Friday, July 01, 2005

Give a Mouse a Cookie

GLAAD didn't intend to be a meanie, honest! No, it just asked ABC to go back to the drawing board when it came to their new show, Welcome to the Neighborhood:

A NOTE REGARDING WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD: In late June, GLAAD expressed concerns to ABC about the structure of Welcome to the Neighborhood and the fact that unchecked prejudice and discrimination in the first few episodes sent a problematic message to those who would not invest the full six hours in the series. This message clearly was not the intent of the producers. To meet our concerns, ABC invited GLAAD to view the entire six-hour series to witness the transformation that occurs, and it is indeed moving.

ABC acknowledged the series' structural challenges and informed us that they would look at ways of addressing them. We were hopeful they would find a solution that would address our mutual concerns. The network's decision to shelve the show indefinitely was unexpected.

Contrary to characterizations in some media outlets, GLAAD did not ask ABC to remove, or to consider removing, Welcome to the Neighborhood from its schedule.

We remain hopeful that ABC will be able to address the series' structural issues and allow viewers to experience these remarkable families' moving journey toward understanding and acceptance.

GLAAD is so sad...

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