Tuesday, July 05, 2005

GLAAD Censor

Well, now that GLAAD complained and we most likely will never get to see ABC's Welcome to the Neighborhood, we can get a sense of what it is actually like from WaPo TV columnist Lisa de Moraes. And from what she had to say in response to a live chat question, we are sad we won't be able to see the show anymore:
Potomac, Md.: In re: today's column about ABC's cancelled reality show "The Neighborhood": Why was this show even considered, let alone made? Three Caucasian Christian Republican families sitting in judgment over who would move in next door? This isn't a reality show, it's a nightmare. I saw the promo for it last week and I was stunned. It's 2005 and this kind of (expletive deleted) still goes on. The only way I see this show airing is if it's edited down to a 2- hour special against prejudice.

Lisa de Moraes: Have to disagree with you. The two hours I saw were very interesting. Listening to the residents talk to the camera without seeming to be aware how prejudiced and narrow minded they were was fascinating. And the reactions of the contestants to the residents was interesting. I'm told that one couple decided if they won the house they'd sell it immediately because they did not want to live in that kind of a neighborhood with these people for neighbors. Too bad it wasn't a documentary instead of a contest to win a home. It was the home as prize that tripped up ABC.

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