Friday, September 03, 2004

Santorum is Pissed

What's going on???!!! Suddenly, Santorum may not be the Republican most obsessed with ass fucking! Is this a world gone mad or just a world with a Keyes gone mad? So many questions, but this article provides some answers--Hott butt fucking is on the minds of every religous Republican wacko:

NEW YORK -- Illinois Republican Chairman Judy Baar Topinka said Wednesday her party's nominee for U.S. Senate, Alan Keyes, should apologize for his "idiotic" comment vice presidential daughter Mary Cheney and all homosexuals are "selfish hedonists."
But Keyes refused to back down Wednesday, even as Vice President Dick Cheney addressed the Republican National Convention.
"In a homosexual relationship, there is nothing implied except the self-fulfillment, contentment and satisfaction of the parties involved in the relationship," said Keyes, who holds a Ph.D from Harvard University. "That means it is a self-centered, self-fulfilling, selfish relationship that seeks to use the organs intended for procreation for purposes of pleasure. The word pleasure in Greek is hedone and we get the word hedonism from that word."


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Hardball Transcript May Be Better

So we searched endlessly for the CNN transcript of the post-interview with Zell Miller. The man is fucking nuts and they need to send him out more often. What an egomaniac!

Below is an even better transcript from Hard Ball:

MILLER: Get out of my face.
MILLER: If you are going to ask me a question, step back and let me answer.
MATTHEWS: Senator, please.
MILLER: You know, I wish we...
MILLER: I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel.
MILLER: Now, that would be pretty good.
Don‘t ask me—don‘t pull that...


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell is Crazy!!!

Did you get a chance to see Zell Miller get torn a new asshole by CNN's Blitzer, Woodruff and Greenfield? After his rabid convention speech, he gave a mind boggling idiotic interview. Honestly, the Republicans should send him out more often. He does a lot of good for everyone but Republicans.

When Angry Fans Attack

Finally justice was served as protesters attacked Chris Matthews. His screaming must be stopped. For pushing this great humanitarian effort, we applaud this protester posted on about on their site:

In one incident Tuesday night, a protester jumped a fence and ran onto a stage being used by MSNBC during a live broadcast of "Hardball."

Host Chris Matthews was on the set with former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christie Todd Whitman, NBC correspondent David Gregory, Newsweek's Howard Fineman and GOP strategist Sheri Annis when the protester leapt onto the stage, ran in front of the camera and charged toward the set.


Big Tent is Sock in Pants

The Republican Party is playing itself at their own convention as the "big-tent" party this week. Unfortunately, their idea of diversity is black people cleaning the convention floor without someone behind them ready for a lynching.

Proving the new Republic "black" is the gays, a Senate race in Florida was won by appealing to the worst of human nature. Gay bashing reins supreme at the grand ole party


Jenny and Barbie Do America

After last night's dreadful convention speeach by the Bush twins, it would be hard for us not to make this comparison. With their constant giggling and trashy script, the twins are destined to star in the sequel to the Beavis and Butt-head classic: Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Let's just hope that we will not have to watch these two after November! Didn't they ever hear Nancy Reagan's call to "Just Say No"?