Saturday, April 23, 2005

James Guckert, Self-Loving Advocate

James Guckert, aka "Jeff Gannon," defends himself through an email interview with Advocate Magazine. The interview is published in the May 15th issue of the Advocate. Our favorite part:

Advocate: How do you describe your sexual orientation?

Gannon: I describe it as a personal matter.

Advocate: What do you say to our gay readers who think you're really,
really hot?

Gannon: Thanks for your e-mails and pictures.

Jeff, Jeff, did you get our pictures? C'mon, two liberal twinks and one hot military stud! Oh, I wish we could touch you right now. Truly, Hell on Earth. But of course, all your self-pleasuring with those hot web mirror pics from your fans is a "personal matter." I'd be thankful for "e-mails and pictures" from Scott McClellan too. Must be hard being his prison bitch.


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