Friday, August 20, 2004

A Gay Example

We are sick of seeing older gay guys trying to be something they are not at college night at Apex. Have some respect for yourself man! Stop wearing the tight shirt that shows your boobs, the sunglasses to hide your wrinkles, and the converse with the tight jeans that need some air to breath.

If you still do not know what we are talking about, we found this example on Craig's List. Keep in mind, we love older men. We just want them to act their age and stop being so damn silly:

Are you fit, handsome, top and over 35? Step right up! Cute twinkboy here looking to play with you. Total bottom pussy boy here with an expert mouth and tight smooth hungry hole and they can both be your playthings if you get back to me. I'm 32, buzz cut, handsome, tight smooth twinkie boy body. 6'2, 160, bubble ass, 8 cut cock. Insatiable boy here lookin' for Daddy. Pics to swap.

Ok! First we saw "twinkboy" and thought, CUTE! This guy is looking for a sugar daddy. Then we looked closely and saw this guy was 32???!!! Listen, we are up in our early twenties and are starting to think calling oursleves twinkie is a bit of a fabrication. Please use the term appropriately.

Also, 6'2" 160 LBS is not a "twinkie boy body". And, we doubt you have a "bubble ass."

Aren't you a bit too old to be looking for a daddy? Dude, you're practically my daddy!!!

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