Monday, July 18, 2005

Meet Your New SCOTUS Justice

We've received reports from gays close to the right-wing insider meetings that occur every week at Grover Norquist's American's for Tax Reform that right-wing activists close to the President are going to recommend that he nominate a black woman for Supreme Court Justice. They believe Democrats will have a harder time attacking a black woman, even if she is a wolf in sheep's clothing. And that leaves us with:


That's right, we are going with that prediction and sticking with it. You remember JRB, right? You know, the woman that the gang of 14 so stupidly promoted. Some say she is worse than Scalia and Thomas, if that is possible.

And all indications are this is the way Bush will go. Laura Bush has been going around practically foreshadowing a female pick. The Hotline recently gave a presentation and predicted Bush would pick a divisive individual like Brown.

The Post reports that GOP allies believe the President will make a pick this week.

This could turn out worse than the Situation with Tucker Carlson!

*Note: PoliBoi Rusty did most of the investigative reporting and sleeping-around for this post.

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