Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does Pat Speak English

Ok! So, maybe international politics is not really my thing. But when homophobe Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson makes an ass of himself, I am going to notice.

Pat suggested on his program the "700 Club" the other day that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should be assassinated by American special forces and that he poses a great threat to America. Now Pat says that his comments were misinterpreted by the AP:
I didn't say 'assassination.' I said our special forces should 'take him out.' And 'take him out' can be a number of things, including kidnapping; there are a number of ways to take out a dictator from power besides killing him. I was misinterpreted by the AP [Associated Press], but that happens all the time.

And the quote from Pat's television show that the AP so outrageously misrepresented:
If [Chavez] thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it.

It's all there on tape Pat. I'll let it speak for itself.

Million More March (Minus 10%)

Black gay leaders have given up hope that their issues will be included in this fall's Million More March, the tenth anniversary celebration of the Million Man March. Instead, the gay leaders are planning an alternative rally in Washington, DC at the same time as the Million event. Million More March organizers should not be surprised. Though they offered empty promises of inclusion to the LGBT community, leaders of the Million More March have recently been making derogatory and homophobic remarks.

One has to wonder if the LGBT community simply misunderstood the invitation from Million More March organizers. Maybe the Million More organizers actually invited the gays to be marched on. See, then it would all make sense.

Monday, August 22, 2005

What About the Children Mr. Weld

William F. Weld, former Massachusetts Governor and current candidate for New York State Governor, decided not to walk next door to his neighbors for a fundraiser he promised to be at over a year ago. Many believe that Weld did not make the trek because the fundraiser was held in support of gay and lesbian youth living on Long Island. Weld was considered an advocate for gays and lesbians.

Need it be mentioned that Weld is a Republican, or is that just a given?

Batman and Robin Are No Burt and Ernie

Regardless of the fact that he started sewing nipples onto his costume, DC Comics wants the world to know that Batman is not gay. Oh, and Robin is not his gay lover. Batman just likes the company of boys and the wine he serves Robin is "Jesus Juice." Fair enough, right?

Well, not for artist Mark Chamberlain. He is convinced that Batman and Robin are engaged in inter-species mating. That is why DC Comics is suing online and physical galleries displaying his collection of erotic Batman art. DC Comics has also asked Batman to consider Batgirl as a full-time sidekick.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kanye West Supports Hip-Hopposite Community

Kanye West wants all the gay bashing in the hip-hop community to stop. Just stop! After being accused of wanting to sprinkle glitter all around the world as a child, Kanye claims he spent many years as a homophobe trying to escape a gay image. But after learning that his cousin is gay, Kanye decided to take on the hip-hop community and make them stop all the hate towards gays.

Kanye will be on MTV at 10:30 PM tonight to discuss the issue.

So says Kanye:
"Speaking your mind and about breaking down barriers, but everyone in hip-hop discriminates against gay people." He adds that in slang, gay is "the opposite, the exact opposite word of hip-hop."

Funny, because in gay slang straight is the exact opposite of hip.

Judes Niblits

No longer do you have to keep pausing that bath scene from Talented Mr. Ripley. Oh please, you know who you are!

Anyway, it turns out that a nude photo of Jude Law is circulating the internet. It was taken by a very talented and now very rich stalkarazzi. If I was not at work I would post the pic up here (after work I will), but for now you can check it out at Fleshbot.

Feel free to comment on the size. In your head. Or publicly.

Anti-Gayers Angered Over Exposure

Anti-gay activists are now questioning whether Fred Phelps, violent homophobic activist and creator of, is actually anti-gay. Looking for a way to avoid connections to Phelps, anti-gayers are now claiming a gay conspiracy that points to Phelps as a gay plant just out there to make homophobes look bad.

Thank God they haven't checked HRC's payroll. Can you imagine what would happen if they found out that we have been paying Falwell, Buchanan, Perkins and Robertson to undermine our agenda all this time. Oh, so that is where all of the movements money is going!

Mystery solved.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

RCN Joins Ex-Gay Movement

Ok, RCN is really not into the whole "reparative therapy" thing. But we want to let you all know out there that the polibois opened up their cable bill to some disturbing news: We ordered a Playboy movie! Say it isn't so! Well, it's not. At least as far as we are concerned. Though, we have to wonder if this really was a "billing mistake."


Zach Signs Off and Ex-Gays Get More Press

Zach, the teen from Tennessee who got international attention after being sent to an ex-gay anti-gay camp for youth earlier this summer, once again posted about his experience. His post is not a new one, but an addendum to his previous post-camp post. While I know he does not want us to, after reading the post I felt sad for Zach. Growing up gay is hard enough, but so much is changing in his life so quickly that he feels out-of-touch with his own reality. Zach expresses a raw anger in his post. And while Zach does not want to necessarily blame the camp for his anger, his self-doubt seems to have arisen after he attended the camp. Zach seems like a really kind boy who does not want to hurt anyone's feelings. I am sorry that others seem to have taken advantage of Zach's kindness, including his parents. Zach will not be posting again in the near future, as he refuses to give into his parents demands to censor his future blog entries.

In other anti-gay news, the Washington Post has published an article on the anti-gay movement and "reparative therapy." The article focuses on the failures and "successes" of the "therapy." At the end of the article, the Post gets some quotes from Columbia University professor Robert Spitzer, the author of a study on anti-gay "therapy" that many in the anti-gay movement site as proof that gay individuals can change and become straight:
Spitzer said his results have been misrepresented. "It bothers me to be their knight in shining armor because on every social issue I totally disagree with the Christian right," he said.

"What they don't mention is that change is pretty rare," he added, noting that the subjects of his study were not representative of the general population because they were considerably more religious.

And Spitzer calls "totally absurd" the twin hypotheses that everyone is born straight and that homosexuality is a choice.

Bring on the truth, indeed.

So You Like to Get Rammed?

A new study out of Oregon State University has found that rams that love to get rammed have a different brain structure than those damn breeder rams. The study was conducted to ensure that those who purchase rams for breeding get a hetero one. Apparently ram breeders are not fans of ram-on-ram action. That's just too much ramming going on.

On another note, the gay rams apparently have the same reaction that gay humans have when they see a female's particulars: "Ewe!"

(Yes. Sorry. I had to go there.)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Justice Sunday II was Gay Sunday

With ethically challenged Tom DeLay sporting his best Madonna look, Justice Sunday II took place this past weekend and worked to achieve its goal of diverting ignorant Conservatives away from the important issues like, say, the War in Iraq. You would think that thousands of our brothers and sisters dying in a senseless war justified by lies would be the most important issue on the minds of loving Christians. Alas, the born-again crowd seems to be more interested in the ass-fucking habits of their neighbors.

And when you want a credible authority on how awful and gay-loving the Supreme Court is, you always want to make sure you have a rejected and bitter Supreme Court nominee making your case:
Rejected Supreme Court nominee Robert H. Bork warned that the high court has defined homosexuality as "a constitutional right . . . and once homosexuality is defined as a constitutional right, there is nothing the states can do about it, nothing the people can do about it."

All I thought I needed was a dick to have a right to homosexual sodomy.

Hello! What country is this again???!!! Anyone there???!!!

Canada: Help!

Mexico Not So Gay Friendly

This past weekend we watched the Adam Sandler "hit" Spanglish and learned many fun things about Mexican culture. In fact, we even considered moving there. That is until we read reports about a gay Mexican man with AIDS seeking asylum in the United States. Apparently Mexico is not where you want to get your meat wrapped like a tight burrito after all. After eight years, a US judge has finally given the man asylum. Though, after Justice Sunday II he may consider going to Canada and starting the asylum thing all over again.

Just What We Hear

We were out and about and taking a break from the blog and getting pretty trashed trashy around town this past week.

Well anyway, we heard a bit of information about one "cutting-edge" gay newspaper/magazine company this weekend that is headquartered in Washington, DC. Apparently, this little company that could has run up quite a debt (approx. $4,000) in unpaid utility bills. A suit may be filed against them on the 17th of this month if they don't pay up, but we've been assured they are ready to play "hardball."

Now, normally we do not like to spread such rumors. However, this paper has made it part of its reputation to spread rumors about organizations in the community. We kind of just see this as returning a favor.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Cingular Triplets

When it comes to ads, nothing is more homoerotic or fun or memorable than the Cingular Triplet ads. They usually give me three wet dreams a night!

Well, now you can look at them all day long. They are on Friendster! Who knows if their profile is real. I don't care. The profile lists their real names too. But again, I don't care. In my dreams they go by no names. We just chat for hours and never worry about using up our minutes.

*Tip sent by poliboi and occasional blogger, Rusty.

Beware of Military Personal Ads

All gay servicemembers serving in the Armed Forces beware, a personal ad on, planetout, or connexion can lead to you being discharged under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" anti-gay military policy. 25% of the outing incidents leading to a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" discharge this year involved personal ads, according to SLDN. And the military does not really care what service you provide to your country:
The individuals affected -- nine men and one woman -- include a Farsi linguist, a doctor, an intelligence analyst and a communications operator. At least three served in the Iraq war.

So, tell all your deployed buddies in the military academies and on the yahoo! messenger webcam/chatrooms to lay off for a few weeks. Or at least just keep the focus of their webcam and photos on their cock and not on their face. That's all you want to see anyway. Well, and maybe a little uniform action.

No, The Other Nick Cannon

Is Nick Cannon gay or straight? Well, it depends on which one you are talking about. While both seem to enjoy getting lubed up (see picture on right), one Nick Cannon is an actor/rapper (see movie: Drumline), while the other is a porn star (see how "Gay cowboy Nick Cannon strips off his denim and jerks off his fat cock")

But then again, Nick does seem to like getting lubed up. OMG! Which one does? I am so confused.

A New Low for Phelps

Fred Phelps' rabidly anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, founder of, has a new disgusting pastime. Expanding on their past work of protesting at funerals of gay and lesbian Americans, the media whores at Westboro are now banking on garnering more publicity by protesting at the funerals of fallen soldiers. When soldiers take an oath to protect the rights the founders of this country gave to us, I do not think the rights of Westboro are what they had in mind.

The Phelps clan never stops surprising us with how low they will actually go to make their insane points. At least one day we know they will go so low they will eventually reach Hell.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Those Crafty Floridians

Being ever so creative and crafty, the gays in Florida have devised a "buycott" to protest Tampa's ban on gay pride celebrations. (No, buycott is not a typo.) Bored of the traditional boycott that has become so five minutes ago, Equality Florida has devised a buycott to show their appreciation for businesses that promote diversity and anti-discrimination polices for gays and lesbians. They will ask consumers to patronize the businesses that are picked for the buycott.

Does anyone else have a headache from trying to say buycott in their head while reading this? Go ahead, try to say it five times fast! Leave it to the gays to complicate things.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lamar Controversy on Fox

Fox News Program "Your World with Neil Cavuto" will feature a discussion on the Georgia Equality billboard controversy today at 4 PM. It will be rebroadcast later tonight at 1 AM. It is not clear whether the hypocrites and "ex-gay" anti-gay advocates at Lamar will show up.

Roberts is a Member of Log Cabins Too

Supreme Court nominee John Roberts once helped the little people--the little gay people that is. During his time as an attorney, Roberts spent some time working on pro bono cases. So, what case did he leave off his Senate questionnaire that included a question about specific pro bono work he had done? Why, a big gay case that went to the Supreme Court! It turns out Roberts was a pro bono consultant for the 1996 Romer vs. Evans ruling protecting people from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

With all of this information coming to light, one has to wonder if Roberts even knows himself? First he forgot he was a leader of the Federalist Society, and now it turns out he whores himself out for free to the gays.

Sounds like we've got ourselves another Log Cabin Republican on our hands. Did Karl have something to do with this?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Push for Investigation of Republican Party

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is asking the FBI to conduct an investigation into the recent rash of anti-gay crimes across the country. NCAVP is concerned that the crimes may be coordinated by organized hate groups. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that an FBI under this administration is going to investigate members of the Republican Party or Evangelical Christians.

Damn! And we really thought we got Santorum this time...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Founder: Shut Down Ex-Gays

One of the co-founders of the ex-gay anti-gay conversion organization Love In Action has come out against "ex-gay therapy" in a very public way. In an open letter, John Evans states:
In the past 30 years since leaving the 'ex-gay' ministry I have seen nothing but shattered lives, depression and even suicide among those connected with the 'ex-gay' movement.

Let's hope more of these people speak out before more kids kill themselves over being gay.

Hendrix Gay and Masturbates (a lot)

Jimi Hendrix, legendary rocker and guitarist, was gay with an addiction to masturbation. Well, at least that is what his Vietnam records show. A new book claims that Hendrix used the gay and masturbation claim to get out of serving in Vietnam.

Good thing he got out before he got tennis elbow and was not able to strum that guitar!

Lamar: Gay is Offensive, Ex-Gay is OK

The Lamar billboard management company is standing behind its management's decision in Georgia to refuse to place a gay affirmative billboard developed by Georgia Equality. The company denied the ad because it did not meet "community standards". According to a Georgia Equality representative, the Lamar management representative the organization spoke with had a problem even saying the words "gay" and "lesbian":
The man couldn't even say the words 'gay' and 'lesbian' which have become everyday household words.

However, while Lamar found the Georgia Equality billboard beneath community standards, it was more than willing to place an "ex-gay" anti-gay message developed by PFOX earlier this year in Montgomery County, Maryland. While Lamar likes to claim it embraces diversity, its actions demonstrate that it is more likely to embrace homophobia.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Zach Posts

Zach Stark, made famous by press coverage of his time in an ex-gay camp, has posted again on his blog. He probably does not answer all of your questions in this post though, except that he does not want to be made into an icon or hero for anyone:
I'm very frustrated with the things going on in my life now, but everyone has their issues. Homosexuality is still a factor in my life--- it's not who I am, it never has been. Those of you who really know me, know that homosexuality was always there but it didn't run my life, and it will not now.

He feels a lot of his blog entries and the camp he attended were misrepresented in the press. How they were misrepresented is a bit unclear, but he plans to post more in the future.

Disturbing Thoughts

Picture it. Willie Nelson is a top. Burt Reynolds is a bottom. They are happily married. Disturbing, huh? Not according to Reynolds who wishes it could happen after working with Nelson in the upcoming Dukes of Hazard remake. Says Reynolds:
When I worked with Willie Nelson - who is just about the nicest man I've ever worked with in my life - I thought, 'If I'd have been gay, it would've saved me millions, just because we'd still be happily married.