Monday, April 25, 2005

Phelps bears witness to homoeroticism... and we think he liked it!

Our favoritie homophobe from Kansas, Fred Phelps, was protesting some of those nasty homosexuals (ew..i feel dirty just for typing it!) in Albuquerque when Chris Lucas, a 31-year-old massage therapist who we are going to assume is HOTT, leaned over to a man he had just met and passionately kissed him, just "feet from protestors."

In this blazen - and random - act of homosexuality, Lucas says he felt liberated, while Phelps claimed to have no comment, although it was obvious to many that he suddenly stopped waving his sign and had to sit down... reminds me of those embarassing days in elementary school when you had to carry your books in front of you!

Read more (but be careful, it might turn you on!)

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