Thursday, April 28, 2005

Canada: Dirty American Bastards

Canadians are pissed. And well, as usual, no one really seems to care.

It appears that our neigbors to the north (who dream endlessly about being America as they illegally cross our borders to find work in our migrant farming industry) are pissed that their mounties will be escorting their former Prime Minister Jean Chretien to a gay pride event in Philidelphia this weekend. Chertien, the hottie that he is, demanded the mounties accompany him for fear that his gay fan base will mob him. I hope to get a lock of his hair.

But please, we all know Chertien just has a thing for guys in uniform.

Hot Mountie Action Awaits...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

now that Chretien is no longer the pm here, we really don't give a shit about him.

He wasn't much good as a leader either, but then that's what happens when one province can select the government.