Friday, July 01, 2005

Our 2 Cents (Pt II)

Oh! So apparently HRC did send a message out to someone. Perhaps on their email listserv? This is what I get for refusing to sign-up:
“Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has a long and distinguished record as a consensus builder in a closely divided court. Justice O’Connor’s retirement is a clarion call to every American that our rights are in grave danger. The loss of Justice O’Connor’s moderate voice is a serious threat to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, to women’s rights and to protections for racial, ethnic and religious minorities. We must all come together to fight for a replacement who follows in the justice’s tradition.

“During her time on the court, Justice O’Connor became increasingly supportive of equal rights for all Americans. Her concurring opinion in Lawrence v. Texas recognized the basic equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people under law. In opinions in First Amendment cases she protected the constitutional wall between church and state. Justice O’Connor also voted to uphold the right to choose and to preserve universities’ right to promote diversity.

“The retirement of this mainstream and fair-minded justice leaves a void on a court that is so closely divided. We need a nominee that all Americans can rally behind. As President Bush and the U.S. Senate consider a replacement on the bench, they should abandon partisanship and seek consensus on a nominee who will protect every American fairly.

“America deserves a fair-minded justice who will recognize every American’s right to equality. As Justice O’Connor retires, there is an opportunity to select another justice who recognizes the fundamental importance of equality under the law and whose decisions will be guided by it. Given the crucial role played by the Supreme Court in the protection of civil rights and civil liberties, the stakes for the country could not be higher.

“President Bush should look to consult with the Senate on a justice who walks in Justice O’Connor’s footsteps of fairness. Her moderate, thoughtful voice on the bench was a positive influence on the court and we hope that her replacement mirrors those qualities.” copy-paste job...

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