Thursday, July 07, 2005

Too Much Time on Hands

Conservatives are freaking out that out of more than 100 volunteers for San Francisco Pride, two (set-up coordinator and basic volunteer) are convicted pedophiles. What's more, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed the event, which clearly means he endorses pedophiles, right? No.

First of all, the way these events are put together, I am sure that a background check is not run on unpaid volunteers, especially when their job is not related to working with youth. Second, I am sure the Governor does not have the time either. But as one conservative points out:
Said Smith: "I told [the staff member] it is reprehensible that Schwarzenegger, a professed Catholic and so-called Republican, would put the special rights of perverts above the protection of innocent children."

Right. Catholics. Clean record there. The Governor is such a pedophile lover. Perhaps conservatives should spend their time running background checks on their church leaders who have contact with youth. Isn't that where the last outbreak was?

More conservative bullshit...

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