wants all the gay bashing in the hip-hop community to stop. Just stop! After being accused of wanting to sprinkle glitter all around the world as a child, Kanye claims he spent many years as a homophobe trying to escape a gay image. But after learning that his cousin is gay, Kanye decided to take on the hip-hop community and make them stop all the hate towards gays.

Kanye will be on MTV at 10:30 PM tonight to discuss the issue.

So says Kanye:
"Speaking your mind and about breaking down barriers, but everyone in hip-hop discriminates against gay people." He adds that in slang, gay is "the opposite, the exact opposite word of hip-hop."

Funny, because in gay slang straight is the exact opposite of hip.

Judes Niblits

No longer do you have to keep pausing that bath scene from Talented Mr. Ripley. Oh please, you know who you are!

Anyway, it turns out that a nude photo of Jude Law is circulating the internet. It was taken by a very talented and now very rich stalkarazzi. If I was not at work I would post the pic up here (after work I will), but for now you can check it out at Fleshbot.

Feel free to comment on the size. In your head. Or publicly.

Anti-Gayers Angered Over Exposure

Anti-gay activists are now questioning whether Fred Phelps, violent homophobic activist and creator of, is actually anti-gay. Looking for a way to avoid connections to Phelps, anti-gayers are now claiming a gay conspiracy that points to Phelps as a gay plant just out there to make homophobes look bad.

Thank God they haven't checked HRC's payroll. Can you imagine what would happen if they found out that we have been paying Falwell, Buchanan, Perkins and Robertson to undermine our agenda all this time. Oh, so that is where all of the movements money is going!

Mystery solved.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RCN Joins Ex-Gay Movement

Ok, RCN is really not into the whole "reparative therapy" thing. But we want to let you all know out there that the polibois opened up their cable bill to some disturbing news: We ordered a Playboy movie! Say it isn't so! Well, it's not. At least as far as we are concerned. Though, we have to wonder if this really was a "billing mistake."


Zach Signs Off and Ex-Gays Get More Press

Zach, the teen from Tennessee who got international attention after being sent to an ex-gay anti-gay camp for youth earlier this summer, once again posted about his experience. His post is not a new one, but an addendum to his previous post-camp post. While I know he does not want us to, after reading the post I felt sad for Zach. Growing up gay is hard enough, but so much is changing in his life so quickly that he feels out-of-touch with his own reality. Zach expresses a raw anger in his post. And while Zach does not want to necessarily blame the camp for his anger, his self-doubt seems to have arisen after he attended the camp. Zach seems like a really kind boy who does not want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am sorry that others seem to have taken advantage of Zach's kindness, including his parents. Zach will not be posting again in the near future, as he refuses to give into his parents demands to censor his future blog entries.

In other anti-gay news, the Washington Post has published an article on the anti-gay movement and "reparative therapy." The article focuses on the failures and "successes" of the "therapy." At the end of the article, the Post gets some quotes from Columbia University professor Robert Spitzer, the author of a study on anti-gay "therapy" that many in the anti-gay movement site as proof that gay individuals can change and become straight:
Spitzer said his results have been misrepresented. "It bothers me to be their knight in shining armor because on every social issue I totally disagree with the Christian right," he said.

"What they don't mention is that change is pretty rare," he added, noting that the subjects of his study were not representative of the general population because they were considerably more religious.

And Spitzer calls "totally absurd" the twin hypotheses that everyone is born straight and that homosexuality is a choice.

Bring on the truth, indeed.

So You Like to Get Rammed?

A new study out of Oregon State University has found that rams that love to get rammed have a different brain structure than those damn breeder rams. The study was conducted to ensure that those who purchase rams for breeding get a hetero one. Apparently ram breeders are not fans of ram-on-ram action. That's just too much ramming going on.

On another note, the gay rams apparently have the same reaction that gay humans have when they see a female's particulars: "Ewe!"

(Yes. Sorry. I had to go there.)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Justice Sunday II was Gay Sunday

With ethically challenged Tom DeLay sporting his best Madonna look, Justice Sunday II took place this past weekend and worked to achieve its goal of diverting ignorant Conservatives away from the important issues like, say, the War in Iraq. You would think that thousands of our brothers and sisters dying in a senseless war justified by lies would be the most important issue on the minds of loving Christians. Alas, the born-again crowd seems to be more interested in the ass-fucking habits of their neighbors.

And when you want a credible authority on how awful and gay-loving the Supreme Court is, you always want to make sure you have a rejected and bitter Supreme Court nominee making your case:
Rejected Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork warned that the high court has defined homosexuality as "a constitutional right . . . and once homosexuality is defined as a constitutional right, there is nothing the states can do about it, nothing the people can do about it."

All I thought I needed was a dick to have a right to homosexual sodomy.

Hello! What country is this again???!!! Anyone there???!!!

Canada: Help!

Mexico Not So Gay Friendly

This past weekend we watched the Adam Sandler "hit" Spanglish and learned many fun things about Mexican culture. In fact, we even considered moving there. That is until we read reports about a gay Mexican man with AIDS seeking asylum in the United States. Apparently Mexico is not where you want to get your meat wrapped like a tight burrito after all. After eight years, a US judge has finally given the man asylum. Though, after Justice Sunday II he may consider going to Canada and starting the asylum thing all over again.

Just What We Hear

We were out and about and taking a break from the blog and getting pretty trashed trashy around town this past week.

Well anyway, we heard a bit of information about one "cutting-edge" gay newspaper/magazine company this weekend that is headquartered in Washington, DC. Apparently, this little company that could has run up quite a debt (approx. $4,000) in unpaid utility bills. A suit may be filed against them on the 17th of this month if they don't pay up, but we've been assured they are ready to play "hardball."

Now, normally we do not like to spread such rumors. However, this paper has made it part of its reputation to spread rumors about organizations in the community. We kind of just see this as returning a favor.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cingular Triplets

When it comes to ads, nothing is more homoerotic or fun or memorable than the Cingular Triplet ads. They usually give me three wet dreams a night!

Well, now you can look at them all day long. They are on Friendster! Who knows if their profile is real. I don't care. The profile lists their real names too. But again, I don't care. In my dreams they go by no names. We just chat for hours and never worry about using up our minutes.

*Tip sent by poliboi and occasional blogger, Rusty.

Beware of Military Personal Ads

All gay servicemembers serving in the Armed Forces beware, a personal ad on, planetout, or connexion can lead to you being discharged under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" anti-gay military policy. 25% of the outing incidents leading to a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" discharge this year involved personal ads, according to SLDN. And the military does not really care what service you provide to your country:
The individuals affected -- nine men and one woman -- include a Farsi linguist, a doctor, an intelligence analyst and a communications operator. At least three served in the Iraq war.

So, tell all your deployed buddies in the military academies and on the yahoo! messenger webcam/chatrooms to lay off for a few weeks. Or at least just keep the focus of their webcam and photos on their cock and not on their face. That's all you want to see anyway. Well, and maybe a little uniform action.

No, The Other Nick Cannon

Is Nick Cannon gay or straight? Well, it depends on which one you are talking about. While both seem to enjoy getting lubed up (see picture on right), one Nick Cannon is an actor/rapper (see movie: Drumline), while the other is a porn star (see how "Gay cowboy Nick Cannon strips off his denim and jerks off his fat cock")

But then again, Nick does seem to like getting lubed up. OMG! Which one does? I am so confused.

A New Low for Phelps

Fred Phelps' rabidly anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, founder of, has a new disgusting pastime. Expanding on their past work of protesting at funerals of gay and lesbian Americans, the media whores at Westboro are now banking on garnering more publicity by protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers. When soldiers take an oath to protect the rights the founders of this country gave to us, I do not think the rights of Westboro are what they had in mind.

The Phelps clan never stops surprising us with how low they will actually go to make their insane points. At least one day we know they will go so low they will eventually reach Hell.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Those Crafty Floridians

Being ever so creative and crafty, the gays in Florida have devised a "buycott" to protest Tampa's ban on gay pride celebrations. (No, buycott is not a typo.) Bored of the traditional boycott that has become so five minutes ago, Equality Florida has devised a buycott to show their appreciation for businesses that promote diversity and anti-discrimination polices for gays and lesbians. They will ask consumers to patronize the businesses that are picked for the buycott.

Does anyone else have a headache from trying to say buycott in their head while reading this? Go ahead, try to say it five times fast! Leave it to the gays to complicate things.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lamar Controversy on Fox

Fox News Program "Your World with Neil Cavuto" will feature a discussion on the Georgia Equality billboard controversy today at 4 PM. It will be rebroadcast later tonight at 1 AM. It is not clear whether the hypocrites and "ex-gay" anti-gay advocates at Lamar will show up.

Roberts is a Member of Log Cabins Too

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts once helped the little people--the little gay people that is. During his time as an attorney, Roberts spent some time working on pro bono cases. So, what case did he leave off his Senate questionnaire that included a question about specific pro bono work he had done? Why, a big gay case that went to the Supreme Court! It turns out Roberts was a pro bono consultant for the 1996 Romer vs. Evans ruling protecting people from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

With all of this information coming to light, one has to wonder if Roberts even knows himself? First he forgot he was a leader of the Federalist Society, and now it turns out he whores himself out for free to the gays.

Sounds like we've got ourselves another Log Cabin Republican on our hands. Did Karl have something to do with this?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Push for Investigation of Republican Party

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is asking the FBI to conduct an investigation into the recent rash of anti-gay crimes across the country. NCAVP is concerned that the crimes may be coordinated by organized hate groups. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that an FBI under this administration is going to investigate members of the Republican Party or Evangelical Christians.

Damn! And we really thought we got Santorum this time...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Founder: Shut Down Ex-Gays

One of the co-founders of the ex-gay anti-gay conversion organization Love In Action has come out against "ex-gay therapy" in a very public way. In an open letter, John Evans states:
In the past 30 years since leaving the 'ex-gay' ministry I have seen nothing but shattered lives, depression and even suicide among those connected with the 'ex-gay' movement.

Let's hope more of these people speak out before more kids kill themselves over being gay.

Hendrix Gay and Masturbates (a lot)

Jimi Hendrix, legendary rocker and guitarist, was gay with an addiction to masturbation. Well, at least that is what his Vietnam records show. A new book claims that Hendrix used the gay and masturbation claim to get out of serving in Vietnam.

Good thing he got out before he got tennis elbow and was not able to strum that guitar!

Lamar: Gay is Offensive, Ex-Gay is OK

The Lamar billboard management company is standing behind its management's decision in Georgia to refuse to place a gay affirmative billboard developed by Georgia Equality. The company denied the ad because it did not meet "community standards". According to a Georgia Equality representative, the Lamar management representative the organization spoke with had a problem even saying the words "gay" and "lesbian":
The man couldn't even say the words 'gay' and 'lesbian' which have become everyday household words.

However, while Lamar found the Georgia Equality billboard beneath community standards, it was more than willing to place an "ex-gay" anti-gay message developed by PFOX earlier this year in Montgomery County, Maryland. While Lamar likes to claim it embraces diversity, its actions demonstrate that it is more likely to embrace homophobia.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Zach Posts

Zach Stark, made famous by press coverage of his time in an ex-gay camp, has posted again on his blog. He probably does not answer all of your questions in this post though, except that he does not want to be made into an icon or hero for anyone:
I'm very frustrated with the things going on in my life now, but everyone has their issues. Homosexuality is still a factor in my life--- it's not who I am, it never has been. Those of you who really know me, know that homosexuality was always there but it didn't run my life, and it will not now.

He feels a lot of his blog entries and the camp he attended were misrepresented in the press. How they were misrepresented is a bit unclear, but he plans to post more in the future.

Disturbing Thoughts

Picture it. Willie Nelson is a top. Burt Reynolds is a bottom. They are happily married. Disturbing, huh? Not according to Reynolds who wishes it could happen after working with Nelson in the upcoming Dukes of Hazard remake. Says Reynolds:
When I worked with Willie Nelson - who is just about the nicest man I've ever worked with in my life - I thought, 'If I'd have been gay, it would've saved me millions, just because we'd still be happily married.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Office is moving today! Posts to resume tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cool Moms Give BJ's, Not Cookies

Silivia Johnson, 40, just wanted to be a "cool mom" when she held sex parties at her house and screwed around with her kid's friends. Finally, after years of social exclusion, she feels the parties made her part of the in-crowd. Um, don't expect any invites to the neighborhood potluck in the near future Mrs. Johnson.

Oh it's not like you won't be invited because parents think what you did was wrong, Mrs. Johnson. Instead, they will be jealous. Every time their little Johnny does something wrong and he is due for a spanking, they'll have to hear: "But Mrs. Johnson's spanks are so much hotter! Why can't you be cool like her?"

The bitch.

Scat Joke Equals Funny?

The so-called "filthiest joke ever", The Aristocrat, will soon be told by 100 comedians in a theatre near you. (Well, as long as there are more than just AMC Theatres around you. They won't show the movie.)

If you have not seen the joke already, check out the South Park Version.

Because scat and incest is hilarious!