Monday, August 28, 2006

Love that Laffey Taffy

Republican Rhode Island Senate candidate Stephen Laffey, who is running to the right against moderate incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee in the GOP primary, has come under fire for anti-gay writings he now calls "sophomoric political satire". I think the irony is that at the time he actually thought what he was writing was "funny". Here's a sampling:
This is not to say there aren't any; I simply haven't seen one in my lifetime. Maybe they are all in the closet. All the homosexuals I've seen are sickly and decrepit, their eyes devoid of life.


Um, not really. No, that is not satire. That is bigotry, Mr. Laffey. But thanks for playing the game.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who Cares: Most Anticlimactic News of the Year

"OMG! Lance Bass is gay?!"

duhThe above phrase is one I uttered aloud maybe, umm, five years ago. However, it took until 2006 (four years after 'N Sync broke up) for the former boy band member to finally be able to publicly acknowledge what has been assumed for years. Lance Bass is now an out gay man, thanks to an interview in People magazine.

Says Bass:
"The main reason I wanted to speak my mind was that (the rumors) really were starting to affect my daily life. Now it feels like it's on my terms. I'm at peace with my family, my friends, myself and God so there's really nothing else that I worry about."

Thanks for finally coming clean Lance. I cannot help but think how much your courage would have actually meant to young gay fans struggling with their sexual orientation when you were actually popular years ago. But, we must keep up appearances (and collect our paychecks), right?

Read it

Friday, July 21, 2006

Gay Community Response: I Never Met These Two, I Don't Know Who They Are...

It is time to start disowning some of our own.

News broke today that Julie and Hillary Goodridge have split up. Oh, maybe you have heard of them, my gay comrades. That is right, they are the lesbians whose names were on the landmark Massachusetts case that brought us same-sex marriage in that state. Well, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us Julie and Hillary!

Listen, if you are going to put your name on a landmark civil rights case you better stick to the decision. You have an obligation to your community to keep up the good PR, even if you are absolutely miserable doing it. You cannot fight for landmark marriage laws and then use them just to get a divorce. It is just not polite to your minority community! I'm sorry, I don't remember Rosa Parks painting herself white after Jim Crow was killed by the Supreme Court. Maybe you weren't informed, but Julie and Hillary, you had better get your act together and stay in your unhappy marriage. Don't you realize gay marriages are held to a higher standard than breeder marriages!

Word to the gays reading this: We never met Julie and Hillary. We have NO idea who they are.

"Julie and Hillary? Who? What? Where? Gay marriage in Massachusetts? That's silly."

Monday, July 17, 2006

Oprah: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks.

Oprah has another message of hope for the world...She and longtime friend Gayle King are not gay lovers! That's right ladies, that means she is still available:
"I understand why people think we're gay," she says. "There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it -- how can you be this close without it being sexual?"

Oprah makes her announcement to the world in an article in the August issue of O magazine.

Rumor is that in the next issue Steadman will be peddling the same fairy tale.

Friday, July 14, 2006

We Love Marie Johns

Marie Johns is a candidate for mayor in the District of Columbia and she is most deserving of your vote!

Unlike other candidates who only pay lip service to the gay community when it suits them and then bad mouths us when it also suits them, Marie always gives the same straight-talk (so to speak) responses when it comes to our rights.

Metro Weekly has a great interiew with Ms. Johns.

An American Reality

To World Pride or Not to World Pride?

According to numerous news sources, including
Hundreds of leaflets distributed to homes in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox area and other parts of the city overnight offer 20,000 Israeli new shekels or about $4,500 US to anyone who kills gays marching in next month's World Pride in Jerusalem.

Well, if that's not a welcome, I do not know what is. Actually, as a tourist I always like to know what value I hold in a country before I travel there. I'm not sure $4,500 is that substantial.

Well, with a war going on and so much hatred being expressed towards us should we be celebrating World Pride?

Fuck yeah! Of course we should.

At $4,500 a pop, we may even boost the local economy far more than expected.

Seriously though, why would we ever let bigotry stop us from celebrating and demanding the basic human rights LGBT people deserve?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Big Business Loves Cropp, and She Loves Them

Fuzzy math? No. Fuzzy politics? Yes.

Running with the press suppression story, WaPo local columnist Marc Fisher explores the real political strategy of Linda Cropp. Turns out she is not as nice or open as she chooses to be during endorsement hearings and citizen meet and greets during election years:
...Cropp has consistently demonstrated her preference for secrecy. This goes all the way back to when she ran the D.C. school board in the 1980s, when she routinely tossed reporters out of ostensibly public meetings, declaring that the board had to go into secret session to discuss "private matters." Those sometimes included personnel decisions, but, according to several board members at the time, Cropp also used those secret sessions to plan out the public discourse on other controversial topics, such as school closings.

Because there is nothing like backroom dealings and scripted public debates to get the juices of democracy flowing in the District of Columbia.

And as Fisher also points out:
It's no wonder Cropp is picking up the endorsements of big business groups in town. When those guys do business with the city, they like their dealings to remain as fuzzy as possible to the public. Linda Cropp is there to help.

On Monday, the DC Board of Trade's PAC endorsed Cropp:
DC PAC members cited Ms. CroppÂ’s effective career in public service, her approach to the issues of education, affordable housing and economic development, and her track record of being open and collaborative with members of the business, civic and nonprofit communities.

Well, I do not know what city they live in, but I certainly have not experienced affordable housing or even an adequate public education system in DC. I can barely afford rent in DC! But at least we know she is "open and collaborative" with the business community.

Cropp Meet Putin, Putin Meet Cropp

It appears that Supreme Chairman Cropp has a problem with the free press.

During a recent DC Council breakfast meeting, Cropp insisted that a reporter from the Washington Times stop recording the meeting. The exchange went like this:
When the reporter cited the council's rules allowing the breakfast to be public record, Mrs. Cropp said, "OK, meeting over."

I guess the Wizard was afraid of being revealed behind the curtain. Protecting the old Washington establishment way of doing things is certainly nothing new to Cropp, though.

What is Cropp so afraid of being revealed during the breakfast meetings? Instead of a being Putin-esque (as a friend and Fenty supporter described her actions) in suppressing the press, Cropp should have used the opportunity to address the concerns of citizens as DCist suggests:
Perhaps the Council Chairman could have taken the opportunity to reassure Washingtonians that the safety and well-being of District communities was a real and present concern for her and her fellow legislators.

It is all about protecting the rights of the establishment before protecting the lives of the people though, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Check This Girl Out

I have fallen in love with KT Tunstall and encourage everyone to buy her CD (or illegally download it for you ipod). Sadly enough, I fell in love with the song posted below via a performance by an American Idol contestant.

A Plea for Real Help

Dear Batman-

Has Police Chief Ramsey contacted you, yet?

If not, please come to the District of Columbia immediately. I am sure that Gotham City can spare you for one night.

We are in real need of a crime fighter that can truly take care of business.

And yes, I know you are not necessarily real...That is how much faith I have in our current crime fighting leaders...

Graham N. Murphy

Crime Wave is Another Reason to Vote Another Way

Is Mayor Anthony Williams back in the District of Columbia after his travels around the globe? Gee, I hope so! Since DC is again basically under attack by low-life thugs.

We're facing a 'Crime Emergency'.

Sad that it took someone getting their throat slit in the pristine snow-white utopia of Georgetown before the police took notice. I do not live in the best part of Ward 6, but I hope if one of my neighbors were killed it would elicit the same response from the police that a fellow Georgetowner did. Or even a Foggy Bottom, Cleveland Park, or Dupont Circle murder for that matter. Looks like the 'chocolate city' is still a racist one. Chocolate is the popular flavor, but vanilla still rules. Since the majority of District residents live in "up and coming" neighborhoods, news of a crime wave should be alarming to most of us.

I am pretty fearful for my own welfare at this point, but I also am determined not to let hoodlums control my life. I have a wonderful date planned for this evening, and I plan to go on it even if I will be coming home to my neighborhood at the witching hour.

Crime in the District continues to be out-of-control, and it is yet another reminder why we need to vote out the establishment this election cycle. Haven't we had enough of this gang, including establishment-endorsed mayoral candidate Linda Cropp. Innovative thinking and effective community policing is the only way we are going to get out of this mess of death and theft.

Here is a quote from DC resident Jim Chambers, who attended the vigil of popular shop owner and recent murder victim Maurice "Moe" Darnaby, that really sums up a lot of the problem with DC's policing strategy:
"I would say the Metropolitan Police Department is always one step behind what needs to be done...It's a reactive police department, not a proactive one."

Monday, July 10, 2006

Eliot Spitzer is Hot!

If you have not yet contributed to Eliot Spitzer's campaign for governor in New York State, you are not paying attention!

As a columnist points out in the NY Daily News, Spitzer could make New York the first state to enact gay marriages through a state legislature. He has said it is a priority on his legislative agenda if he becomes governor, and many expect him too (including the voters!). This is good news after gays lost their case for marriage last week in the state's Court of Appeals.

Go Spitzer, Go!

Oh, and we love this quote from an openly gay legislator in the NYS Capitol:
"Nobody wants civil unions," said openly gay state Sen. Tom Duane. "Marriage is where it's at. That's what we want."

That's right. Jim Crow is not alive and well in New York!

Remember Last Week? It Just Got Worse.

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that a citizen initiated amendment to the state's Constitution to ban same-sex marriage can be placed on the ballot if approved by the legislature. The legislature will deal with the issue in a special session later this week. Gay rights advocates had hoped that the ballot measure would be ruled unconstitutional, as it would "reverse" a previous ruling of the court. The activists were so wrong in their assessment of the law that the entire court actually told them so.

So, how about we stop taking things to court that have no legally sound chance of winning... How's that for a potential strategy?

We Love You Kyra, We Really Love You!

Kyra Sedgwick is brilliant as the lead, Brenda Leigh Johnson, in TNT's The Closer. It's probably why she was recently nominated for an Emmy for playing Brenda. The NY Times also did a great piece on her today and I encourage everyone to read it and watch the show if you get a chance.

Unfortunately, because Comcast is a horrible company and was unable to fix our cable (AGAIN!) over the weekend, the PoliBois will not get to watch Kyra tonight. This is why we are making the switch to satellite. Tell your friends!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sporadic Thoughts: The Partisan Divide

[Editor's note: Sporadic Thoughts is a weekly column on the irreverent nature of young gay life in DC posted at some point every weekend by PoliBoi Graham.]

I have a coworker who is always trying to convince me to date guys that are different than the type that I normally pursue. Whenever I come across an atypical potential date, my coworker is usually the first to know. Mostly I enjoy the friendly prodding he gives me to go to the edge and actually go on a date with the atypicals. I never actually go off the edge, though.

The typicals in my life are not the most butch dudes on the planet and they almost always have a left-leaning bent to their politics. I simply cannot date anyone who thinks Ayn Rand is God. Dating in Washington, DC is so damn political. And it also does not help that I was only one class shy of getting my minor in ethics.

I suppose it could be fun to be the James Carville and Mary Matlin of the gay political dating scene. I imagine that their sex is pretty hot. Normally when I have an argument with a lover, I like to conclude it with a steamy romp in the sack. Though, I am not sure that argumentative sex would be very fulfilling after a while. It could become a bit too routine. I think it is considered an abusive relationship when the only sex you have is make-up sex.

I came to Washington, DC because I love politics, but I did not know it would make dating so complicated. Dating is already hard enough. I like to hope, for everyone else’s sake, that the grass is indeed greener on the other side. Perhaps in cities that are not so politically charged, people with differing ideologies can actually date without trying to traverse a bitter partisan divide. In other cities I am sure it is nice not to have to play pretend congressmen on a date.

Even at the clubs in DC you cannot make out with a guy you just met on the dance floor without questions of politics arising (among other things). Just the other night I had a passionate debate with a Kerry supporter regarding why he was such a terrible candidate for president in 2004. While he disagreed with my position, that did not make the position of his hand on my ass disagreeable.

I have tried to go on dates with people that are not into politics. They were either apathetic or oblivious. The apathetic are at least aware, but dates with the oblivious often lead to prolonged periods of awkward silence. Neither type ever make it to a second date.

While I may complain about the state of affairs of political dating in DC, I am a victim of my own desires. I like people that share my philosophy and thoughts on the world, and the typicals do. I simply cannot bring myself to desire an atypical, and so I am trapped in a box with the typicals.

And that leads me to wonder if the dating scene in Washington is actually not very interesting at all. Reading online dating profiles I notice that many want to date people that share their politics. That does not seem like progress towards defeating the red state/blue state divide in our country. So I guess like the Congress, gay DC dating is forever stuck in a boring and bitter partisan divide.

Log Cabins need not apply.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Cropp's New Homeless Plan

According to numerous news reports, DC Mayoral Candidate Linda Cropp paid people per signature to circulate her nominating petition. According to the reports:
Marshall Brown, a paid political consultant to the Cropp Campaign and father of D.C. Council member Kwame Brown, says he paid homeless people $1 for every signature they gathered.

Well it is good to see that after three decades of public service, Cropp may finally have an effective plan that deals with the District's homeless population. I guess I no longer need to drop a $1 into the Starbucks cups that are shaken for money by the homeless I come across throughout DC.

In trying to deflect criticism for paying for signatures, Cropp's campaign did what they do best and attacked other candidates:
[Marshall] Brown adds the practice is perfectly legal, and says if the Adrian Fenty and Marie Johns campaigns say they don't do it, "they are lying."

Well, interesting of you to say that Marshall, because I worked with the Johns campaign as they collected signatures and I know that no one paid even a cent for them. Surprisingly, some candidates do not need to pay for support or friends.

But again, let's focus on Cropp's exploitation jobs plan for the homeless...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today Sucks for Gay Rights

Piggybacking on the NYS decision, Georgia's Supreme Court decided to uphold the state's ban on same-sex marriage after a lower-court judge had overturned it on technical grounds.

What a day for the gay rights movement!

In other news, all other states in the US have decided to send their gays to an island far, far away...

NYS Decision Involves Prejudicial Rationale

The NYS Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, has ruled that same-sex couples are not guaranteed the right to marriage under the state's constitution.

While the ruling may be legally sound in regards to the language in the state's founding document, in their decision the justices on the Court of Appeals made statements that were prejudicial and hurtful to gay and lesbian New Yorkers.

In explaining their ruling, they stated that same-sex couples can be denied the right to marriage because homosexual sex does not have a "natural tendency to lead to the birth of children." They also stated that the legislature is making a rational choice to deny same-sex couples marriage rights, because heterosexuals relationships "promote stability" for children.

How absurd! Sitting in the US Supreme Court during the oral arguments of Lawrence V. Texas, I heard the lawyer from Texas defending sodomy laws in that state using the same reasoning that the NYS Court of Appeals has found rational today. The Supreme Court found those arguments do not hold water.

Now that it is very clear that the majority of New Yorkers support equal marriage rights (based on an April poll), the legislature must act to make marriage legal for same-sex couples.

I also suggest that a strong statement be issued by New York's leaders to defuse the ignorant beliefs that the Court of Appeals is helping to foster in the state.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Praise Allah! The Lightbulb is Out of my Ass

Any story that begins with this sentence gets an automatic place on this blog:
Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass light bulb in his anus.

What a great story on so many levels. Including this quote:
"Thanks Allah, now I feel comfort. Today, I had my breakfast. I was just drinking water, nothing else," Mohammad, a gray-bearded man in his mid-40s, told Reuters...

See what sexual oppression does to people! Remember, lightbulbs don't go up people's asses, people put lightbulbs...err...well, something like that. Next time try a gerbil Fateh, old pal.

Holiday Leads to Potential Gains

We are back from a fabulous Fourth of July weekend celebrated in Washington, DC. And some great news that New York State may become a state of greater equality under the law... Stay tuned to the news to see if my gay friends back home will soon have the right to marry.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brit: You're No Demi.

Who is she kidding?!

Now everyone just take a deep breath, and remember this interview:

Biden is Hurting His Children

Probably the last thing you want a visual of in your head is your parents having sex. Gross! Senator Joe Biden made that visual a bit more easier for his kids to imagine while commenting on his presidential prospects recently, though:
"I'd rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep."

Please Joe! Don't you realize that people get pictures in their heads when you make comments like that? I am probably not going to be able to have sex for months now, unless I somehow manage to get a hookup with Limbaugh's drug supply.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The View from the Rearview Mirror

Remember the good old days...

Alien Star Train Wreck

Finally ABC has heeded my call and erased Star Jones from The View!

Thank you! After Mork and Mindy and then ALF, I always thought television had provided enough air time to the extraterrestrial life among us.

Unfortunately, it seems we will all need to bear one more hour of this horror show, as Star takes on Larry King tomorrow night. Alien on alien action, apparently...

Big Pimpin' GOP Tax Cut

Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa was expected to force a vote in the Senate Finance Committee on a Pimp Tax for sex workers and the men who sell them. No word yet on how this will affect the intern sex work trade on Capitol Hill, but this certainly is one of the first GOP proposed tax hikes that I can remember in a few years. Finally something got them excited enough to raise "the tax burden".

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PoliBois NYC Adventure!

The PoliBois arrived at Laguardia in the early evening last Friday, ready to take on NYC!

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a limo that took us to the DNC's Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council's gala at the American Airline's Theatre on Broadway. Unfortunately, we did not see Harry Connick Jr. or other cast members from the Pajama Game. Though, we did make about two famous-for-DC sightings.

Our first sighting was DNC Chair Howard Dean. After we got our nametags at the front table, we stood in line to have our picture taken with Santa HoDe. Next we were greeted during a brief welcoming reception by hot waiters and some much needed wine (that everyone needs after a photo with Howard). Two glasses of wine later, and we struck up a conversation with Paul Smith, the lawyer who made gay sodomy legal throughout the land. He was a nice guy, and didn't even seem to mind when we introduced him as the guy who made taking it up the ass legal! (And sad to say, after a few glasses of wine that is exactly how I introduced him to our friends.)

Post-reception, we made our way a few floors up to the main event and our dining table. The first thing we noticed was that our table was Cumming all over.

Like a drag queen on crack, our table included glittery stars, a Cyndi Lauper CD, a centerpiece consisting of high heel shoes and the entire Cumming product line. It was by far one of the gayest tables we had ever seen. We don't even think Rick Santorum could imagine the gay hell we had encountered.

Aside from the ultra-gay accessories, we also noticed something very curious on our table. The menu for the night was placed in a flip-flop.

Like a feminist trying to reclaim the word bitch, someone thought it was a good fundraising pitch to remind everyone of how successful we were in 2004.

Once we got over the whole table thing, the speeches began. Dean gave a standard stump. Nothing too interesting. He described his misstatement about gay marriage on the 700 Club. The gays applauded him being an absolute screw-up as a leader and moved on. When he was done speaking, the gays then peppered him with questions about the DNC's commitment to gay Ameri...Oh, I kid. There was one question about gays and religion and the rest were about gays trying to look like they have many important things on their minds aside from their basic civil rights.

Then there were more speeches, cosmos, wine and dinner... Oh, and more hot waiters!

One of the last speeches came from Barney Frank.

Whether or not you believe everything you hear about Barney (and we have heard many things-"He's an asshole"..."Saw him in the shower at Results Gym and his little guy is really..." errrr...), the man gave a really good speech. He even assured us that, unlike HoDe in his speech, it would be inappropriate for him to tell us that he's got our back. Phew!

The speeches concluded and we all kept drinking. We were told to stick around for a special meet-and-greet with Cyndi and Alan. About 2 hours later they managed to arrive (after the piano and everyone else left). We met-and-greeted, got an autograph and into a bit of a spat with Alan's entourage of one. He was a bitch.

Finally it was time for our big limo ride back to DC. We got home at 5 AM and slept a good long time...

The End.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Metro Opens Doors Floodgates

Anyone who saw the news and ventured outside in Washington, DC this morning either really needed to get to work or was really stupid. I was stupid and missed the news and tried to get to work. And I was confronted with a hellish commute.

Even though I had the Today Show on in the morning, somehow I missed that God was pissed at DC and flooded it like hell the night before. Those floods made getting to work a f'ed-up dirty mess (and I thought that phrase could only be used to describe my sex life). One commuter's post on Craigslist really summed up the whole experience quite nicely:
Flash forward to seven fuckin' fifty eight in the a-hem and I'm standing outside of the Smithsonian with about two and a half thousand angry black women who, just like me, were already an hour late to work. I didn't have to cuss, kick, yell and scream because them scary ass women did it for me. Common sense would have shuttle buses lined up around the block. Unfortunately, common sense ain't so common, especially to the numb-nutted fuckwits that are employed by the WMATA.

I had a similar experience. My Metro ride to work was cut short two stops before the one I usually get off at to get to work. While there should have been a shuttle bus above ground to take me to my usual spot, when I made it to ground level I found absolute chaos. No one was directing people and I had no idea what bus to get on. I eventually walked an half-hour to work, arriving sweaty and feeling gross.

When I got to work I checked out WaPo online to find out what the hell was going on. While I perused the site I noticed that the interim GM of WMATA was going to be doing an online Q&A later in the afternoon. When the time came around for the Q&A, I submitted my question and it actually got an answer:
Washington, D.C.: After my experience this morning on Metro, I am concerned about how my experience will be if there is an attack on the city or some larger natural disturbance.

When I got off the Metro at Smithsonian for the shuttle bus that was supposed to take me to McPherson Square, I experienced absolute chaos. There were multiple buses and no one was there directing people. People were frustrated and extremely angry. Like many, I gave up on the "shuttle bus" and ended up walking to work. Is this Metro's usual response to these situations?

Dan Tangherlini: This wasn't a usual situation! But I appreciate your criticism, I have heard a number of ideas about how we can do this better and I will work with our team to incorporate them into our next response.

So there you have it folks! Metro is prepared for everything but unusual situations.

Well, that certainly makes me feel better.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sporadic Thoughts: The Acceptable Gay Life?

[Editor's note: Sporadic Thoughts is a weekly column on the irreverent nature of gay life posted every weekend by PoliBoi Graham.]

I may be remembering a bit of historical fiction that exists only in my head, but was there not a time (long, long ago) when being a young gay person on the prowl was actually fun? Now everything has gotten a bit too serious. First dates with people my age have turned into potential trips to Planned Parenthood to discuss family planning, rather than potential trips to turn down the sheets together.

All the youthful hedonistic energy has been sapped out of the young gay dating scene. Someone that sleeps around is no longer a stud, but a slut to be avoided. People I meet for first dates are shocked when I tell them that I hate children and have no intention of having them. I am shocked that they would even bring up the little creatures on a first date. Young gay couples I know are moving in together at a record pace and some are even getting engaged!

Somehow being single has even become a disease. People want to know why you have it and why you cannot get rid of it.

I am single because I choose to be single. Being single is a choice I recently made, as I was myself once caught up in the madness that is still penetrating the minds of my fellow young gay comrades.

For quite a while I jumped from long-term relationship to long-term relationship. I did not do it because I necessarily wanted to, but because I felt I had to. It was not until I wound up with a failed relationship, a shared lease for a one-bedroom apartment and a dog that is the product of it that I realized I did not need to be in a relationship to be happy.

As a young gay person, I have found myself in quite a few bad relationships and I have stayed in them just for the sake of having a relationship. I now find a lot of my friends are doing the same. I am not sure what is leading my friends to make the choices that they make, but I can certainly speculate based on my own experience.

Family pressure is definitely a cause of the relationship-centric personality. As young gay people come out at a brisk pace, many are not avoiding the awkward conversations with their families about their sexuality. However, a tradeoff of this great step towards acceptance is that many young gays are also striving to find that perfect guy or gal to bring home to mom in order to wash away the stereotype she may or may not harbor that all gay people are promiscuous and incapable of settling down.

Another cause is certainly gay culture. No longer is it acceptable to just be young, gay and happy. Now you have to be young, gay, happy and engaged with kids on the way from some far away land.

Shows like Queer as Folk, which was popular among young gays, certainly defined the image of the distinguished and respectable gay. Most of the characters on this now defunct Showtime series were always hopping between relationships. The relationship-centric characters were usually portrayed as the happy ones. The character the audience was supposed to feel bad for was Brian Kinney. He was the perpetually single one who had no need for relationships. I actually think Kinney was the only one of the cast of characters that actually knew what he wanted out of life.

Then there is the political side of gay culture. This side also wants to project a certain image of gay people to the outside world. When the gay community's lobbyists go to bat for certain pieces of legislation, they generally want to talk about the gay families they are seeking to protect rather than the gay singles. The everyday people they send up to Congress from the gay community to speak on its behalf generally are the ones with life-partners and kids. The image that young gay people get from the gay politicos is that gay family life at any cost is more valuable and respected than the life of a bachelor or bachelorette who is not ready to settle.

The image that I want to project is that I am happy with who I am, single or otherwise. The image I want to project is that I am not willing to settle and I am not willing to fall prey to the forces that want me to. I may toe the line between being a slut and having fun, but at least I know I am having a blast. I am free from my own social construct, and now I want to spread the word among my young gay peers.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

...And We're Back!

Oh my! Has it really been a month since we posted. We are such bad bloggers. I was only reminded that this blog exists because people kept sending messages to me on Friendster about it. And since I am a F*ster addict, I am completely loyal to the demands of my fans when they are sent to me via the ultimate online anti-social friend network. Yeah, that's right, Facebook blows. I've also watched Dateline enough to know to stay away from Myspace. Though, that Chris Hansen is dreamy with his sultry voice...

If you want someone to blame for the brief and unexpected departure, look no further than Mary Cheney. After I posted about her with a few expletives the other PoliBoi and I got into a heated argument about foul language on the blog. Well, look who fucking won! (Just kidding. Ignore the "fuck", please. Or else he will beat me.)

Anyway, the PoliBois are back online again. Work is starting to slow down a bit, so that means we can post a lot more. Funny how that equation works, huh? Listen, if you want us to do this full time email us and tell us how you are going to send some cash our way. We would need about $80K for us both to work on this just to cover living expenses and health care. Add on another 10-20K for upgrades to the site, if you so desire.

In any case, tomorrow night we fly up to NYC in style to attend the DNC's gay gala (and I have no idea if that is what they actually call it). We are the guests of a politician and we'll be treated like the queens we are. Be sure to check out our posts after the weekend to find out how things went and who we saw and went to bed with.

That is all for now. Carry on...

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'd Say A Lot for a Million

Alright, one last thought (unless something else really pisses me off) on the Mary Cheney thing: Money speaks. And when Mary saw some money, that is when she started speaking.

I know some people are so freaking happy that Mary is finally being an "activist" and "speaking out". But if you are one of those people, well, you are stupid.

Mary is on a publicity tour to sell a book she got paid a million dollars to write. That's a lot of $$! I know that there is a lot that I would do for a million dollars.

So fine, Mary is finally speaking out about her hedonistic sexual desires. Though, a whore is also a hedonist that gets paid.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Go Fuck Yourself, Mary

The Polibois have had extreme disgust for Mary Cheney ever since she first got involved in her dad's VP campaign as a person openly living the homosexual lifestyle. And really, that's all she considers her sexual life to be...A lifestyle choice.

When Mary's parents showed false emotion in response to John Kerry's discussion of her lifestyle in a 2004 Presidential debate, Polibois instantly made signs and shirts that also declared Mary's lifestyle choice. If Kerry was going to get shit for talking about it, we figured we should too. Someone had to take a stand.

Now in her book Mary has the nerve to declare this (on top of calling Kerry a 'son of a bitch' and telling John Edwards to 'go fuck yourself' for making very good points about her sexual desires in their respective debates in 2004):
"John Kerry didn't 'out me', nor did he offend or attack me by calling me a lesbian," she remarked. "It wasn't a secret that I was gay, and I certainly couldn't be offended by the truth,'' she writes. ``What was offensive was that he was obviously trying to use me and my sexual orientation for his own political gain."

Right Mary, Republicans never use gay rights as a wedge issue. The only thing that is really offensive in this story is you, Mary.

And Mary, I cannot make this more clear, you are a disgusting 'selfish hedonist'. Alan Keys is right about that. You only care about the base pleasures in life, and for that you are not a representative of any movement having to do with gay and lesbian rights.

Kerry's spokesman, David Wade, is right on when he says:
"Seems like a suspicious lecture from a political operative who flacked for the most anti-gay administration in history and allowed Karl Rove to divide America for political gain," Wade said. "SheÂ’d be more credible if she pushed dadÂ’s administration to support hate crimes legislation and equal rights for gay Americans."

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No Sympathy for Mary

Someone at the Washington Blade thinks that we should have sympathy for poor Mary Cheney. I'm sorry, but writing a book that describes why you made the bad choices you did does not let you escape the fact that you made bad choices. And Mary Cheney has certainly made horrible choices. She may like to get it on with women, but she is no member of the gay and lesbian community. She is a homosexual at best. Perhaps in it for the base pleasures and nothing more. My initial thoughts to the Blade blog post that defends her:
Now that Mary Cheney has gone to great lengths to tell us how pro-gay she really tries to be, are we suddently supposed to feel sympathy for her? Her family would not have abandoned her if she left the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. However, by working for Bush/Cheney in both campaigns she certainly abandoned her so-called principles and the LGBT community. Mary is an intelligent person and she knows the consequences of her decisions. I certainly fault her for actively campaigning against the rights of LGBT people. Maybe choosing to work for her father's campaign in 2004 was a tough choice, but she ultimately made the wrong decision. Sorry, a cheap book won't get sympathy from this mary, Mary.

Being a gay and lesbian is about more than hooking up with girls and boys, Mary. Or having a steady relationship. It is about being committed to principles and demanding through words and ACTION that the LGBT community receives equal rights under the law that all heterosexual breeders enjoy!

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Gas Crisis Is Out of Control

I was on when I realized just how bad the gas crisis has gotten:
ccc8513: im in calvert county looking to swallow
ccc8513: if u need gas ro meet will get u some

Wow. When gas is used to sweeten the deal, you know the problem is bad. I mean, they even offered to swallow!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't Book That Trip to Mexico Just Yet...

It looks like Vicente Fox has had a bit of a change of heart, he announced today he is not going to sign the law passed last week by the Mexican Congress (or whatever they call it down there) which would have legalized a wide variety of drugs.

Just last week it was all but a guarantee that Fox would sign it into law since it was his office that propsed the bill and pushed it through:
"That's probably why they (the senators) passed it the way they did, in the closing hours of the final session," Aguilar said. "He's going to sign it. ... He's not going to abandon his party two months before the (presidential) election."
But it looks like he doesn't care about the election... He cares more about making sure his country doesn't become a magnet for "drug tourism"

Hey - at least we've still got the Netherlands! and they like the gays there too!

Mexico's Fox balks at signing drug law

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, Why Do You Hate Yourself So?

Mary Cheney's book comes out May 9th and if you didn't already know: She's a big dyke! Well, I guess we all know that by now (thanks to lesbian loving John Kerry's performance in a 2004 debate with Bush).

In an upcoming Vanity Fair article reported on by Drudge, Mary explains coming out to her parents as a junior in high school:
In her new memoir, NOW IT'S MY TURN (Simon & Schuster/Threshold Editions, 2006), Mary Cheney writes that when she told her parents she was gay, the first words out of her father’s mouth “were exactly the ones that I wanted to hear: ‘You’re my daughter, and I love you, and I just want you to be happy.’”

VANITY FAIR editor Todd Purdum reports that Mary Cheney tells her story in a voice very much like her father’s, and that she came out to her parents when she was a junior in high school, on a day when, after breaking up with her first girlfriend, she skipped school, ran a red light, and crashed the family car. Cheney writes that her mother hugged her, but then burst into tears, worried that she would face a life of pain and prejudice.

When Purdum asks the vice president whether he thinks gay people are born that way, Cheney scrunches up his mouth, fixes him with a look that says “Nice try,” then says: “I’m not going to get into that. Those are deeply personal questions. You can ask.”

Yes Mary, a very loving family indeed. Your dad accepts you so much that he works for a President that is bent on outlawing your very being in the Constitution and can hardly talk about the issue himself, while your mother works with the very organizations that would cause you the life of pain and prejudice she fears you may face.

What it must be like to live in a world of such self-hatred surrounded by people that consistently contradict their so-called "love" for you.

Well, I guess when your dad's a Dick you can't expect much better, huh?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

USAToday Learns How to Copy & Paste

It is times like this I wish I worked in the media:

When the headline is the same every it even news anymore?


Random Sh*t: Walmart Style

Umm...I honestly don't even know what to say about just gotta read it for yourself:

Second person glued to toilet

A Day Without... is it just me, or did yesterday's "Day Without Immigrants" do absolutely nothing? I personally noticed absolutely no difference (except of course the local Wendy's opening a few hours late)

There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, and millions more supporters, latinos and random other people who protest for anything, yet the largest protest yesterday (in Chicago) only had 300,000 people there.

The media coverage leading up to this event for the past 3 weeks has been making it sound like it would be the apocalypse, yet nothing happened. I saw the same level of service as always, the wendy's opened (even if a little late), the people who don't speak english came to empty the trash and clean the kitchen in my office at night, and amazingly, the country did not come to a screeching halt.

So either we don't rely on the immigrant community as much as these activists would like us to think, or they just aren't organized enough to put together a real boycott/walk-out.

p.s. - I promise this is the last post that will start with "a day without..."

CNN(Sunday): 'Millions' expected to walk out
CNN(yesterday): 'Hundreds of Thousands' march for immigrant rights

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Cher: Don't Count on It!

Proving that you can't keep a good bitch drag queen down, Cher will be taking over Celine's stage in Vegas once she departs in '08. (Even though she had a retirement party that lasted an entire decade.)

While I paid to see Cher's retirement concert twice in the same location, I am happy to see her make yet another comeback! Hell, I'll still go and see her when they have to wheel her out on stage and prop her up with a delicately placed stick up her ass. Then she really would be the gayest show on earth...

Welcome back Cher! When do the tix go on sale?

A Day Without Message Control

I've been stuck at my desk all day like a little worker monkey, so I am not really sure how successful this so-called 'Day Without Immigrants' has been. I personally think it's not a very bright idea, this whole protest and all. I mean, aren't we supposed to want the illegal aliens to stay because they are such hard workers? This is largely going to piss off the Chiptole and Baja Fresh consumer who cannot get lunch today, more than it is going to improve the plight of the aliens.

General thought aliens want consumers to have today: "Where are Maria and Lupe? Why aren't they at the Chiptole? Oh, I bet if they had full legal rights as an American citizen they would be working on my burrito as we speak. I'm calling my congressman to ask that Maria and Lupe get the rights they deserve."

Actual example of a consumer's thought today: "What the fuck is going on? Why can't I get my burrito? Damn it! I gotta go back to work hungry now..."

Oh. And if you are fighting to become an American, you probably want to ask your friends and neighbors to leave signs that say you're prouder to be Mexican than American at home:

Puerto Rico: Closed for Business

That's right, today the government of Puerto Rico has shut down. (who knew they even had a government...btw) Now some may think, "wow..what a strong show of solidarity with the latino community protesting in the US today," but they would be wrong.

The Puerto Rican goverment shut down because they are out of money. Schools, public services and goverment offices are all closed because they ran out of money to fund them. 500,000 students got to start their summer break 2 weeks early, and over 100,000 government workers are now unemployed.

Way to go P.R. - you could have at least pretended this was part of the protest...although I guess everyone would have caught on when your protest went through the rest of the week/month

Puerto Rico Closed

A Day Without Wendy's

Today is the day we have all been fearing. The immigrant community has joined together in solidarity, and will not work, will not shop and most tragically, will not make me my Big Bacon Classic and Biggie Fries.

I was watching the news leading up to today, and I never thought this would effect me. I don't rely on immigrant labor on a day-to-day i?

Yet this morning I was shocked back to reality, when i came into my office, to look out the window and see the Wendy's parking lot next door - it was completely empty. I'm really not sure how I can survive... this has definitely made me aware of how much I rely on the immigrant population.

SI SE PUEDE! (or umm...something like that)

**UPDATE: the Wendy's has it appears they just opened a few hours late. Way to take a stand people! You tell 'em: NO WENDY'S BREAKFAST FOR YOU UNTIL I GET MY CITIZENSHIP BITCHES!

A Day Without Immigrants?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Rosie to Eat The View

Oh, we kid, we kid.

Rosie O'Donnel Queen of Nice Annoying Traits we Associate with Lesbians (longer name, but better) will be taking over the lead spot on ABC's The View once Meredith Vieira departs.

Sorry, but we'll be sticking with the lesbian talk-show host we love at 11 AM: Ellen. Oh, and then there's Oprah.

A Political Message in Condo Living?

As I was riding the metro in to work today, I decided to flip through the "Condo Living" section of the Express out of sheer boredom (since it is usually against my morals to read about lovely condos I can never afford).

Much to my delight there was a cute little article about owning a dog and living on Capitol Hill. It mentioned Congressional Cemetery - where we PoliBois take our daughter to run around - and had this lovely picture of a dog and a tombstone with an interesting message:

The tombstone reads:



Something tells me that out of thousands of tombstones at Congressional Cemetery, the fact that this one was used for this picture is not random. Neither is the fact that there is enough detail that you can read every word! Something tells me there are some gay politico editors over at Express!

Cheers to them! Now it is going to be my mission to find this tombstone...only a few thousand there, right?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scary as F*ck

Photo of the day:

Yes, folks, she WILL eat your baby...

McKinney draws re-election foe, loses attorney

Oppressed Youth Bigots Everywhere: Unite!

I remember I always felt bad when I saw the popular jock in high school being harassed for his anti-gay views. Every time he called me a 'faggot' in passing, people would always shout him down. They'd even beat him up if he pushed me into a nearby locker. He could not help his bigoted ways.

Well, now I am happy to know that there is finally a day for him. Indeed, the Day of Truth is a new day being celebrated in schools across our country to counter the Day of Silence.

While the Day of Silence is a tool of the intolerant and oppressive homosexuals to promote their malicious agenda of stopping anti-gay bullying in our schools, the Day of Truth does just the opposite. The Day of Truth provides a one day opportunity for oppressed Christian students everywhere to profess their oft-censored hatred of gay students.

Oh, and if you believe this bit of bullshit I also have a great piece of swampland to sell you.

In-Depth Investigation...

And the McKinney saga goes on...

Don't get me wrong's not like I don't LOVE hearing about how crazy she's actually quite amusing! But what disturbs me is that today, almost one month after she punched a capitol police officer, they are STILL INVESTIGATING!

Maybe it is just me... maybe it's because I am an outside observer... but it is pretty clear from the police report, the countless news articles, and McKinney's own apology that yes, she assaulted the police officer (but only because he was a racist asshole...of course)

Maybe the capitol police could meet with some members of congress to discuss taking over congressional investigations...if they can investigate this so thoroughly maybe they could help get to the bottom of this CIA leak thing (another tough one)

More Aides Subpoenaed in McKinney Case

We've Been Bad

Yes, it's true...we PoliBois (me specifically) have not been keeping this site up to date, and boy do we deserve a spanking! (hopefully not from this guy though..thanks)

I know we have disappointed our thousands of loyal readers ( I probably just could have sent a personal email to the 2 people who actually read this...but then i wouldn't have needed to google "gay spanking" during what fun is that?!)

This is hereby my pledge to be more diligent in posting your much-needed political news, commentary, and general witty banter (interspersed with pictures of hott bois)

p.s. - if you are a hott boi, and would prefer to deliver spankings in person..please im us or email us for more information!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

About Logo

What is Logo?
Logo is the newest channel from MTV Networks, the force behind channels like VH1, MTV, TV Land and SpikeTV. Logo is entertainment programming for lesbians and gays and just about anyone who enjoys a gay point of view. Logo is for us, our friends and our family. Logo is originals. Logo is movies. Logo is documentaries. Logo is news. Logo is specials. Logo is the channel for Gay America. Finally. (
Reality check: Logo is a company belonging to a media conglomerate that cares more about profit margins and bottom lines that it does about building a national community forum for the so-called “Gay America.” Logo cares about the “gay point of view” that makes a profit than the gay point of view that makes a compelling point about what living the life of a Gay American is really all about.
Why did you choose the name "Logo"?
We chose to name the channel "Logo" because as the first and only 24/7 channel for the LGBT community, we wanted a name that people could make their own and give it personal meaning. For us, the word "Logo" is about identity, about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about being who you are. (
Reality check: Logo was chosen because big media conglomerates believe that sponsors would never advertise on a mainstream channel with the words “queer” or “gay” in the name. Because queer and gay are not "mainstream."

Why the reality check?

When Logo launched last year, there were high hopes in Gay America that we would finally have a place among the hundreds of television channels that we could finally call our own. There was the false hope that Gay America would own Logo and Logo would be a place where this America could finally address the world with its messages of equality and social acceptance for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

What did we get? We got whatever sponsors and a mainstream media company (Viacom) would allow us to get. Gay America does not own Logo. Logo owns the wallets of Gay America.

The reality of what Logo is became all too clear recently, when the company refused to air an ad from the United Church of Christ. The company felt the ad was too political for the network. In Gay America, the ad was not some controversial political piece. It represented a reality of religious persecution of gays that Gay America knows all too well. Logo refused the ad because its parent company said it had to, not because Gay America thinks it is too political. Gay America does not own Logo.

And that is fine.

While Logo was sold to us as a community forum, much like our community’s newspapers are, it is now clear that Logo is nothing more than a subsidiary with a balance sheet and a cash flow to maintain. This makes sense too. Even companies that do good works do it only because it generally improves the bottom line.

Gay America just needed to realize this reality. Logo is not our home, but it is simply a place where we can go and be entertained. Companies are not in the business of radical social change. It is not the moral responsibility of a company to lead a movement, and Gay America should never sell-out to a company for this very reason. Logo included.

It’s just bright lights and noise.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Abstinence-Only is Bad? Duh.

Anyone that is just now realizing that the abstinence-only education programs promoted by the Bush administration's are anti-gay has not been paying attention. That is why I was a little surprised by the irony that a website called Think Progress is just now realizing this. Perhaps a little less writing and a little more thinking would do these little webians some good.

Abstinence-only education has always been another name for anti-gay education. Sex-until marriage programs not only don't work, but if they did they would only work in a heterosexual-only society. That is, until gays can marry. Which, we all know is about as likely to happen soon as people buying a tape of Barney Frank having sex.

Who knew we still had to make this point. Wake up folks. Must be a slow news day.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sifting Through the Cropp

Tuesday evening, Linda Cropp (D-At-Large) stood in a steamy room above a tacky gift shop on Capitol Hill and made her case for why she should be the next mayor for the District of Columbia. In front of about fifteen people belonging to the gay-themed group “Out on the Hill”, Cropp recited her stump speech with the ease of a seasoned politician. Looking like a vertically challenged linebacker in a gold shoulder-padded suit jacket, Cropp spoke to the gathering about affordable housing, her part in the success of improving the District’s bond rating over the years, and her love of big-box stores like Target and Home Depot.

After she finished her brief economic lecture to the crowd, Cropp wrapped up her recitation and asked for questions. The homeowners in attendance immediately pounced on her with questions about taxes and the cost of living in the District. Two awkwardly dogged questioners did their best to impress Cropp and each other with their knowledge of residential taxes. Cropp did not seem impressed, but used the opportunity to correct the misstatements she heard the questioners make. She answered her questioners by reciting her love for affordable housing and big-box stores. One-track mind.

Perhaps it was the heat, but it was clear that some in the audience were getting bored during the Q&A. One attendee rolled his eyes, while others stared down at the drink they had in hand. Liquor often makes any meet-the-candidate night a whole lot easier to swallow.

Surprisingly, Cropp did not try to pander to the mostly gay crowd by discussing her accomplishments on behalf of gay citizens. Even after she was reminded by the group’s leader that she was speaking to a gay audience, Cropp kept pushing ahead with her economic message. She only got two gay-issue related questions before she had to pack up and go after about 45-minutes of meeting and greeting. One question, which I asked, had to do with gay youth and the other question focused in on her stance on gay marriage.

When asked for one specific policy initiative that she would push for as mayor on behalf of gay youth, she swatted away the question with talks of peace, love and happiness for all. Political, safe and boring.

When asked for her stance on gay marriage, she also gave a more political than principled answer. She is for gay marriage, but claims that now is not the time to discuss it or push for it. She is probably right on both counts, but her pragmatic answer was neither inspiring nor demonstrated qualities of a leader who will fight for principles.

The rumors about Cropp are true; she is a typical politician. She is more interested in discussing business deals and taxes than principled leadership stands that she has taken. She did not even mention her fight against Major League Baseball until someone complimented her on it, and even then she shrugged it off with a quick “thanks for the compliment” response. She shrugs off controversy.

Cropp is probably the most experienced candidate in the race for mayor, and she is probably the choice for safe, status-quo loving voters. She is certainly not a dramatic or risky choice. Cropp is a traditional “establishment” candidate. Do not look for fireworks in a Cropp administration.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Smoking Bullshit

When it comes to the law banning smoking in DC restaurants, bars and nightclubs, I was somewhat in agreement with anti-ban advocate Mark Lee. Lee is the former promoter of the gay-themed Lizard Lounge party that took place every Sunday. While I do not believe that the ban will hurt businesses (as Lee does), I do believe that people should be given the personal choice to patronize and work in commercial spaces that allow smoking. As someone who hates smoking and being around smokers, I have found that the market does force smoke-free spaces even without laws mandating them.

However, Lee has hurt his case by closing Lizard and publicly claiming that the ban that has not taken effect for nightclubs has or will hurt his business. Lee's rationale for closing Lizard is so stupid that even I do not understand it. It is also misleading.

Anyone who has been to Lizard recently knows that in the past few months it was no longer the place to be on Sunday. The old folks on Sunday's 60 Minutes appeared to be in a more hip place every week than the people who attended Lizard. When I took my friends from out-of-town to Lizard a few months ago, I was embarrassed by the impression of DC nightlife that they got from it. The real reason Lizard closed is because nobody really cared that it was open.

Oddly enough, Lee will keep his actually popular (and probably profitable) holiday-weekend party going. Apparently the smoking ban takes the holiday off from wreaking havoc on nightclub profits.

Lee is clearly blowing smoke up people's asses. The public tantrum he is throwing over the smoking ban and the closing of Lizard is causing himself a loss of credibility. As one of the loudest voices against the ban, he is also losing credibility for those who believe in his philosophical views on the matter.

While it is not clear whether than ban will hurt business in DC, it is clear what it will and has done to personal choice. Unfortunately, Lee has made a bad choice and he needs to leave the scene just as quickly as Lizard did.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Is Fenty Asleep at the Wheel?

Adrian Fenty (D-Ward 4) has the backing of the DC gay political machine. But why?

I myself got caught up in the Fenty bandwagon early on. It is clear that he is a strong supporter of gay rights. He also has taken public stands against the baseball stadium and in support of the law banning smoking in District restaurants and bars. Many of his positions align him with the DC progressive and gay community, which are both good groups to have behind you in DC campaigns.

However, Fenty lacks presence. When he works a crowd alone he can certainly shake hands and do the small talk thing as well as any other successful politician can. Though, juxtaposed against other candidates in the race for Mayor he certainly falls short.

When I attended Fenty's official campaign kick-off, I was struck by how unsmooth he was on the stump. Rather than speak to the crowd in a passionate way about why he wants to be the next mayor, a position he clearly has wanted and thought about for quite a long time now, he read uninterestingly from sheets of paper containing text full of snoring platitudes. He spoke with his hands firmly gripping the side of the podium he read from, as if he was the only one at the event that believed his words would carry with them a force strong enough to blow the podium into the crowd. Indeed, with that much hot air he may very well have been saving the audience from injuries cause by a large projectile.

Recently when I saw him at an event with other candidates (even those that do not have a real chance of winning the September DC primary), he came across even worse. Many of my friends who attended this event and had never heard him speak before called him a "let down" and a "disappointment". Fenty appeared tired, bored and "over it". The other candidates appeared energized and invaded the senses of the crowd with their words and gestures. Compared to the other candidates, Fenty looked like a kid in his father's suit. They were supposed to be there, he was not and he was lazy.

Fenty certainly bored me, a supporter, who could hardly concentrate on a word he was saying. Uninspiring is the nicest way to put it.

Fenty is in an interesting position, because he is the clear frontrunner in this race. While he has maneuvered himself successfully this far in the race, he has also put himself in a situation where expectations of him are now high. People are starting to take notice of Fenty, and it is clear that all the hype about him is just hype.

While it is true that his performance on the stump may not correlate with how well he may perform in office, the campaign is his only way to connect with voters. And right now the connections he is making are making people connect the dots away from his camp. Many of his supporters that I speak to appear to be dating Fenty but not married to him. He is Mr. Right Now and not Mr. Right.

Perhaps it's time the gays do what they do best and start window shopping for another candidate.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Confusion, Then Silence, Action, Ribbons and Silence

I've been inspired by the response to my OpEd that was published in the Blade this past Friday. I am still a bit exhausted from the "fun" I had last night, but I wanted to at least continue the dialogue a bit more. The 750 word constraint that the OpEd page puts on a writer really limits what a writer can express.

I think I am disturbed, but not shocked, by the reaction of young people to the OpEd. You always are taking a risk and guessing a bit when you make sweeping generalizations about a population in a piece you write, especially when you don't have the data at hand to back up the generalization. So, I am disturbed that my generalization that young people are not hearing or talking enough about HIV/AIDS today is actually true.

Yes, I was too young to be around for the AIDS-scare of the 80's and 90's, but I was around for the ribbons. Red ribbons everywhere. People were talking about AIDS. The radical activism had pretty much died down, but the silence that had existed around AIDS in the early days was not around anymore. Now we seem to be back to the silence, but for different reasons. Before people were afraid to talk about AIDS, now people are sick of talking about AIDS.

Well, just because you are sick of talking about it does not mean that AIDS stops making people sick. When did it become uncool to wear the red ribbon? When did it become uncool to wear a condom and talk to your partner about status? Why are young people accepting the silence and why are the older and wiser generations letting them remain silent?

We really all have to start speaking up again about this issue. More importantly, we need to again let our ears listen to the people that are screaming about AIDS every day. These people are still out there, believe it or not. We've just all gotten so good at ignoring them.

There is obviously a lot more here to think about in terms of how we are going to again lift the silence on AIDS in our community. I plan to have sporadic thoughts posted on this blog about this issue in the future. This is what I am thinking about now though, here in the nation's capital where the HIV/AIDS rate is about as bad as it can possibly get.

Maybe the tipping point of this disease is already beyond our grasp. God, I hope not.

(Please feel free to post interesting articles on this issue here or send them along to me via email.)

I was in a Cave

So, apparently I was in a cave for all of last year. I am just now finishing up Thomas Frank's "What's the Matter with Kansas". I actually avoided the book, because I did not get the metaphor of the cover's graphic. I simply thought it was a conservative book after seeing the large elephant stomping on the donkey. Yes, I judged a book by its cover.

Well, as I am finishing up the book I was lucky enough to come across a column by WaPo's Dana Milbank that was published today and perfectly summarizes Frank's main points. Both the book and the column exemplify how fantastic the world that conservatives live in is and how fanatically immoral their leaders truly are. Did you know that they actually believe that Tom Delay lost the post of Majority Leader in the House of Representatives because he is a Christian? Huh. Funny. These same people overlook the immoral activity of Delay. In fact, the even ignore the fact that a country their administration supposedly liberated, Afghanistan, actually does persecute people because they are Christian.

But reality is beyond the realm of reason for these people. Their reality is one of willful immoral ignorance. Yes, these are the people that rule our country. Sad.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Antigays Attack Gay Television

While watching the gay television channel TLC, I was attacked during the commercial break by an antigay group manipulating religion. The commercial was made by the Arlington Assembly of God and contained the usual and tired so-called "ex-gay" rhetoric. You know how it goes: "I was gay, lonely, and then I found Jesus and I can now fuck women. You can too if you believe!" Yeah, and if you cut off your balls and plug your ass.

I am not worried about well adjusted gay people like myself seeing this crap, but I am worried about the kids out there who are exposed to this evil. They should be able to watch gay television in peace as well!

Please do me a favor and tell the Assembly of God to go to hell. Contact them:

Friday, March 24, 2006

OpEd in Blade

The Washington Blade ran an OpEd I wrote today:
My HIV/AIDS reality check
I thought I was living in a ‘post-AIDS’ world until I met someone with HIV. Sugar won’t help those meds go down.
Friday, March 24, 2006

A FEW DAYS ago I found myself at another Washington, D.C., gay political event with another open bar. The crowd was typical: older adults who the event was designed for, and the younger guys there for the booze. I was part of the latter group.

I was downing my second apple-tini, which for me is about one and a half–tinis too many, when one of older attendees struck up a conversation. Being the young and gracious freeloading drunks we often are at these events, we were polite and engaged the fellow in what we assumed would be light banter.

As it turned out, he is a city official from a small gay-friendly city in California. I am not sure how the conversation veered, but we soon learned he is living with HIV/AIDS and has been since 1985.

I am not sure why he felt compelled to disclose his status to us. Perhaps he wanted to correct me after hearing my irreverent remark to my roommate about how you can always spot an alcoholic at open bar events. (I had seen the official drinking water.)

Or maybe there was something unique about us that made him comfortable enough to disclose his status. Or maybe he is just very open about it to everyone. Whatever the reason, we now knew.

I WAS A BIT taken aback by his admission. The only other people I have ever heard be open about their HIV/AIDS status were speakers at school assemblies or activists at rallies. Weren’t these the only places that people with AIDS went?

Even though I know HIV is out there, to me the virus feels theoretical. I know how you can get it and all the precautions I can take to prevent from getting it, but my reality with the disease stops there.

No one I know has died from complications related to AIDS. No one I know is on a regular drug cocktail. And no one I know has to drink water at an open bar event to keep his viral load in check.

I came of age in a gay white male post-AIDS reality. The only people I see dying from AIDS are in the movies or on the television when Bono shows people dying in sub-Saharan Africa.

I had grown comfortable in my post-AIDS theoretical fantasy bubble, and here was this man laying a load down upon my shoulders that was heavy enough to burst even the strongest bubbles.

It was a heavy dose of reality that would have been even more shocking had the liquor I had been pleasantly consuming not taken some of the edge off.

THE REALITY OF the situation woke me up. Suddenly HIV/AIDS was real. It is real. Theories be damned, this is a fact.

My memory of the exact conversation I had with the official is hazy. I barely remember getting home that night. What I do know is that it is a conversation that will stick with me.

I learned that people living with HIV/AIDS aren’t just theoretical people you only read about and see in the movies, but that they are real and are living with and dying of HIV/AIDS, no matter where they are or what they happen to be doing. That post-AIDS reality I was led to believe exists never really did. Ever.

I have grown up in a world where people with HIV/AIDS are living with the disease through the aid of modern medicine. I made the awful discovery at the open bar that night that, like most of my peers, I have grown up in a fantasy world where pills solve everything. Ignorance is certainly bliss with a price.

Sometimes reality twists her ugly head around and stares you straight in the eye. For too long, I have not had to face the ugliness of reality when it comes to HIV/AIDS. Pills and silence have kept me away from it.

Sugarcoated desires and theories have allowed me to become distant from the reality of living as a gay man today. And while sometimes we need some sugar to get through life, when it comes to HIV/AIDS, I think we younger guys have used a little too much to help the medicine go down.

It is time we get real about HIV/AIDS.

Friday, March 17, 2006

UPDATE: Explanation of NYC Position

Just some clarification for everyone...

This is what most people think of on St. Patrick's Day:

He's cute, he's happy and above all EXTREMELY GAY!

This is (apparently) what New Yorkers think of on St. Patrick's Day:

He's ugly, he's scary and boy does he hate the gays!

St. Patrick's Day Not for Gays

New York City = Gay Mecca...right? I mean, really...where (except maybe San Francisco and the townhouse the PoliBois habitate on Capitol Hill) is gayer than NYC? Not exactly the place you would expect to find discrimination, but lo and behold, NYC hates the gays too!

For the 16th "straight year" (gotta love the WaPo's play on words!) the gays are banned from marching in the city's St. Patrick's Day Parade. Kudos to Christine Quinn, openly gay City Council Speaker who will be boycotting today's parade (and really... why not just get drunk at home like the rest of us?)

NYC hates the gays

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Raskin for MD Senate

Based on the amazing and logical quote in the post below (which apparently is very real), we totally support Jamie Raskin for MD State Senate. We just found out he is running in Silver Spring and Takoma Park.

Check out the campaign site and tell your friends:

The Bible is Just a Hand Rest

I cannot find an article that has the quote below (but did not search very hard at work), but whether it is what was truly said or not does not matter. The "quote" is so accurate and amazingly on point:
On Wednesday, March 1, 2006, in Annapolis at a hearing on the proposed Constitutional Amendment to prohibit gay marriage, Jamie Raskin, professor of law at AU, was requested to testify.

At the end of his testimony, Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs said: "Mr. Raskin, my Bible says marriage is only between a man and a woman. What do you have to say about that?"

Raskin replied: "Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You did not place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

The room erupted with applause.

Sometimes Bible-thumping politicians need to be reminded to thump the Constitutions they pledged to upheld. Sad, but true.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The AIDS Stigma?

A report today in the Washington Post pointed out that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) may require governments that receive HIV/AIDS funding to begin collecting data on new HIV infections using a name-based system. While some governments already do this, some (including the District of Columbia) use coded systems to protect the identities of HIV/AIDS infected individuals.

Those in favor of the name-based system believe that it will allow health officials to better track the disease and provide information about new medications to those living with HIV/AIDS. Others fear that if the names are not handled properly, confidentiality could be breached.

Which begs the question: Is there still an HIV/AIDS stigma? Should the idea of a name-based system really be alarming, or are relics of the fight against HIV/AIDS not up with the times?

I believe the stigma is still alive and well.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Gay Recruiting Effort in Full Effect

A lesbian at Hood college has a creative way to get that toaster oven all of us gays strive for. You know, the one you get after recruiting 100 breeders to the gay dark side.

Jennifer Jones, a lesbian and college senior, recently won the title of homecoming drag king at hood college. While Jones claims that her winning king represents progress towards equality, we all really know she had her eye on the queen all this time. How did that homecoming king and queen dance finish Jonesey?

Way to go Jones! You win the PoliBois "Recruiter of the Year Award 2006".

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Seacrest is Out!

Did Ryan Seacrest finally expose his gayness to the public last night?

I don't know about you, but I felt kind of queasy watching American Idol last night when Ryan Seacrest started stripping one of the male contestants. Even Simon Cowell asked him to stop. The victim was Will Makar, a very cute contestant. We commend the pick Ryan.

Welcome to life after the closet: Seacrest Out!

Intelligent Design Exemplified

(Wanted to post on this a few days ago, but Blogger was down. Bad Blogger, bad!)

Conservative parents in one New Jersey community are freaking out that a 71 year-old transgeder woman wants to substitute teach and the community's school district is letting her. Why anyone would want to substitute teach is beyond me.

Really, we think that the conservatives are completely missing the point here. Finally a prime example of intelligent design presents itself and they turn their back on it. How stupid can they be?

Sheesh! I guess some people are never happy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Please Note: When Cruising, Go Easy on the Crack


Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (aka - George Michael - who knew that wasn't his real name?!) was arrested this weekend in the "Rose Garden" area of Hyde Park in London on drug charges. The Rose Garden is a wooded area that is known for it's "pansies" ( it's the cruising spot... DC peeps...think P Street Beach). Georgie was cruising...he's gay...nothing wrong with that...but it gets worse! Georgie was so high/drunk/drugged/etc. that he was found slumped over the wheel of his car! I'm sorry..but I must just point out that this is not the most attractive position to be in when cruising...

Better luck next time!

Friday, February 24, 2006

What an Annoying Show

So, apparently some syndicated morning show called The Daily Buzz discussed our blog yesterday. Neither of the PoliBois have ever seen the show, and we also do not know anyone else who has. It appears to be a news show for the ADD generation. Basically it is broadcast from some guy's basement and includes three frat buddies and the girl they all screw. (Sadly enough, the girl makes even Katie Couric seem smart.) Our show was mentioned by the gay co-host, Clayton. We've never seen the segment we were mentioned in and we really do not care to either.

Well, thanks for the exposure Clayton! Hopefully we did not just alienate all three viewers of your show that you sent our way. As a courtesy we posted a link to your show's website on our blog, so hopefully you can get them all back safe and sound.