Friday, January 27, 2006

Washington ROCKS!

(not this one...the state one)

After years(more like decades...not just a few years) of stalling and debate, the Washington State Senate today passed an anti-discrimnation bill with a vote of 25-23. The bill will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in housing, lending and employment.

There were tears, loving embraces and of course...champagne! (y'all know the gays can't celebrate without a little bubbly!)

The bill is now sent back to the House, where is is expected to be quickly passed and sent to the Governor who will sign it.

It's a good day to be gay in Washington (again..the state...not this washington...although i guess it's good to be gay here too...then's it's good to be gay just about anywhere...except maybe Alabama...)

Read more in the Seattle PI

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