Friday, April 22, 2005

New Pope wants to help YOU!

After the passing of a same-sex marriage bill in the lower house of the Spanish Parliament yesterday(woo!), the Pope today lashed out at the Parliament.

Through his lackie, aka Cardinal, Alfonso Lopes Trujill, he denounced the actions of the Spanish government, saying that "one cannot say that a law is right simply because it is a law." Trujill then asked if this was not discrimination, denying gays the right to marry, to which he responded with a stern "no." Adding that the church DOES NOT discriminate against gays. Riiight.... denying certain citizens rights afforded to other citizens... that's not umm...discrimination is it?

Furthermore, Trujill said the homosexuals are "people who deserve all our love, our support and our aid."

Now ain't that nice?! Mr. Nazi Pope just wants to be our friend and help us out... while discriminating against us, stripping us of our rights and reminding us that we WILL, oh yes... ALL OF YOU WILL... go to hell.

In the words of the great theologist Paris Hilton, "that's hot"

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