Thursday, April 27, 2006

In-Depth Investigation...

And the McKinney saga goes on...

Don't get me wrong's not like I don't LOVE hearing about how crazy she's actually quite amusing! But what disturbs me is that today, almost one month after she punched a capitol police officer, they are STILL INVESTIGATING!

Maybe it is just me... maybe it's because I am an outside observer... but it is pretty clear from the police report, the countless news articles, and McKinney's own apology that yes, she assaulted the police officer (but only because he was a racist asshole...of course)

Maybe the capitol police could meet with some members of congress to discuss taking over congressional investigations...if they can investigate this so thoroughly maybe they could help get to the bottom of this CIA leak thing (another tough one)

More Aides Subpoenaed in McKinney Case

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