Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Schwarzenegger Veto: PoliBois Debate

Word on the street is the Governator may veto the gay marriage bill in California. This led to intense instant message debate between the PoliBois:

Rusty: if he vetos it, he is done for
Graham: i don't think so
Rusty: i do
Graham: his approval will go do down
Graham: if he signs it
Rusty: his approval is already really low
Graham: most CA are not for it
Rusty: it is evenly split
Graham: yeah, and gays are not really his base
Rusty: 46-46
Graham: so, he would be making his base angry
Rusty: but he needs to reach out beyond his base
Rusty: because right now..everyone hates him
Graham: where is the benefit to him signing it
Graham: he will alienate his core supporters
Rusty: where is the benefit to him vetoing it?
Rusty: at least he would have a legacy
Graham: for political purposes he will veto it
Rusty: a positive legacy
Graham: positive to whom?
Rusty: his political career is already over
Rusty: this is just the first of many which we will see over the next 20 years
Rusty: if he was smart
Rusty: he would sign it
Graham: i think he is more worried about another term than a legacy
Rusty: then that is his mistake

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