Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't Book That Trip to Mexico Just Yet...

It looks like Vicente Fox has had a bit of a change of heart, he announced today he is not going to sign the law passed last week by the Mexican Congress (or whatever they call it down there) which would have legalized a wide variety of drugs.

Just last week it was all but a guarantee that Fox would sign it into law since it was his office that propsed the bill and pushed it through:
"That's probably why they (the senators) passed it the way they did, in the closing hours of the final session," Aguilar said. "He's going to sign it. ... He's not going to abandon his party two months before the (presidential) election."
But it looks like he doesn't care about the election... He cares more about making sure his country doesn't become a magnet for "drug tourism"

Hey - at least we've still got the Netherlands! and they like the gays there too!

Mexico's Fox balks at signing drug law

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