Friday, April 28, 2006

Rosie to Eat The View

Oh, we kid, we kid.

Rosie O'Donnel Queen of Nice Annoying Traits we Associate with Lesbians (longer name, but better) will be taking over the lead spot on ABC's The View once Meredith Vieira departs.

Sorry, but we'll be sticking with the lesbian talk-show host we love at 11 AM: Ellen. Oh, and then there's Oprah.

A Political Message in Condo Living?

As I was riding the metro in to work today, I decided to flip through the "Condo Living" section of the Express out of sheer boredom (since it is usually against my morals to read about lovely condos I can never afford).

Much to my delight there was a cute little article about owning a dog and living on Capitol Hill. It mentioned Congressional Cemetery - where we PoliBois take our daughter to run around - and had this lovely picture of a dog and a tombstone with an interesting message:

The tombstone reads:



Something tells me that out of thousands of tombstones at Congressional Cemetery, the fact that this one was used for this picture is not random. Neither is the fact that there is enough detail that you can read every word! Something tells me there are some gay politico editors over at Express!

Cheers to them! Now it is going to be my mission to find this tombstone...only a few thousand there, right?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scary as F*ck

Photo of the day:

Yes, folks, she WILL eat your baby...

McKinney draws re-election foe, loses attorney

Oppressed Youth Bigots Everywhere: Unite!

I remember I always felt bad when I saw the popular jock in high school being harassed for his anti-gay views. Every time he called me a 'faggot' in passing, people would always shout him down. They'd even beat him up if he pushed me into a nearby locker. He could not help his bigoted ways.

Well, now I am happy to know that there is finally a day for him. Indeed, the Day of Truth is a new day being celebrated in schools across our country to counter the Day of Silence.

While the Day of Silence is a tool of the intolerant and oppressive homosexuals to promote their malicious agenda of stopping anti-gay bullying in our schools, the Day of Truth does just the opposite. The Day of Truth provides a one day opportunity for oppressed Christian students everywhere to profess their oft-censored hatred of gay students.

Oh, and if you believe this bit of bullshit I also have a great piece of swampland to sell you.

In-Depth Investigation...

And the McKinney saga goes on...

Don't get me wrong's not like I don't LOVE hearing about how crazy she's actually quite amusing! But what disturbs me is that today, almost one month after she punched a capitol police officer, they are STILL INVESTIGATING!

Maybe it is just me... maybe it's because I am an outside observer... but it is pretty clear from the police report, the countless news articles, and McKinney's own apology that yes, she assaulted the police officer (but only because he was a racist asshole...of course)

Maybe the capitol police could meet with some members of congress to discuss taking over congressional investigations...if they can investigate this so thoroughly maybe they could help get to the bottom of this CIA leak thing (another tough one)

More Aides Subpoenaed in McKinney Case

We've Been Bad

Yes, it's true...we PoliBois (me specifically) have not been keeping this site up to date, and boy do we deserve a spanking! (hopefully not from this guy though..thanks)

I know we have disappointed our thousands of loyal readers ( I probably just could have sent a personal email to the 2 people who actually read this...but then i wouldn't have needed to google "gay spanking" during what fun is that?!)

This is hereby my pledge to be more diligent in posting your much-needed political news, commentary, and general witty banter (interspersed with pictures of hott bois)

p.s. - if you are a hott boi, and would prefer to deliver spankings in person..please im us or email us for more information!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

About Logo

What is Logo?
Logo is the newest channel from MTV Networks, the force behind channels like VH1, MTV, TV Land and SpikeTV. Logo is entertainment programming for lesbians and gays and just about anyone who enjoys a gay point of view. Logo is for us, our friends and our family. Logo is originals. Logo is movies. Logo is documentaries. Logo is news. Logo is specials. Logo is the channel for Gay America. Finally. (
Reality check: Logo is a company belonging to a media conglomerate that cares more about profit margins and bottom lines that it does about building a national community forum for the so-called “Gay America.” Logo cares about the “gay point of view” that makes a profit than the gay point of view that makes a compelling point about what living the life of a Gay American is really all about.
Why did you choose the name "Logo"?
We chose to name the channel "Logo" because as the first and only 24/7 channel for the LGBT community, we wanted a name that people could make their own and give it personal meaning. For us, the word "Logo" is about identity, about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about being who you are. (
Reality check: Logo was chosen because big media conglomerates believe that sponsors would never advertise on a mainstream channel with the words “queer” or “gay” in the name. Because queer and gay are not "mainstream."

Why the reality check?

When Logo launched last year, there were high hopes in Gay America that we would finally have a place among the hundreds of television channels that we could finally call our own. There was the false hope that Gay America would own Logo and Logo would be a place where this America could finally address the world with its messages of equality and social acceptance for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

What did we get? We got whatever sponsors and a mainstream media company (Viacom) would allow us to get. Gay America does not own Logo. Logo owns the wallets of Gay America.

The reality of what Logo is became all too clear recently, when the company refused to air an ad from the United Church of Christ. The company felt the ad was too political for the network. In Gay America, the ad was not some controversial political piece. It represented a reality of religious persecution of gays that Gay America knows all too well. Logo refused the ad because its parent company said it had to, not because Gay America thinks it is too political. Gay America does not own Logo.

And that is fine.

While Logo was sold to us as a community forum, much like our community’s newspapers are, it is now clear that Logo is nothing more than a subsidiary with a balance sheet and a cash flow to maintain. This makes sense too. Even companies that do good works do it only because it generally improves the bottom line.

Gay America just needed to realize this reality. Logo is not our home, but it is simply a place where we can go and be entertained. Companies are not in the business of radical social change. It is not the moral responsibility of a company to lead a movement, and Gay America should never sell-out to a company for this very reason. Logo included.

It’s just bright lights and noise.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Abstinence-Only is Bad? Duh.

Anyone that is just now realizing that the abstinence-only education programs promoted by the Bush administration's are anti-gay has not been paying attention. That is why I was a little surprised by the irony that a website called Think Progress is just now realizing this. Perhaps a little less writing and a little more thinking would do these little webians some good.

Abstinence-only education has always been another name for anti-gay education. Sex-until marriage programs not only don't work, but if they did they would only work in a heterosexual-only society. That is, until gays can marry. Which, we all know is about as likely to happen soon as people buying a tape of Barney Frank having sex.

Who knew we still had to make this point. Wake up folks. Must be a slow news day.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sifting Through the Cropp

Tuesday evening, Linda Cropp (D-At-Large) stood in a steamy room above a tacky gift shop on Capitol Hill and made her case for why she should be the next mayor for the District of Columbia. In front of about fifteen people belonging to the gay-themed group “Out on the Hill”, Cropp recited her stump speech with the ease of a seasoned politician. Looking like a vertically challenged linebacker in a gold shoulder-padded suit jacket, Cropp spoke to the gathering about affordable housing, her part in the success of improving the District’s bond rating over the years, and her love of big-box stores like Target and Home Depot.

After she finished her brief economic lecture to the crowd, Cropp wrapped up her recitation and asked for questions. The homeowners in attendance immediately pounced on her with questions about taxes and the cost of living in the District. Two awkwardly dogged questioners did their best to impress Cropp and each other with their knowledge of residential taxes. Cropp did not seem impressed, but used the opportunity to correct the misstatements she heard the questioners make. She answered her questioners by reciting her love for affordable housing and big-box stores. One-track mind.

Perhaps it was the heat, but it was clear that some in the audience were getting bored during the Q&A. One attendee rolled his eyes, while others stared down at the drink they had in hand. Liquor often makes any meet-the-candidate night a whole lot easier to swallow.

Surprisingly, Cropp did not try to pander to the mostly gay crowd by discussing her accomplishments on behalf of gay citizens. Even after she was reminded by the group’s leader that she was speaking to a gay audience, Cropp kept pushing ahead with her economic message. She only got two gay-issue related questions before she had to pack up and go after about 45-minutes of meeting and greeting. One question, which I asked, had to do with gay youth and the other question focused in on her stance on gay marriage.

When asked for one specific policy initiative that she would push for as mayor on behalf of gay youth, she swatted away the question with talks of peace, love and happiness for all. Political, safe and boring.

When asked for her stance on gay marriage, she also gave a more political than principled answer. She is for gay marriage, but claims that now is not the time to discuss it or push for it. She is probably right on both counts, but her pragmatic answer was neither inspiring nor demonstrated qualities of a leader who will fight for principles.

The rumors about Cropp are true; she is a typical politician. She is more interested in discussing business deals and taxes than principled leadership stands that she has taken. She did not even mention her fight against Major League Baseball until someone complimented her on it, and even then she shrugged it off with a quick “thanks for the compliment” response. She shrugs off controversy.

Cropp is probably the most experienced candidate in the race for mayor, and she is probably the choice for safe, status-quo loving voters. She is certainly not a dramatic or risky choice. Cropp is a traditional “establishment” candidate. Do not look for fireworks in a Cropp administration.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Smoking Bullshit

When it comes to the law banning smoking in DC restaurants, bars and nightclubs, I was somewhat in agreement with anti-ban advocate Mark Lee. Lee is the former promoter of the gay-themed Lizard Lounge party that took place every Sunday. While I do not believe that the ban will hurt businesses (as Lee does), I do believe that people should be given the personal choice to patronize and work in commercial spaces that allow smoking. As someone who hates smoking and being around smokers, I have found that the market does force smoke-free spaces even without laws mandating them.

However, Lee has hurt his case by closing Lizard and publicly claiming that the ban that has not taken effect for nightclubs has or will hurt his business. Lee's rationale for closing Lizard is so stupid that even I do not understand it. It is also misleading.

Anyone who has been to Lizard recently knows that in the past few months it was no longer the place to be on Sunday. The old folks on Sunday's 60 Minutes appeared to be in a more hip place every week than the people who attended Lizard. When I took my friends from out-of-town to Lizard a few months ago, I was embarrassed by the impression of DC nightlife that they got from it. The real reason Lizard closed is because nobody really cared that it was open.

Oddly enough, Lee will keep his actually popular (and probably profitable) holiday-weekend party going. Apparently the smoking ban takes the holiday off from wreaking havoc on nightclub profits.

Lee is clearly blowing smoke up people's asses. The public tantrum he is throwing over the smoking ban and the closing of Lizard is causing himself a loss of credibility. As one of the loudest voices against the ban, he is also losing credibility for those who believe in his philosophical views on the matter.

While it is not clear whether than ban will hurt business in DC, it is clear what it will and has done to personal choice. Unfortunately, Lee has made a bad choice and he needs to leave the scene just as quickly as Lizard did.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Is Fenty Asleep at the Wheel?

Adrian Fenty (D-Ward 4) has the backing of the DC gay political machine. But why?

I myself got caught up in the Fenty bandwagon early on. It is clear that he is a strong supporter of gay rights. He also has taken public stands against the baseball stadium and in support of the law banning smoking in District restaurants and bars. Many of his positions align him with the DC progressive and gay community, which are both good groups to have behind you in DC campaigns.

However, Fenty lacks presence. When he works a crowd alone he can certainly shake hands and do the small talk thing as well as any other successful politician can. Though, juxtaposed against other candidates in the race for Mayor he certainly falls short.

When I attended Fenty's official campaign kick-off, I was struck by how unsmooth he was on the stump. Rather than speak to the crowd in a passionate way about why he wants to be the next mayor, a position he clearly has wanted and thought about for quite a long time now, he read uninterestingly from sheets of paper containing text full of snoring platitudes. He spoke with his hands firmly gripping the side of the podium he read from, as if he was the only one at the event that believed his words would carry with them a force strong enough to blow the podium into the crowd. Indeed, with that much hot air he may very well have been saving the audience from injuries cause by a large projectile.

Recently when I saw him at an event with other candidates (even those that do not have a real chance of winning the September DC primary), he came across even worse. Many of my friends who attended this event and had never heard him speak before called him a "let down" and a "disappointment". Fenty appeared tired, bored and "over it". The other candidates appeared energized and invaded the senses of the crowd with their words and gestures. Compared to the other candidates, Fenty looked like a kid in his father's suit. They were supposed to be there, he was not and he was lazy.

Fenty certainly bored me, a supporter, who could hardly concentrate on a word he was saying. Uninspiring is the nicest way to put it.

Fenty is in an interesting position, because he is the clear frontrunner in this race. While he has maneuvered himself successfully this far in the race, he has also put himself in a situation where expectations of him are now high. People are starting to take notice of Fenty, and it is clear that all the hype about him is just hype.

While it is true that his performance on the stump may not correlate with how well he may perform in office, the campaign is his only way to connect with voters. And right now the connections he is making are making people connect the dots away from his camp. Many of his supporters that I speak to appear to be dating Fenty but not married to him. He is Mr. Right Now and not Mr. Right.

Perhaps it's time the gays do what they do best and start window shopping for another candidate.