Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Little Scalia's Boys Will be Boys Attitude is Sick

Judge Alito should not be confirmed to SCOTUS. There, I am coming out on this issue. We've barely begun to learn about his record, but this was enough for me:

In 2001, Judge Alito authored a decision in Saxe v. State that declared unconstitutional a public school district policy that prohibited harassment against students because of their sexual orientation or other characteristics.

The policy focused on harassment that had the purpose or effect of interfering with a student's educational performance or creating and intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Alito reasoned that the policy was unconstitutional because it could cover what he called "simple acts of teasing and name-calling."

According to that bizarre reasoning, I guess that we should not outlaw many things. Murder laws, for instance, could be used to cover simple acts of stabbing someone...

Please tell me Alito, just what are "simple acts of teasing and name-calling." Is name-calling truly ever appropriate and is it ever not a form of harassment? I feel like this ruling comes from a bully. Alito the bully.

That is the impression I am getting so far from Alito. He is a big bully. He is not one that will practice judicial restraint. He will stomp out our rights if they conflict with his own macho bigoted attitudes and opinions. I fear for the advice that he gives to his own children. Poor Phillip and Laura.

Do yourself a favor and "JUST SAY NO TO ALITO!"

We do not need another bully on the court.

And He's Off...

President Bush and Judge Alito just held their press conference announcing Altio's nomination to the Supreme Court. There did not appear to be any obvious gaffes and it seems to be generally a smooth beginning. Though, do not let Bush fool you. Alito is an extreme activist judge that has outrageous views on privacy. Prior to being struck down by the Supreme Court, Alito ruled that state legislatures could impose any restrictions on abortion short of outlawing it.

Oh, and Alito's son is kind of cute. Hope we get to see more of Phillip!

No One to the Right of Alito on Court

Jonathan Turley, a GWU law professor and legal expert, has said that with Alito on the Supreme Court, Scalia will have to race really hard to still be considered the most conservative bigot on the Court. I respect Turley. This is a very scary development.

Oh, and Alito does not believe the right to privacy exists in the Constitution. Welcome home big brother!

Bush to Nominate Scalia Some Right-Wing Italian White Guy

Indictment? What indictment? President Bush, in a completely non-transparent non-political move (you can laugh now), will nominate a white conservative Italian anti-everything dude to the Supreme Court today at 8 AM EST. Of course the move to nominate 3rd Circuit Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito for the U.S. Supreme Court has nothing to do with Scooter's indictment and everything to do with shoring up the conservative base for... Oh, wait! It has everything to do with the Scooter.

Earlier today Scooter was heard to have been wandering the streets asking passing tourists, "Why won't Dick ride me anymore?" Well, the administration has something new to ride baby, and his name is Sam.

Friday, October 28, 2005

No Marriages in NY

The New York Appeals Court (highest court in the State), issued a ruling that New Paltz, NY Mayor Jason West did not have the legal authority to solemnize same-sex marriages. However, the court did not invalidate the same-sex marriages that had already been solemnized.

This story really did fall through the cracks this week.

George TaGAY! The Picture is Enough

George Takei announced he is gay! Ummmm, ok. For those of you not involved in the Trekkie lifestyle, this probably does not mean much to you. I for one had no idea who he is/was. Damn, the outtings this week have been incredibly boring. With all the shit going down in Washington, maybe Condi will finally say "screw it" and out herself. Now that would be fun!

CNN Has the Big Story

Indictments? Yeah, yeah. So, what? has the real story when it comes to this whole crisis. It turns out Karl Rove is white! That's right, don't let all the bling fool you. Here's the caption they used for the photo on the right:
White Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove talks with reporters as he gets in his car Friday morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

WNBA Does Good Recruiting

Apparently Sheryl Swoopes was not born gay, or so she claims. Apparently the lesbian recruitment efforts in the WNBA are really starting to pay off! Too bad for all you gay activist groups out there who were hoping to make buck off her at your next dinner. Better luck next time! But please, just pick any other player in the WNBA. In fact, just head over to a Wizards game and ask one of the fans to help you pick one. They will probably have the best perception.

VA Candidates Resort to Gay-Baiting

When all else fails in a Virginia election, many conservatives running for office in the State point to their opponents with no children and/or no wives and say, "Look voters, a H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L." This is all an attempt to win votes, of course. Sad thing is, many of these opponents are not gay and some are conservatives themselves. Well, if these victims are conservatives it does not make me feel too bad. Why are they even still in the Republican party?

Anyway, Marc Fisher who wrote a story for the WaPo on this will be online to discuss this issue at 12 P today.

Is Miers Withdrawl Beginning of the End or Just the Beginning?

The inevitable happened today and Harriet Miers withdrew her name for O'Connor's seat on the Supreme Court. One has to wonder what the future holds and if this means the Bush administration will try and redeem itself with a right-wing wacko with a clear history of anti-everything bigotry. Perhaps this was the plot all along. With Mier's incompetence, either staged or manipulated, one has to wonder if she was only the red carpet for a future conservative to walk on. Only one man knows what the future holds, and at this point that man is probably Patrick Fitzgerald.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Least Shocking Story of the Year

OMG! There is a lesbian female basketball player. Is this really news? The AP seems to thinks so:
NEW YORK (AP) -- Houston Comets forward Sheryl Swoopes is opening up about being a lesbian, telling a magazine that she's "tired of having to hide my feelings about the person I care about."

Way to go Swoopes! Now you're no longer playing in the minority.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

High Heels Race Tonight

No! I did not die. I have simply been in extensive training for the Annual 17th Street High Heels Race outside of JR's on 17th Street in Dupont Circle tonight. I expect you all to be there. The race begins at 9 P, but I STRONGLY suggest you get there by 8 P. It will be my third running of the heels, and I expect it to be just as fabulous as the last two. If you are afraid of the weather, just remember that you do not need to run in heels in the rain. So suck it up!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Anderson Proves His Love to Me Again

As if Anderson Cooper needs to be trying to get my attention. But alas, he cannot help himself. After researching my life, as I am sure he has numerous times, Anderson took time to reassure me that my habit of nail biting is perfectly natural. We were born that way--nail biters. Right, Anderson? Born that way.

Anyway, I hope you all check out Anderson's piece on nail biting. I am sure my sweetie would be appreciative of your eyes on his words. I will continue to love you Andy! Write to me again real soon...

And yes boys, no matter how gross you think it is I will continue to bite my nails. At least I know Coopey likes it.

Same-Sex Parents As Good As Breeders

CBS has its eye on gay America, and it is seeing something that we already know: Same-sex parents raise their kids just as well as breeders. Excellent news that is not really news to any gay or lesbian parent. Here is what researcher Ellen Perrin also had to say on the issue:
Some studies showed that single heterosexual parents' children have more difficulties than children who have parents of the same sex. They did better in discipline, self-esteem, and had less psychosocial difficulties at home and at school.

So, a two-parent home is perhaps good! A gay one, that is.

Planning to Spew Hate, Wait for Commercial Break

Anti-gay bigot Bill Donohue of the Catholic League might as well be taking his talking points from the Westboro Baptist Church. Or the Vatican for that matter. During an appearance on the Today Show this morning, Donohue discussed child molestation charges against priests in the Catholic Church. Just as Katie Couric was about to head to a commercial break, Donohue interrupted her and began to spew anti-gay rhetoric. Perhaps he knew this was his chance to get his bigotry in before anyone could challenge it. In a last ditch effort to defend molesters in the Church, who it appears Donohue sympathizes with, he blamed the entire molestation scandal on homosexuals. According to Donohue's logic, if you get rid of the homosexuals in the Church you get rid of the molestation. Unfortunately, it is that type of logic that allows pediophiles to fester in the Church, something that Donohue does not seem to mind.

Rather than challenge Donohue right before the break, Katie spent about thirty seconds giggling with her guest. Way to ask the tough questions Katie!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Exodus Caption

This picture comes from a photo essay in time magazine. The picture has this caption:
At the Exodus confab in North Carolina, boys pray before the football game scheduled for them. (Girls sat in a discussion circle indoors)

I can only imagine what the little queens were praying for before the big kickoff. Don't your hands touch a lot of ass during football? And don't even get me started on the discussion circle.

PoliBois Died, But Will Thrive Again

It's official. PoliBois could not maintain the blog and their relationship. So, something had to give. Luckily, the blog will stay. You may notice some changes in the coming days. We expect a new regular contributor soon.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Is This Enough to Disqualify Her for Gays

We do not know a lot about Harriet Miers, but we do know that she probably does not believe in privacy rights and is not a strong believer in civil rights for LGBT Americans. How do we know this? When asked, Ms. Miers stated that she did not believe that gay people have a right to consensual sex. If Miers were on the SCOTUS when the Lawrence V. Texas case was heard it would have been a 5-4 Supreme Court decision (instead of 6-3) to strike Texas' sodomy laws.

Is this alone enough evidence to support the idea that Miers will tilt the balance of SCOTUS even more to the right? Maybe not. However, I simply do not want to take that chance.

This alone should be enough evidence to disqualify Miers in the eyes of gay Americans.

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: Miers Against Texas Sodomy Law Repeal

DAILY UPDATE AT PINKPROGRESS.COM (The Official Daily PoliBois News Source):
*Miers Has Strange, Mixed Record on Gay Rights*Anti-Gay Recruitment Cut Short at Stanford*Ex-Gays Fight TN in Lawsuit*Marriage Opponents Rally in NJ*Maine Pins Gay Rights Hopes on College Students*Sinead Slams Anti-Gay Priests*Vanderbilt University Seeks Gays*Protests Against Iran Treatment of Gays*

"No."- Harriet Miers response to this question on a survey: "Do you, as an individual citizen, support repeal of Section 21.06 of the Texas Penal Code which criminalizes the private sexual behavior of consenting adult lesbians and gay men?”

Monday, October 03, 2005

Pink Progress Top Daily Stories: Pop Press Covers Gay Teens

DAILY UPDATE AT PINKPROGRESS.COM (The Official Daily PoliBois News Source):
*Mainstream Press Recognizes Plight of the New Gay Teen*Houston Gets More Gays*First Gay Civil Unions in Conn.*Catholic Push for MA Marriage Ban*Gay Catholics Angry Over Seminary Searches*Vatican to Consider Banning Gay-Friendly Pols From Sacrament*MI State Senate May Ask that Benefits Be Taken Away*Teacher Removed from Classroom, Tried to Get Sixth Graders to Admit They Are Gay*

"I love that Prada bag!"- A teen in ex-gay therapy, according to report in Time

Past News Archive

The Power of the Internet is Scary

So, this morning getting ready for work was kind of scary. Maybe I should stop watching the Today Show when they have breaking news. Katie Couric does not ease my nerves.

As you can see from previous posts and blogs all over the internet, many of us gays believed that Harriet Mier, Bush's pick for SCOTUS, was a member of Exodus International (the horrible ex-gay organization). It has been cleared up. She really works for the prison reform program Exodus Ministries, Inc. Though not sure if they have the best gay record (more on that later). However, did Bush purposely send a vague message? Doubtful, but not a surprise if yes.

Which Exodus Ministries?

President Bush today nominated Harriet Miers for Supreme Court of the United States. In his remarks Bush stated that Miers has given her time to Exodus Ministries. As a gay, I only know of one Exodus. Does Harriet believe in conversion "therapy" or is this another Exodus? I'll try researching more...

[UPDATE] She was part of the religous convict reform program...

Bush to Nominate Potential SCOTUS Justice

But who is she? More to come later...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Time Cover Story on Gay Youth

Looking for a cover story that would analyze the poor state of the Republican party after the multiple scandals that has hit it recently, I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on and discovered a cover story about gay youth. Finally, it seems that the stories being told by gay youth are starting to make an impact on the larger culture. The Time article is good, though (despite the author's best intentions) it does tend to paint an overly rosy picture of the current state of gay youth. The article also tends to be fairly color-blind, as it neglects the issues that black gay youth face in their communities. The author tends to make a lot of comparisons between youth who attend Exodus functions and those who are recipients of Point Foundation scholarships. Here is a pretty funny excerpt and comparison from the article:
For their part, several of the young Exodus Christians seemed more stereotypically gay--"I love that Prada bag!" a 16-year-old boy at the Youth Day squealed several times--than some of the Point scholars who had been out for years.

For a mainstream article, it has enough depth to have the potential to make an impact.