Monday, May 01, 2006

A Day Without Wendy's

Today is the day we have all been fearing. The immigrant community has joined together in solidarity, and will not work, will not shop and most tragically, will not make me my Big Bacon Classic and Biggie Fries.

I was watching the news leading up to today, and I never thought this would effect me. I don't rely on immigrant labor on a day-to-day i?

Yet this morning I was shocked back to reality, when i came into my office, to look out the window and see the Wendy's parking lot next door - it was completely empty. I'm really not sure how I can survive... this has definitely made me aware of how much I rely on the immigrant population.

SI SE PUEDE! (or umm...something like that)

**UPDATE: the Wendy's has it appears they just opened a few hours late. Way to take a stand people! You tell 'em: NO WENDY'S BREAKFAST FOR YOU UNTIL I GET MY CITIZENSHIP BITCHES!

A Day Without Immigrants?

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